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Date Created:February 25, 2014

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From:  Eldridge Michelle  
Sent:  Friday, May 10, 2013 3:25  
To:  Miller Steven Flax Nikole Vozne Jennifer Lemons Terry Lerner Lois Grant  
Subject: The IRS scandal will test everyone  
Attachments:  Tax_Cheats_image.JPEG-04b32-1960-300x200.jpg  

The IRS scandal will test everyone Jonathan Bernstein, Updated: May 10, 2013 

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File) 
So, the IRS, least some the IRS, went after Tea Party groupublicans have been search scandal for Repwhile; this

ears real one. will interesting indeed see how everyone reacts: 
The White House: Barack Obama and his administration havent really had react scandal before. Theyve had mixed results pseudo ing too quickly, sometimes hunkering down too
revious p-scandals, sometimes jumpmuch. Well see how they handle this one.  Other Democrats: Will they reflexively rally around the White House  will they. they should, condemn the actions and work hard uncover all the facts, whatever they turn out be?  Rep
ublicans: Theyre absolutely within their ights outraged the news.Will they the hard work digging out the facts  again, whatever they really are  will they content with just running the GOP aligned media and crowing that this confirms everything theyve ever susp
ected out the Obama Administration?  The perate for real scandal than even the Rep
ress: Probably more despublicans (who havent needed real scandals), will they maintain some bit portion, will all -hyp
rop regardless the facts? 
The big caution here: have idea whether this will turn out have the substance major scandal, just relatively small outrage. After all, its very
ossible that the targeted groupwere stretching the rule). bad the initial rep but theres also, course, way
ort sounds, theres alwa the chance that theres really nothing all here knowing theres far more come. Were certain have Congressional hearings, and reporters are already swarming 
the IRS and anyone else who might know anyt hing. Thats good! But well know lot more week month  and with all breaking stories, the odds significant errors early rep
orts are high. 
 The Washington Post Company