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Judicial Watch • JW-v-State-Oct-20-order-01511 Redacted

JW-v-State-Oct-20-order-01511 Redacted

JW-v-State-Oct-20-order-01511 Redacted

Page 1: JW-v-State-Oct-20-order-01511 Redacted


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Date Created:December 7, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 07, 2015

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U.S. District Court
District Columbia
Notice Electronic Filing
The following transaction was entered 10/20/2015 12:20 and filed 10/20/2015
Case Name:
Case Number:
Document Number: document attached
Docket Text:
MINUTE ORDER. Before the Court are [18] defendants status report and proposed
schedule for the processing and production additional responsive records, and
[19] plaintiff response that report. light its statement that willing
search the records has received from Huma Abedi Cheryl Mills, and Jacob
Sullivan, the Court reads defendants submission waiving any objection being
ordered search those records. Further, since these records are now defendants
possession, and defendant has informed the Court that they may contain records
responsive [p]laintitrs FOIA request, and given the purposes underlying the broad
disclosure requirements contained the the Freedom Information Act which may not favor the conduct government business through private email
accounts the Court will order the processing those materials part this
action. Thus, ORDERED that, with respect the emails provided defendant
former Secretary Clinton (including those documents recently provided Huma
Abedi Cheryl Mills, and Jacob Sullivan that contain emails from former
Secretary Clinton): (1) October 22, 2015, defendant shall file status report
disclosing the number additional responsive documents, any; and (2) October
29, 2015, the parties shall file joint status report which they will propose the
Court production schedule for the non-exempt portions those documents, and,
the parties are unable reach agreement the production schedule, each shall
provide their own proposed schedule. FURTHER ORDERED that, with respect the
documents recently provided Huma Abedi Cheryl Mills, and Jacob Sullivan, other
those documents that contain emails from the email account former Secretary Clinton:
(1) November 12, 2015, defendant shall: (a) produce the non-exempt portions responsive
documents that not have referred one more other agencies for consultation; and
(b) refer all responsive documents that require inter-agency consultation the appropriate
agency agencies; (2) November 19, 2015, defendant shall file status report disclosing
the number documents produced plaintiff, the number responsive documents referred other agencies for consultation, and the number agencies which responsive
documents were referred; and (3) Within two weeks completion all inter-agency
consultations for given document, defendant shall produce the non-exempt portions that
document plaintiff. Signed Judge Amy Berman Jackson 10/20/2015. (lcabj2)
1:14-cv-01511-ABJ Notice has been electronically mailed to:
1:14-cv-01511-ABJ Notice will delivered other means to::