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Judicial Watch • JW v. State Huma production 7 00684 pg 1-99

JW v. State Huma production 7 00684 pg 1-99

JW v. State Huma production 7 00684 pg 1-99

Page 1: JW v. State Huma production 7 00684 pg 1-99


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Date Created:May 11, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 11, 2016

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United States Department State
fVashington, 20520
April 29, 2016
Case No. F-2015-06322
Segment: IPS-02, IPS-04, IPS-05
Mr. William Marshall
425 Third Street SW, Suite 800
Washington, 20024
Dear Mr. Marshall: refer our letter dated March 31, 2016, regarding the release certain Department State
material under the Freedom oflnformation Act (the FOIA), U.S.C. 552.
Our review ongoing and have determined that additional documents may released full and may released with excisions. All released material enclosed. enclosure explains the FOIA exemptions and other grounds for withholding material.
Where have made excisions, the applicable exemptions are marked each document.
All non-exempt material that reasonably segregable from the exempt material has been
released. will keep you informed your case progresses. you have any questions, your attorney
may contact Trial Attorney, Caroline Anderson, (202) 305-8645 Please refer the case number shown above all
correspondence about this case.
Eric Stein, Acting Co-Director
Office Information Programs and Services
Enclosures: stated.
The Freedom Information Act USC 552)
FOIA Exemptions
Withholding specifically authorized under Executive Order the interest national
defense foreign policy, and properly classified. E.O. 12958, amended, includes
the following classification categories:
Military plans, systems, operations
Foreign government information
Intelligence activities, sources methods, cryptology
Foreign relations foreign activities the US, including confidential sources
Scientific, technological, economic matters relating national security,
including defense against transnational terrorism
1.4(f) U.S. Government programs for safeguarding nuclear materials facilities
1.4(g) Vulnerabilities capabilities systems, installations, infrastructures, projects,
plans, protection services relating national security, including defense
against transnational terrorism
1.4(h) Information weapons mass destruction
Related solely the internal personnel rules and practices agency
Specifically exempted from disclosure statute (other than USC 552), for example:
Arms Export Control Act, USC 2778(e)
Central Intelligence Agency Act 1949, USC 403(g)
Export Administration Act 1979, App. USC 2411(c)(1)
Foreign Service Act 1980, USC 4003 4004
Immigration and Nationality Act, USC 1202(f)
Iran Claims Settlement Act, Sec 505, USC 1701, note
Privileged/confidential trade secrets, commercial financial information from person
lnteragency intra-agency communications forming part the deliberative process,
attorney-client privilege, attorney work product
Information that would constitute clearly unwarranted invasion personal privacy
Information compiled for law enforcement purposes that would:
(A) interfere with enforcement proceedings
(B) deprive person fair trial
(C) constitute unwarranted invasion personal privacy
(D) disclose confidential sources
(E) disclose investigation techniques
(F) endanger life physical safety individual
Prepared for government agency regulating supervising financial institutions
Geological and geophysical information and data, including maps, concerning wells
Other Grounds for Withholding
Material not responsive FOIA request, excised with the agreement the requester
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No: C05938374 Date: 04/29/2016
Thursday, January 22, 2009 9:20
Miguel Rodriguez 
Re: Ledbetter
Yeah! Well, thats only nght ---Original Message-
From: Miguel Rodriguez
To: Hillary Clinton
Sent: Jan 22, 2009 6:58
Su~ject: Ledbetter know you have new portfolio, but thought youd 111terested know th~t the Ledbetter b1lljust passecl the Senate vote of6 l-37 The
House will pass the bill next week; likely pemuttlllg the President sign into law shortly thereafter.
Congratulations great first day nQ1n11?n1
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05938374 Date: 04/29/2016
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05938417 Date: 04/29/2016
Obta ined via Judicial Watch Inc.
Friday, January 30, 2009 5:06
Huma Abedin 
Fw: Washington Post article Administrations Iran policy
Pis print.
From: Mills, Cheryl
Date: Fri, Jan 2009 04:38:14 -0500
Subject. Fw: Washington Post article Administrations Iran policy
From: LaVine, Christopher
To: NEWS-Mahogany
Cc: NEWS-NEA; SES-0; Knopf, Payton Hale, David NEWS-Iran
Sent: Thu Jan 22:50:25 2009
Subject: Washington Post article Administrations Iran policy
Ops thought you might interested this WPost article the Administrations Iran policy. Thank you,
Chris LaVine
Operations Center
Writings Offer Look Administration Debate Iran Glenn Kessler
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 30, 2009; A12
President Obama and Secretary State Hillary Rod ham Clinton the past week have sent repeated signals
Iran that the door now wide open for direct talks between the two countries three decades after the
revolution, but U.S. officials say the method, the pace and the tenor that diplomacy still remain
But while officials say plan will not place for several months, key players the discussions have
outlined their views papers they wrote before joining the administration, giving unique window into the
administrations debate.
Obama, during private discussion with Jewish leaders year ago, also provided road map his thinking. OR/01,,01!;
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05938417 Date: 04/29/2016
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05938417 Date: 04/29/2016
The time, believe, has come talk directly the Iranians and lay out our clear terms: their end
pursuit nuclear weapons, end their support terrorism and end their threat Israel and other
countries the region, Obama said, according transcript. Bigger carrots, said, will give the United
States more leverage win support for sanctions Iran rebuffs the approach.
One complicating factor that Iran will hold presidential election June. American officials want avoid
taking steps that might bolster the stature the current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose antisemitic rants and hostile attitude toward the West make him potentially difficult interlocutor for diplomatic
Another complicating factor that the United States and five other powers have demanded that Iran suspend
its uranium enrichment program before substantive talks can begin its nuclear program Any sudden
change that approach may alarm allies.
Finally, the government Iran opaque that officials want sure they are communicating with the
ri1ht power centers. unclear who exactly that dialogue would with Iran, White House spokesman
Robert Gibbs said yesterday.
Dennis Ross, the former Middle East envoy who will Clintons senior adviser Iran, has recommended
that the initial approach Iran take place through direct, secret back channel, which would one way
avoid empowering Ahmadinejad publicly undercutting the ongoing nuclear negotiations.
Keeping completely private would protect each side from premature exposure and would not require
either side ublicly explain such move before was ready, Ross wrote lengthy paper, titled
Diplomatic Strategies for Dealing With Iran, published the Center for New American Security
September. would strike the Iranians more sign ificant and dramatic than either working through the
Europeans non-officials something that quite familiar.
Ross said the United States should ask the Iranian representative during the private talks explain how his
government sees U.S. goals toward Iran and how Iran thinks the United States perceives Iranian goals. The
purpose this dialogue, wrote, find way show the Iranians that are prepared listen and
try understand Iranian concerns and respond them, but ultimately progress can made our
concerns cannot also understood and addressed.
Ross conceded that may difficult set such direct channel that also authoritative, because
the Iranian system, the president has much less power than the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Another top Obama adviser, Gary more the Council Foreign Relations, argued for more public
approach, without requiring Iran suspend its enrichment activities: direct bilateral talks, preferably with
representative the supreme leader, that would cover range issues, including the nuclear program, U.S.lranlan relations, Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. more, who will the top nonproliferation
official the White House National Security Council, co-authored with Bruce Riedel the Brookings
Institution paper published last month that outlined this concept.
The Bush administration had some secret contacts with Iranian officials before the Iraq war and held
ambassador-to-ambassador meetings Iraq and Afghanistan But never attempted broad dialogue,
despite apparent effort some Iranian officials reach out after Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was
toppled 2003. more recommended that the administration proceed cautiously and develop its
negotiating strategy through high-level bilateral and multilateral consultations with the governments 09/01/2015
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05938417 Date: 04/29/2016
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05938417 Date: 04/29/2016
Obta ined via Judicial Watch Inc.
seeking negotiate with Iran Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China and with Middle Eastern allies. was important, Samore said, that the United States not seen abandoning the larger framework for
nuclear talks; fact, opening bilateral channel with Iran may help invigorate the multilateral process. top Sta~e Department official, Undersecretary William Burns, will begin such consultations when meets
with representatives the Iran negotiating group Europe next week. senior European diplomat said
yesterday that European leaders would welcome U.S-lranian dialogue but that must handled carefully.
The possibility dialogue with the U.S. very important card our game with Iran, said. dont
have many cards left. more provocative approach was advocated John Brennan, Obamas White House director for
counterterrorism, paper published July. Brennan pressed for toning down rhetorical jabs Iran and
ignoring anti-American comments from Iranian officials, and also stressed the need for presidential envoy
handle negotiations with Iran. order smooth the path for dialogue, also argued for the political
courage admit that ran has significantly scaled back its use terrorism the past decade. would not foolhardy encourage greater assimilation Hezbollah the armed political movement backed Syria
and Iran the Lebanese political system, even though Washington offlclally considers Hezbollah terrorist
organization, Brennan wrote.
Another important policymaker, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, pressed for carefully focused dialogue
when co-led Council Foreign Relations task force Iran 2004. grand bargain that would settle
comprehensively the outstanding conflicts between Iran and the United States not realistic, the task force
concluded. Instead, the United States should selectively engage Iran issues where the U.S. and Iranian
interests converge and build incremental progress.
Gates, holdover from the Bush administration, felt was important such discussions begin before the
nuclear concerns were resolved position that puts him firmly sync with Obamas approach. 09/0112015
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05938417 Date: 04/29/2016
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05938286 Date: 04/29/2016
Pramecla Bartholomeusz
Thursday, January 22, 2009 3:33 5@att.
Congratulations, Madam Secretary!
Madam Secretary,
Congratulations and thank you! Many ofus are truly grateful and relieved know you will such integral part American
foreign policy going forward, And having read your books, volunteered six states for your campaign and watcl~d the confinnation
hearings well your farewell speech, know can count much more.
Twanted reach out you for few other reasons: Please thank Chelsea for me, whom met for the first time person Austin, the after debate party (where also met you
for the first time). She listened some ideas and requested contact her cluef staff, Biirie Lurie, they could follow through and
Chelsea followed through! With this contact, was referred Maggie Williams. Amee Patel and Capricia Marshall and was able
really make positive impact Austin Houston (where was for three weeks volunteer for the campaign). Chelsea, thank you
for hearing me. believe this one the reasons was selected hie Platfonn Committee. You arc a.mazing and think you
should run for House Senate seat some day (soon). Just following the below email article referring Commission for Change, President Obama indicated last August would
support. was the response Ute controversies raised once agam Ute Plalfonn Commillee. was the commillee member that asked the call with you the night before the meeting, whether could raise the caucus issue did that well submitted the amendment
regarding the primary calendar. know you agree, voter rights are sacred. spoke with JeffBennan regarding being member
the commission. suggested contact state party (CA). Chris Jennings, Ann OLeary (met Pittsburgh Platfonn
Committee) and Craig Smith (met Rules Committee meeting Denver) are all aware fight for amendments affecting voter
righ~. Anything you can verify sincerity with Chris Cmig and reconunend Sen Feinstein and Sen Boxer for this
commission would tremendous. You have word that will n9t look back with regard these voter rights issues. but will look
forward. (Lady Lynn Rothschild knows well and Tam sorry say that Tsupported the McCain/Palin ticket the final
weeks-I truly believed Sen McCain was more likely include you his cabinet). joined The New Agenda founding member, non-partisiin group advociiting womens rights There much work done! will remain devoted this cause through this organization long remains non-partisan and
maintains the level professional.ism that such aniiatlon warrants. Would like seem women ovemment and would
like address domestic violence hope you will
occasion share your wisdom with aware more can omg. hope you will respond through Capricia like you had done once before regarding the Commission for Change. maybe
Urrough Chris Craig.
BTW, would like your campaign staff for the 2016 election!
Gods speed and tight hug,
PrdJTleela Bartholomeusz
DNC Platform Committee Member
--------- Forwarded message ---------~----
From: Prameela B11rtbolomcusz[
Date: Sun, Nov 16, 2008 10:46 P~------~
Subject: Please accept SOS!
To: hr.t5@1m...l1.1.a~.~J;i.~m.,rn;~