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Judicial Watch • IRS HQ Targeting – PDF 1713

IRS HQ Targeting – PDF 1713

IRS HQ Targeting – PDF 1713

Page 1: IRS HQ Targeting – PDF 1713

Category:IRS Scandal

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Date Created:March 28, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 13, 2014


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From:  Lerner Lois  
Sent:  Tuesday, April 02, 2013 12:29  
To:  Kutz Gregory DTIGTA; Paterson Troy DTIGTA  
Cc:  Paz Holly Grant Joseph Daly Richard  
Subject:  FW: TIGTA report -draft email  
Attachments: TIGTA DOCUMENT REQUEST1.htm; Heightened Awareness Issues.ppt; CPE Room  
Locations.htm; Spreadsheet.htm; TIGTA DOCUMENT REQUEST3.txt; TIGTA  
Importance:  High are looking the latest draft and hope have comments the draft you COB today tomorrow morning. appreciate you taking many our discussed concerns into account with the new draft. you know, are bit concerned about the 2referrals for investigation the draft report, and want all can clear your concerns. 
So, following our conversation last week, again searched our records and spoke Rulings Agreements employeesabouttheMay2010e -mailregardingthepre -BOLOcriteria,andtheissueofwhoapprovedthecriteria. now believe that there was not May
010 e-mail sent all Determinations personnel directing them coordinate 
these cases with group 782 Determinations specialist, and her group manager, Joseph Herr, Rather, 
were developing the concept and sample for sharing erging issues, which what would called the BOLO. They exchanged drafts with each other via -mail during this time period (see attached email dated May
010). The concept was then introduced Determinations specialists their CPE sessions held June/July
010 (see attached CPE schedule and materials from session heightened awareness issues -slide discusses these cases). reflected the attached e-mails (which provided TIGTA July 2), these cases were initially held screening group 
until the cases were assigned 

The screeners had been alerted lookout for these applications (see 
/10 email from Sharon Camarillo included the attached -mail chain) there was need alert all Determinations through email. regard who developed the criteria used identify cases sent the advocacy group, made individuals from Determinations available for interview TIGTA. 
and Joseph Herr both indicated that they were involved the initial development the BOLO criteria. Ron Bell indicated that he, Steve Bowling, and Stephen Seok were involved the January 2revision the BOLO. Cindy Thomas, the manager Determinations, indicated her 
012interview with TIGTA that she was not involved the development revision the BOLO criteria. All individuals interviewed indicated that the process developing and revising items the BOLO was very informal. regard the criteria described the June 2011 briefing memo, explained our Nov. 2comments TIGTA's timeline and 
012emails with TIGTA regarding those comments, and reflected the emails previously provided TIGTA and TIGTA's 
interview specialist the screenin group), the Acting Director, Rulings Agreements asked the Determinations manager June
011 what criteria Determinations was using determine whether case was "tea party" case. Because the BOLO only contained brief reference "Organi zations involved with the Tea Party movement applying for exemption under 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4)" June
011, the Determinations manager asked the manager the screening group, John Shafer, what criteria were being used label cases "tea party cases. ("Do the applications specify/state tea party'? not, how know applicant involved with the tea party movement?") The screening group manager asked his employees how they were applying the BOLO's short -hand reference "tea party." His employees responded that they were including organizations meeting any the following criteria falling within the BOLO's reference "tea party" organizations: "1. 'Tea Party', 'Patriots' '9/12Project' referenced the case file. Iss ues include government spending, government debt and taxes. Educate the public through advocacy/legislative activities make America better place live. 

indicated his interview
 with TIGTA that believed provided some this information John Shafer, his manager.
 Statements the case file that are critical the how the country being run."
So, believe have provided information that shows that one "developed" the criteria. Rather, staff used
 their own interpretations the brief reference "organizations involved with the Tea Party movement," which was
 what was the BOLO list. The list compilation the various staff responses John Schafer's inquiry staff.
Please let know there any additional information you need regarding clearing these issues.
Lois Lerner
 Director Exempt Organizations