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Judicial Watch • JW v State Defs processing status report 00687

JW v State Defs processing status report 00687

JW v State Defs processing status report 00687

Page 1: JW v State Defs processing status report 00687


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Date Created:January 8, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 08, 2018

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Case 1:15-cv-00687-JEB Document Filed 11/29/17 Page THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
Case No. 1:15-cv-00687
Defendant, the United States Department State State Defendant provides this
Status Report pursuant the Court request the status conference held this matter
October 19, 2017, and advance the November 30, 2017 status conference. The Court asked
State address: (1) whether State anticipated increase resources devoted its processing
Freedom Information Act FOIA requests would affect the monthly processing rate this
case; (2) the estimated time line for completing the processing each the discs provided
State the FBI July and August 2016 that contain material that potentially responsive
the FOIA request issue this case; and (3) the number documents that State has withheld full from the discs provided the FBI.
State has reassessed its FOIA demands and has reallocated resources effort
increase the amount resources devoted its processing FOIA requests both and out
litigation. light these efforts, State estimates that can complete its processing the
Case 1:15-cv-00687-JEB Document Filed 11/29/17 Page
relevant discs1 provided the FBI the following time line:
January 31, 2018
Discs and
March 30, 2018
Discs and
September 28, 2018
Discs and
These anticipated completion dates reflect accelerated time line for release made
possible because the resources being devoted this case. The commitment these
additional resources will accelerate the time for completing processing these materials
approximately seven months, when compared the projected completion date based the
current monthly processing requirements this case and Leopold Department Justice, 15cv-2117 (RDM). State proposes that the Court adopt the above target dates for completion the
discs rather than increasing the minimum monthly processing requirement currently effect
because doing will provide State maximum administrative flexibility. State requires such
flexibility because competing FOIA demands and available resources, and because the new
processes designed improve State FOIA program are still evolving. the course meeting
the target completion dates, State will continue make monthly postings responsive, non-
State received seven discs from the FBI July and August 2016. State has determined that
Disc which understood consist material that the FBI received from the Secret Service,
would not reasonably likely contain records responsive the request issue this case.
Disc comprised documents that are largely duplicative material previously State
possession, which was processed response multiple FOIA requests, including the request
issue this case. State has reviewed the documents Disc and determined that small
volume non-duplicative documents will need reviewed for responsiveness this case.
Disc contains small volume classified materials. State has determined that only limited
number the documents this disc are non-duplicative. These documents will reviewed
for responsiveness this case.
Case 1:15-cv-00687-JEB Document Filed 11/29/17 Page
exempt material. date, State has withheld full documents among the material provided the FBI July and August 2016. the documents, were withheld pursuant FOIA
Exemption and three were withheld pursuant Exemption
State will prepared discuss this information with the Court the November 30,
2017 status conference.
Dated this 29th day November 2017.
Respectfully Submitted,
Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General
United States Attorney
Assistant Director, Federal Programs Branch
/s/ Jennie Kneedler
D.C. Bar No. 500261
U.S. Department Justice
Civil Division
Federal Programs Branch
P.O. Box 883
Washington, D.C. 20044
Telephone: (202) 305-8662
Facsimile: (202) 616-8470
Counsel for Defendant