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Date Created:February 25, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 16, 2014

Tags:Janine, ALERTS, issues, current, finance, campaign, Treas, questions, enforcement, Brian, record, Wednesday, Nancy, IRS Docs, treasury, justice, Richard, DOJ, EPA, IRS, ICE, CIA

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From:  Sinno Suzanne  
Sent:  Thursday, May 09, 2013 8:08  
To:  Cook Janine; Lerner Lois Kindell Judith Haynes Patricia Lunger Richard  
Cc:  Barre Catherine Rose Nancy Goldstein Richard Flax Nikole Landes Scott  
Subject:  RE: JUSTICE Questions for the Record Current Issues Campaign Finance Law  
Enforcement (FC-ALERTS:DOJ-0026-A)  

That good idea coordinate together this. Nancy -let know you want coordinate. don't mind doing though. 
Please see CI's comment: 	What safeguards exist ensure that 501(c) engaging political activity not accepting and using donations from foreign sources for political activity? Does have access 
information necessary enforce the ban use foreign donations political activity? 
Please elaborate. 

From: Cook Janine [] Sent: Wednesday, May 08,
013 7:46 To: Sinno Suzanne; Lerner Lois Barre Catherine Kindell Judith Cc: Brown Susan Subject: Fw: JUSTICE Questions for the Record Current Issues Campaign Finance Law Enforcement (FC ALERTS:DOJ-0026-A) 
Have you engaged this? just read through the answers and see places for some technical tweaking, but also expect may have broader interest some the suggestions raised the responses.While typically respond LLR requests separately, figured we'd want coordinat this, even though not much time.Thoughts any other plans underway? 
From: Rose Nancy Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2013 01:47 
To: Munroe David; Cook Janine; Yanes Marta -CT; Gulas Schwartz Julie Cc: Goldstein Richard Subject: FW: JUSTICE Questions for the Record Current Issues Campaign Finance Law Enforcement (FC ALERTS:DOJ-0026-A) 
Attached are JThis related the QFR's
ustice's responses QFR's from the April 9th hearing Campaign Finance. reviewed recently. Please let know you have any comments edits Friday, May 10, that can send coordinated response LLR behalf the Service and Chief Counsel. 
Thanks, Nancy 
Nancy Rose 
Senior Counsel CC:PA:2 
(202) 622-3167 
From: [] Sent: Wednesday, May 08,
013 11:18 To:;;;; Christian.Fur;;;; Barre Catherine Rose Nancy;;; DeAnna.O';; Kevin.O';;; Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Karen.Webe;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Corwin Erik Goldstein Richard Landes Scott McField Terri;;;;;;; Subject: JUSTICE Questions for the Record Current Issues ampaign Finance Law Enforcement (FC -ALERTS:DOJ0026-A) 
DEADLINE: 2:00 P.M. Monday, May 13, 2013
MMENTS: Attached are Justices responses Questions for the Record from April 9th hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committees Subcommittee Crime and Terrorism titled Current Issues Campaign Finance Law Enforcement. 
PLEASE NOComments/edits must approved official from your office the Director level
TE: higher. you are with bureau Treasury, please ensure that Treasury olicy official has approved the comments/edits before sending them Please submit comments behalf your office
-mail and provide the responding this email, please use the exact subject line this name the policy official who approved the response. OMBs preference specific edits, not general 
comments. you cannot meet the deadline, please -mail far advance the deadline possible and specific about when you could have comments. Except extraordinary circumstances, the deadline has passed, the opportunity comment has also passed.