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Judicial Watch • JW v. Logan settlement county notice 08948

JW v. Logan settlement county notice 08948

JW v. Logan settlement county notice 08948

Page 1: JW v. Logan settlement county notice 08948


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Date Created:March 27, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 22, 2019

Tags:Logan settlement, 08948, Manual, settlement, logan, SACRAMENTO, California

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1500 11th Street, 5th Floor, Sacramento, 95814 Tel 916.657.2166 Fax 916.653.3214
March 27, 2019
County Clerk/Registrar Voters (CC/ROV) Memorandum 19030
All County Clerks/Registrars Voters
/s/ Rachelle Delucchi
Elections Counsel
Publication: 2019 California NVRA Manual
The 2019 California National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) Manual now available
our website
This updated manual includes the following chapters:
Chapter Executive Summary
Chapter Voter Registration Department Motor Vehicles (DMV)
[to released later this year]
Chapter NVRA Implementation Public Assistance Agencies, Agencies
Serving People with Disabilities, and Other Designated Agencies
Chapter Voter Registration and Voter List Maintenance
Chapter Provisional Voting
Chapter Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements
Chapter The National Mail Voter Registration Form
While the entire 2019 California NVRA Manual has been updated, the highlights the
updates are follows:
Chapter this manual, formerly Chapters and (to released later this year),
will contain information related all aspects voter registration DMV.
Chapter formerly Chapter contains information the NVRA and California
voter registration agencies (VRAs). This chapter contains information the VRAs
CCROV 19030
March 27, 2019
and updated procedures related the newest VRAs (offices serving students with
disabilities the public universities and community colleges, and the Office
Services the Blind, Assistance Dog Special Allowance program the
Department Social Services).
Chapter this manual, formerly Chapter contains updated information related list maintenance procedures that are consistent with the California Elections
Code and federal NVRA. Section provides overview the federal
requirements for voter registration procedures and list maintenance programs.
Section addresses the acceptance voter registration applications. Section III
addresses the federal requirement related notification the disposition voter
registration application. Section addresses residency confirmation processes
and mailings. Section provides information related address confirmation
notices, well updating, inactivating, and cancelling voter registration records.
Section also contains specific reference Husted Philip Randolph Inst., 138
S.Ct. 1833 (2018) and the requirement cancel the voter registration record
voter who has failed respond NVRA Section 8(d)(2) notice and then fails
vote, offer vote, correct their voter registration record, otherwise have their
eligibility vote confirmed for period time including the next two general
federal elections. appendix section the manual includes recommended language for the
required mailings discussed Sections III, IV, and Chapter
Our office will offer the following training sessions the topic list maintenance, and,
specifically, residency confirmation processes and mailings, well address
confirmation notices:
Tuesday, April Shasta County
Wednesday, April Sacramento County
Thursday, April Orange County invitation for these training sessions will sent out separate communication
the counties. you have any questions, please feel free contact