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Judicial Watch • Karen J. Williams – 2003

Karen J. Williams – 2003

Karen J. Williams – 2003

Page 1: Karen J. Williams – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:November 29, 2004

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United States Court Appeals for the Fourth Circuit 
1021 M1DOLE:70N S7RSS::7 CHA!>BtS OnA.NGESJRG, $CU7H CAROcJNA 291i5 
September 2004 
The Honorable Mary Lisi Chair, Committee Financial Disclosure Administrative Office the United States Courts Suite 2-301 One Columbus Circle, Washington, 20544 
Dear Judge Lisi: 
T..,F:fPQ1,c 803$:!307/J 
FACSIMIL 8035.)4 .;i;;:..r:i have your letter August 2004 and appreciate the advice offered assist filing future reports. appreciate the security concers you have noted, but for the 
last four years these items report have been redacted due recognized 
securify issues. Part VII, you note that not required list the number shares Column Column D(1). However, due the number transactions occurring during the year each account, find necessary for list both the current numbers shares held well the number bought sold with each transaction ensure accurate reporting each trade. for listing the number acres each tract ofland, Part VIII noted that the acreage was being combined for purposes this report and would listed one asset the 2004 report. this new listing, will not include the amount acreage. Part VII, page lines 44-48, 51, and 53, page lines 56, 58-60,63-68,71, page lines 73-90, page lines 91-99 and 101-108, page lines 109-121, page line 159, page 10, lines 164 and 166, page 11, line 192, page 12, lines 200 and 202, page 14, line 246, page 16, lines 279 and 283, and page 17, line 302, have traditionally listed the face values these assets i.e. 9J9to help identify the different bonds since many are similar name and interest amount. Vfithout this identifying informatior., can diffk:u!t 
differentiate between the different bonds held within each account and note the effect part calls. Part VII, page line 40, page line 72, page line 122, page 13, line 222, page 14, line 236, page 15, lines 267 and 270, and page 17, line 303, have taken your suggestion and listed each account with abbreviated name and partial number. This should resolve the security concerns and still allow identify each account. appreciate your explaining how handle noting asset when acquired result spin off from corporation already listed report (such Medco Health Solutions Inc. (Part VII, 17, Line 292 2003 report). lfl 
tlie future will make sure note such Spinoff from corporation) Column Part 11. Part VIII, Note (Vll-268), you are correct that the note read:(Vll-268) Funds this account were transferred the account listed line 269 this report. 
The following are responses the questions the middle your letter. Due the complexity report, have already started working 2004 report. Because the software program overwrites the previous report, unfortunately longer have electronic copy 2003 report originally submitted correct response this letter. Therefore, have recreated each line for which you have requested some explanation additional information. have indicated the changes redline and strike out text. Part VII, page line 31, Column C(2) the value method code incorrect and should Part VII, page9, line 149, the asset, Duke was entirely disposed of, therefore the values columns C(1) (2)should left blank. 
149. (S-2) Duke Energy Corp. 
 Part VII, page 11, line 192, the asset, Revlon Consumer Prod. 
8.625 SUB was also entirely disposed of, therefore the. values columns C(1) (2) should left blank.  
192. (S-2) Revlon Consumer Prod Corp. 8.625 SUB Noles Part Vil, page line 111, the asset, SCST HSG AUTH PUR was listed error. duplicate the asset listed line 102 and therefore will removed for the 2004 
line 208, the asset, Travelers PPTY Cas listed error. duplicate the asset listed line 202 and therefore will removed for the 2004 report. 2003 report Part VII, page 16, line 279, the asset, Charleston Health FACS the same asset listed 2002 report Part VII, p.8, line 137. 
The asset listed Part VII, page 17, line 296 2003 report, LS.:fil. Treas the same asset listed 2002 report Part VII, page line Nations Sec Prime Cash Reserves Fund The note part VIII (M) briefly explains that this asset was transferred into another account known Nations Prime Investments and then transferred again into brokerage account with SSN. What failed add was further explanation that the new account would referred Treas Fund-Cap Reserves. Part VII, the corrections (1) and (2) the following lines should read follows: 
119. (S-2)MerckCo. 
182. (S-2) Micron Technology 187. (S-2) Nippon Tel Tel Spon ADR 
195. (S-2) Safeway Inc. New 
197. (S-2) Sandlsk Corp 
200. (S-2) Service Merch Inc. SubDeb DTD 2/17/93 reviewing the assets line 225, realized that needed make some clarifications. The name the investment Resources Capitol Group New changed RCG Companies, Inc. June 2003. Since the total number shares held the beginning ... and, lines 225 and 226, reported the sale shares remain. The asset listed lines 228 and 229 RCG duplicate those listed lines 225 and 226 and therefore will not listed 2004 report. (The trades listed lines 225 and 226 are incorrect and refer trade dates 2002.) 2004 report, this asset will referred RCG Companies, Inc.. The corrected reporting this asset should follows: Part VII, the corrections (3) the following lines should read follows: 
(S-2) News LTD-ADR-New 
(S-2 Nippon Tel Tel Spon ADR 
313. {S-6) American Intl Group Inc ... 314. 315. (S-6) Amgen316. 318. {S-6) AOL Time Warner (Name changed now Time Warner) 319. 320. (S-6) Bank New York Inc. -321 
346. General Electric Co. 
The {S-2) Citibank account listed line 201 2003 report was 
closed during the 2003 reporting year and the assets transferred into 
the Dreyfus account that was reported line 151 2003 report. also realized that there was additional (S-2) Citibank Nevada 
account that inadvertently omitted from 2003 report. This account was also closed during the year and the funds transferred into the 
Dreyfus account line 151. These corrections and additions 
After line 230 2003 report, need add the following asset that was inadvertently omitted from report: line 428 2003 report incorrectly reported the type income= 8(2). The corrected line should read: 2002 report Part VII, page 12, line 214, listed Financial Inc.. This was not listed Part VII 2003 report because could not find the asset apers and assumed that must have been annuity that had been incorrectly listed. Fortunately, 
that was life insurance policy that was donated. The corrected line should read: have been thorough possible reviewing records and accounts 
and hope that these responses answer your questions. The appropriate corrections 
and additions will reflected 2004 report when filed next year. you have 
any additional questions, please advise. Government Act 1978 
Revw 112004 
Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app.  101-111) Person Reporting (Last name, First name, Middle initial) WILLIAMS, KAREN Courto:-Orgalization FOURTII CIRCCIT COURT APPEALS DateofRepr1rt 0612812004 Title (Article Ill Judges indicate active senior status; magistrate judges indicate full orpartMtime} U.S.CIRCUIT nJDGE-A fo10111m1:; followed. Cnmplete all par!B, checking the NONE box fo1 each part POSIDONS. (Reporting individoal only; see pp. 9-13 offiling instructioos) NONE  (No reportable positions.) 
POSmON NAME r..1emher South Carolina Bar Association 
Member Federal Judges Association 
Member Univ. :boo! Law Advismy 13-0ard 
Member Univ, School Partnership 
Member, Board Rotary Club ofOrangeburg, S.C. 
Member Nat1 Association Women Judges 
Member So:utb Ca.rolina Women Lav.yers Association 
Member, Trustee First Baptist Ch1 (Tl) Jobs Econ Dev. 5.25% 
65. 66. (T-1) St. AMT HGS Fin Dev 6.65 (T-1) AMT HSG Fin Dev 5.8 
67, (T-l)SCSTG.O.STRHwy-SerA4.6 
68. (T-l) Spartanlmrg Htlh SVC 5.6 
69. 70. (T-1) State Stn:et Corp(T-!)TRowePriceGrouplnc. 
71. (T-1) TravelersPPTYCu Corp NowCLA 
ACCOUN lru:ome/Gair Codes: =Sl,D::J.i:;cless $.,CKllS2,50(1 S::,5.J, -S5 ,00 $5,001$15.00Q l5,00!-$50,000 Co:;im.lS .;11:. $50,001-$100,000 .SlOG ,001-S:l,000,00S S:lJJJu,001-s;., t-:..2 h1ore tha.1 ss.000,000 ,Oth:I less $15.(;-:J; -$50,00( $0,CO:-Sl00,00(; ;11 Ji;.iJOJ.$250,000 S2S-J,OIX1-$SOO,OOO ssoo,cc: -s:,000,u::r:i s1,o::c.00J-S5)X(J)Q[) $5J){i!J,001-S2S,000,000 SMre 1111 s.i;,o,ooo,uo 
Date Report Nan1e Person Repo:-:i;J.g 
VIL INVESTMENTS and TRLSTS -incolT.c, value, lar.scatious (includes those offai: use lllld dependent chlldrcl:L See pp. 34-S7 filing: instructions.) 
Description t>f Assets luromo during TcyOrting period Oross value end reportfr:g period 7ransuctions during reportir period 
Value (e. 
T,1-pe (e.g, Valuo 
Code buyer/sell 
Jl.ielhod buy, sll. 
from prior disclosure 
div. n:ot. 
Cede IQ 
int.) (J-P) 
(if private 
llerke:ey County Woter Sewer.5.S.50 
Clmleston Care Allia.ce (25K) 5.0 
..Charleston Co:.ty (5.875) Pollution CTV  
79. har1es:ton County SoliC Waste 6.Q 
80. -harles:cn Valer Works Sewer 5.250 81. (S-1) Colleton County (5.3) 
82. .Darlington County AMT IDR Sonoco 6.125 
83. (S-1) Darlington County IDR 
84. (S-l) Darlington County Water Sewer 5.0 
{S-1) Florence County Hospital Rfdg 4.9 
(S-1) Greenville, Hosp 
(S-l)GTeenviTie.SCHospSymBro 5.7S 
188. (Sl) GTeenville, Mem Aud 
89. (S1)GrecrCombinedUti1tySystem4.9 
(S-1) HonyCnty ArptRev Rfdg 5.375 Jr.come/Gain Codes (See CoiumnsSl and D4} Vaine Ctld: (See Commns and D3) 
-:.:11;: :110{ (:(:(k 
:S:::e Ccl-lnr =.$1,000 itss $5D.00 i-S: 0.:.,LC.J 
 ,,. $.15(LCOi.$500,00( 
F:Y. $25 .OG[J -S5 ,oor; _0(8 ,,,. Apo::nsr:: lkoi,., SLO{ll-S::.s:v 100,0::O S.:S ,000 Jess 5,00 -5CJOt ,._ sso,001-s100,w $JOO,oo:-s::s::,on0 
 s:s1.{1x1L:,000 SSOC,OCIJ-}i.UUC,COG Sl,GC0,0Cl-S5,COJIOD $5.0(K::i:Jl-S15,000,000 
r..: .,,-J;fiote than S5:J,o:t;.;,:JDO 
llllle Report 
Gross value end 
T:nms:.tction:; during reporting period 
Descrip!it:n ;:f Assets Ir.come during 
(includi:ig trust asstts) reparf,ng period not exempt from 
Place (;X) after each asset e1ernpt ValueValueAmol.Clt 
T;pe (e.g. 
from prior disclosure 
McihodCode2Cede iliv, rent 
C00.3 (Q-\1 (J-1) 
(S-1) Ports Authority Re-5.375 
(S:) Por Authority R.e-6.75 14. 	9sc Pub. Service Authority Smttee 5.625 
ll5. Service Merchandise Inc Sub Deb DID 
(Sl) South Carolma St. Pub AMBAC 5.0% 
(Sl) Spa.-ranburg Co;;nty Health SVC 5.6 	-.anb;;rg County Health Services 5.5 
119. 	(Sl) Sumter County District# 
:20. 	(S-1) University Univ Revs Ser 5.5 
121. (Sl) Western Carolina Reg: Swr Auth 5.01 
Typ< (e.g. br.y.sell, 
rr.erger, redemption} 
Date.: Vaiue ldenrityof 
Month-Day Codel buyer/scller (ifpriva 
122. S-2 
123. (S-2) Abbott Labora!Cries 
124. 125. (S2) Alcoa, inc. 120 (S-2) Allegheny Technologies Inc. 
126. (S-2) Allstate Corp. lncomtiGain Codes: See Col:i.ttnm. .EH an:i :04-J vaiuc Code;,. [Se Coiurnn and D3) SJ,t:0(1 less ,,, S50,00!-S100,DOO :;;,000 k:E  S250.VCf.S.iQJ,COC $1,0DJ-$2,,500 $100,001-$1,000,000 $1$,00l-S50,00C .,, $50fl,Dtll-$l,OO:.,oo =S,sol-$5,or-r:  s:, -$5,000,000 .., S5o,c-.::::-SiDJ,OOG t:)JC.JJ)Dl-$5,0KJ.OOO ?.: 1,.wr 1hat S50,DOOJJOO ,,,ss.oo;s1s,ooo H.2 {ore thu.t1 S5,000,0DO Sl00,001-S250,000 SS,Ou.-001-=::s.lYJJ,000 
Date Report 
VIL INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS income. vat.le. tftlnscatfons (ildud-;s those the spouse and 4epcn eooez Grun Co-:te Identity buyer/se11er 
O..y (J-1) (All) (if private tnm.saction} 
Sl,OOJ.$2.500 501-$5,000 
=SlGO,OOi-$.I,-000,000 il,OOU,001-$5,0:>::.cau =More than 5,00D,000 
S.15,00l-$50,(lGO $50,001-100,COO $100,00J.$25,000 $500,00J-SJ,OCO,OOO SLOOC-.OOl-$5,000.000 S5.l)(lfJJl01-S25,0CK,OC.: S!-.1o.I: th.arr SS-0100:tOVtJ S:S,GOl-$15.000 =-15.:J::n-5().{JOO Cor: (Kea: i::::a:,-. OriJy) Ass::ssmen: 
Date Report 
Description e>f Assets (induding trust assets) 
Place (X) afii:r uch asset ex.empt from prior disclosure 
Incooe du:ir.g Gross val1.1e end r:f repcrtir.5 :;:eriod reporting period 
(l) (2) (I) (2) 
Anotrnt Type (e.g. V; Value Code div. rent CoCe1 Method (AH) int.) (J-P) Code3 
Transacticus during repo.ting period 
(!) closure 
Type: (e,.g. Date: Val Gain Identity 
hU), seU, Ulef!let. n::dernpOOn) Mouth-Day Code2 {l-P) Code (A-1-l) buyer!sener (ifprlvute: tra1mctlo11) 
145. (S-2)ComcastCorp CI.A 
146. (S-2)ComcastCorp CI.A 
148. (S-2) Dell lnc ,.., 
149. (S-2} Duke Energy Co:Pm?t. 
150. (S-2) Double-click W19. 
151. (S-2) Dreyfas Liquid Assets lnc. 
152. (S-2/ Resoun:es Cap Groi.1) Inc 
153. (S-2) East-West Bank 
154. (S-2) Eastman Kodak 
156. (S-2) EC! 
157. (S-2) Emorson Elec1rie .... 
158. (S-2) Exxon Mooile Corp ... 
(S2) Featherlite 
(S..2) Forest Laboratories Inc 
161. (S-2) General Electric Co. 
162. (S-2) Genzyt:.e Corp General Division Income/Gain Codes S!.:::C..lorless Sl,ODl-$2,500 $2,50iSS,0!J(i 
(St CDk:mr.$ f.1 a.lti r:;,:: $50,DOtliltlD,OOO SlOD,001-$1,000,0()0 $1,-0CO,OtllSS.DOO.OJO ill ..-.-1ore tbm $5,000,000 $1.5,000 less Sl5,001-S5D,OOD $50,00lSlOCUJf.L! !vi 5100,001 -S..!:SG. DOV $250,00fr-i,Sl)[:,000 S500,0(]l-l.OLJ0,(J01) S1,ii00.{l0lS5,0:JG.CJ(i $5,G00,001-S.!S.C-OC,OO:.: 
Descrl;:tic Assets 
(inc1ading. trust assi:ts-) 
Place {X) after cucb asset exempt from prior di:s,elnsure 
Nan1cr Person Reporting WILUAMS, KAREl Date Rlo:t 06/23/2004 during reporting pe Sl,OOO,OOJ..$5,000.iAID $5,JCt.,001-S:!,UOl,000 .,,.S25,1Xl0,00i -$50,0{fG_oo, than 5:50.flO.l,OO:: 
B001: abe  Ssrimntet! 
VD. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transcations (includes those ofthe sptn.ts.e and dependent chl1Jrm. Sec pp. 34-5? c-ffiting i>tntior.s.) 
Dale Roport 
Name Person Reporting 
\1LLL:1e!MQ Cod..4. :;;.r.r.aist: S:w olmnr. 
Date Report 
VD. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -i.noomt:, v.J.;;e. tr11n.: (See Columns 131 a:i.C D4) ..?. Valim Ci::i5: C;:.1urrms und D3> Sl,000 less  SSD,001-SlOC,ODG ..,_ Sl$,OGC Cl! 12ss .S25G,fC-.-S5UJ,OOG Sl,001-52.50(: O:J,001 -l,DJV,{,JV Sl:5,QO;-ss{),C-GD ,,,,. S,500,()01-S!.il..fl,iJU!..> Sl,Q:J{1/l(H-$5JIOOOG St>,1orc nm: SS0,000,QO =t5.001-$15,000 -S5.GOO,(.l(JJ.$5,000,00fJ 515,00150,0GD 0fae: 
Desoripdon Assets (luding tn:s: aS$CtS} 
Place (X} after each asset exempt!:um prior disckisJ.tre 
Aroount (e:,g, Value 
div. rent. Code2 
int.) (iP) 
Income during Gross va!ue end Inmslictions dning rq:or:ir.g period 
ro;ior.iti period repmiffig pericd 
type (e,g, 
bey, sell, 
C.3 o=ger. 
Ifn.:::texempi romdis 
!Jate: Vall.le Identity 
1cmth  COC Mcret.ian$5,COO,OOO Sl5,GCiS50,00 $50,0.::1-SHlQJiC1) tJ, =100,Q:Jl-$250,00(J 
(Se!: Co.urx;s :;.wi DJJ :;,:: -s2sa.oon.ssori,o:n S50C1,C:O>SlJJl}J,COQ Sl,OOCy 
:tlt.) =Sl,DO(orlcsr, =S:,oo:-s2sro =S:l,5DJ-$5,00G 
(Se CGll.ltnns and D4} =S50.0(.J-SJOO,OOO s:c.J,00 Value 0.>tlcz S:5,0F) iess ,,,_SlS,OOJ.iO,QG(l ,,. $50,1101-SlOO.COO Sl00,0i)J.S25L:,OOO ssoo,rn.n-s.:.occ;,cyJ $l,{JO,{i0>5.S,{l00,000 ss.;,},o:_l-;oci Cea,;_, Cos.: (Jlea :::-Sr.ate Only) k$escmell! 
:::cc;u:L_C; hPo:: Vaintchiding trus1 assets) 
Pface (X) after each exempt from pOOt dfactos.ure 
(S-5)Liberty Media Cm]l New 
($-5) Medco Health Solutions Inc. 
(S-5) Mer,DOi-SS0,00.1.000 .filue lveu10C: C0;:;e/ 	( - Ap:m,sa: 
(!! Ev.);: ;Jue 
Income during Gross value end Ttmmctioru: during reporting peclod 
reporting pe--A reporting pericd 
(!) (I) not exempt fr.Jm disclosure Code (AH) Typo (e.g. div. rent. irit.) va:uc -Co2 {J-P} V;tlae Method Ccde3 (Q-W) Type (e,g.. hi..Y, sell, lll redemption) Date: Mtinth Doy va:u.e Co2 (J-P) Gain COO. (Ah) Identity buye:Jse:Jer (ifpriva.f 
(H) {AH) 
(S-6) Em=on Ele. 
369. (S-6) Merck Co. Inc . 
371. (S--0) Memll !.jmeb . 
373. (S-5) r...1icron Technology, Inc. 
374. (S6) Microsoft Corp. 
376. (S--0) MGIC lnvt Corp Wis 
::; ai1:c C-:dcs: __,,, ,OOCI less .See C:Jt=ir m::: DJi S25!JJlDi-S:SO.>,OJC 
ode osure ldentity buy:::rlse!er (ifprlva:e ta1:.aaction) 
Inoome daring Gross value end reporting pti:iod reportingperiod 
Tra.lMctions during reorting ?erlod Hnot exempt from Amount 
Value Type (e.g. Dale: 
T;pe (e.g. Va!ce 
buy,. sell, Mon