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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ Soofi Garland TX complaint 01332

JW v DOJ Soofi Garland TX complaint 01332

JW v DOJ Soofi Garland TX complaint 01332

Page 1: JW v DOJ Soofi Garland TX complaint 01332


Number of Pages:4

Date Created:June 6, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 06, 2018

Tags:Soofi, 01332, Garland, FBI, DOJ, FOIA

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Case 111870101332 Document Filed 05/05/18 Page THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
425 Third Skeet SW, Suilc 800
Washington. 20024,
Plzdmitf. Civil Action No.
950 Pmmsylwmia Avenue
Washington, 20530 70001.
Plaintittludiciul winch, Inc. maimim iiiings this action againsi Defendant Us.
Depanmcm ofluslica Ddcndam compel compliance wilh the Ptoedom uriniommion
Act. U.S.C. 552 FOIA grounds mmfmyiaimimnsgas follows: RJSDICTION Aim The Court mi, jurisdiction ovenhis action pursuant misc. ssziaxaxm
and 11.3.0. 1331. Venue propcr uiis 11mm puvsuam use 1391(2).
PARTIES Pleiimii fludicial wmi, Inc. Plaindff noi~fox~pm educa onsl
mganiwinii incurpurated under iii: laws ofth: DisLn Columbia and hwdqudrler 425
Third 51m sw. Sum sou. Washingmii. 20024. Pizimiinem pmmom transparency.
acouuntabilhy. and integrity gmmmem and delity ruin law. pan ofiis mission.
Fiaiu ffrcgularly rcquesxs from federal agencies pursuant FOIA. Flai analyzes
Case 1:18 03332 Document Filed 05105118 Page respcns and disseminates lis ndings and any responsive records (he
American public inform about what than grnmcnl to. Dci cndam Department Justin; 1)efendam DON agcncy thc
United Status Guvsmmcm and headquartered 950 Penmyivama Avenue NW, Washington. 2053041001. 0:; mformalion am! belief, Dcfendam has pussesslun cusmdy and comm!
records which Pillmlifiseeks access.
STATEMENT FA_C1 lcbruary 223 2013 Plaintiff submitted 1701A rcqucal ll) lhc chcral Bureau Investigmion FBI cumponemoi 1xfcildant. seeking the, foiluwing records for the
limcfrzlmc speci ed;
Any and all records regarding, eoneeming, renting the
investigation Nadir Smy killed Garland. Texas May 2015. purl requesl, Judicial Vmch asks that the
FBI scnrch automated indicen, its older general (muuuul)
mum. and iti Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Dam
Management System (EDP/Isl. Requested remrds shall 1150
include any communication hetween FE) emplnyccs,
informants and/or snurces and Mr. Soul. 111: FBI responded Plaimlrrs 1equest ictterdawd March and vised Plaintiff that the mquest has been assumed FOYPA Request No. 1397891000 April 20} the FBI informed 15f nal least some resyunsiw records
had ivculmi were being wid under bxempiixm 7w. Piaimi subsequently
submined may appeal. 1mm daled May 18, 2013, Defendam 0mm ofim brmmion
Policy infamed Plaintiil thal was affirming the FBl denial laintifl rcqucsl. Tim applmi
had been designated Appeal No. DOJ A1120} 84104799
Case 1:18 cv-01332 Document Filed 05/05/18 Page
(Viola nlFDIA
U.S.C. 552) Plaimiffrcnllcgcs pdT AgrziphS ucxugll iffully mica basin Defendant has violated failing and/or refusingm employ search methods
TCuSUnahl likely lead 1116 discovery ofrccurds responsive plaiiiuri tequest and.
accordingly, liming imam refusing produce any and all nan/mama rcmrds rcaporlsisc Lhc
ll). Plaintiffis being incpamb harmed llclemlam Vialaiixm mlA. and
Plaintiff will continuc irrcparsbly harmed unless Defendant compelled comply with
FOIA, Piaimill has adcqudtc remedy law.
WHERLFORE, Plaintiff pcc ifully requests that the Com: mxlcr Defendant
and demonstrate that
conducl searches for any and all recolds responsive Plaintiffs rcqu
employed Search mmhuds reasonably likely lwd 7h: discovery olremrds rcspxmslve he
rcqucst: {2) order Defendant rmlluue. date certain, any and all non-exempt records lairlliffs request and Vaughn indsx any ltsponsive records witllhsld under claim
exemplixm; (3) nloin Defendant rum con rming withheld any and all nun-exempt islands
mspumive the zcqucst; (4) gmm Plaimllfan awml anomcys fees and othsr llligmion casts
reasonably incurred this salon pursuam USC. 552(8)(4)(El; and {5) gram Plaimilf
such relial the (lam deems just and prowl.
Case 1:18-cv-01332 Document Filed 06105118 Page
Dated: June: 2018 Respectfwy submitted,
/s/ Jame):
James pmmn
Bar No, 450 WATCH INC.
425 Third 81mm SW, Suite 800
Wishinglom 20024
Phone: (202) 646-5172
Counsel/or Plairm