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Judicial Watch • JW v. State Pagliano Minute Order 01363

JW v. State Pagliano Minute Order 01363

JW v. State Pagliano Minute Order 01363

Page 1: JW v. State Pagliano Minute Order 01363


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Date Created:June 14, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 14, 2016

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U.S. District Court
District Columbia
Notice Electronic Filing
The following transaction was entered 6/14/2016 11:12 and filed 6/14/2016
Case Name:
Case Number:
Document Number: document attached
Docket Text:
MINUTE ORDER. Upon consideration the parties and non-party Bryan
Paglianos pleadings addressing the legal authority upon which Mr. Pagliano
relies assert his Fifth Amendment rights this civil proceeding with respect
any deposition questions regarding the creation and operation for State Department business, see ECF No. 73, the Court
HEREBY ORDERS: (1) Mr. Paglianos [85] Motion for Protective Order
DENIED. Consistent with the Courts May 26, 2016 Minute Order and the treatment all other deponents, Mr. Paglianos deposition shall videotaped and the
audiovisual his deposition shall sealed until further order the Court; (2)
Mr. Paglianos [88] Motion for Leave File Under Seal GRANTED; Mr.
Paglianos immunity agreement with the Department Justice shall sealed
consistent with U.S. Hubbard which the D.C. Circuit identified six factors
consider when determining whether the strong presumption favor public
access judicial proceedings may overcome. 650 F.2d 293 31722 (D.C. Cir.
1980). Those factors include: (1) the need for public access the documents
issue; (2) the extent previous public access the documents; (3) the fact that
someone has objected disclosure, and the identity that person; (4) the
strength any property and privacy interests asserted; (5) the possibility
prejudice those opposing disclosure; and (6) the purposes for which the
documents were introduced during the judicial proceedings. Id; see also E.E.O.C. Natl Childrens Ctr., Inc., F.3d 1406, 1409 (D.C. Cir. 1996). the Courts
opinion, the need for public access Mr. Paglianos agreement with the
government minimal. Mr. Paglianos immunity agreement has not previously
been disclosed. Mr. Pagliano and the government object disclosure the
immunity agreement. Indeed, the privacy interests stake are high because the
governments criminal investigation through which Mr. Pagliano received limited
immunity ongoing and confidential. Mr. Paglianos immunity agreement with
the government was filed with the Court Mr. Pagliano solely enable the
Court assess the legitimacy his intent assert his Fifth Amendment rights this civil proceeding. The parties shall meet and confer find date and time
for Mr. Paglianos deposition prior the close discovery. Signed Judge
Emmet Sullivan June 14, 2016. (lcegs4)
1:13-cv-01363-EGS Notice has been electronically mailed to: