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Category:IRS Scandal

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Date Created:March 28, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 15, 2014

Tags:sinno, Barre, vozne, Haynes, WEBER, suzanne, CATHERINE, Nikole, hearing, JENNIFER, Patricia, Monday, IRS Docs, Lerner, Richard, IRS, CIA

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From:  Haynes Patricia   
Sent:  Monday, April 01, 2013 8:39  
To:  Barre Catherine Lerner Lois Weber Richard  
Cc:  Sinno Suzanne; Flax Nikole Vozne Jennifer  
Subject:  Re: Hearing  

Cathy, can pretty much work around anything but would like avoid -3pm possible.
From: Barre Catherine [] Sent: Monday, April 01, 201309:23PM To: Lerner Lois Weber Richard; Haynes Patricia Cc: Sinno Suzanne; Flax Nikole Vozne Jennifer Subject: RE: Hearing 
Looping Patty 
From: Barre Catherine Sent: Monday, April 01, 20139:21 To: Lerner Lois Weber Richard Cc: Sinno Suzanne; Flax Nikole Vozne Jennifer Subject: Hearing spoke the Senator Whitehouse staff tonight and gave him the bullet points the blackletter law thought irs could address hearing (application process; indicated that the filing and timing review; referrals generally; 7206). committee would find such testimony helpful. agreed that would endeavor set time for conference call Tuesday accomplish things: have the substantive experts give better overview what IRS could discuss (and for you correct anything messed that tonight) and courtesy our IRS witness, particularly given the short timing, have candid discussion about the types questions expected the Chairman raise with the IRS witness and for the IRS let him know what thought could and couldnt answer (or what thought could answer but that would sensitive from tax administration perspective share open hearing). was reasonable and appreciative. Although understands the IRS wont answer hypotheticals discuss any particular taxpayer, the fact pattern they are mulling entity holding itself out that checks box irs form 

tomorrow. schedule tomorrow difficult and will join the call able but dont want hold back the group given the timing Suzie, please dont schedule around me. Lois and Rich, what time works for you tomorrow talk the staff (Suzie) can send him some good windows 
time? Nikole/Jennifer, would you like the call  so, please let know good times? Thanks.