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Judicial Watch • Karen K. Caldwell – 2009

Karen K. Caldwell – 2009

Karen K. Caldwell – 2009

Page 1: Karen K. Caldwell – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:6

Date Created:September 10, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:August 28, 2014

Tags:benefit, Karen K Caldwell, Caldwell, Karen, credit, 2009, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Gmernmen: Act 1978 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 USC. app IOI-II PQSJTJ NS. (Rporting individ1wf only; supp. 9-13 ofjiling imrrudwn:i.} 
Caldwell, Karen 
111. N-INV ESTMENT ME. (Reporting individual uml >po1m; ,.., pp. 17-14 ling insrr11c1ion>.) Filers Non-Investment Income 
.JONE (iVo n:portable non-investment income.) 
[{J Spouses Non-1 nvestn1cnt Incon1e -l/ytm llere f11{1rricd 1/uring tlll) por1iot1 u/th rrporri11g J c:omplere this H(.tiun. (Dc/lur tm101111r not nq11Jrf!d excepl fur honoruriu.) 
NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
SOURCF AND TYPE 2009 Reliremer.l Benefit -Ashland. Inc. 
2009 Retirement Benefit -Comir.onwoalth Kentucky 
2009 Greer.ebaum Doll McDon:i!d  Legal J-JB URS EJ1 NTS --lmn>po,lotiun, fudging, food, 011errainmenr. JFTS. (!nduJe:i cllln:e ftJ !ipuu:,e und dependent children; !it!e pp. 28-11 ufjiling inHructions.) 
IZJ 	NONE (No reportable gifts.) SOURCE 
VI. JABI ,.fJ ES. (lnd111lu rhuu .spume and dependent c:hi/Jren; see pp. 31-33 filing imrructium.J NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 
Line Credit -Credit Card 
American Express Line Credi t-Credit Card 
Chase Bank Line Credit -Credit Card 
USAA Savings Bank 
Capital One Bank !Jank America 
flNANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page4 of6 Name Person Reporling Caldwell, Karen Dntc Htporl 51I0/20 
VII. lNVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -Income, 11/ue, frtllJStlCticm!ii (/nduJes thVl ofpom fllli/ 1/eprmlem d1ildren: let .1.J-6() /ilinx lmfflHtion..) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Ttansoctions dL.:rmg reporting plru>d 
--(-,-)--------iii I()) -1-(4) 
buy, sell, 
Dcscriptiin Assts during Gross value end 
fmch.:ding trJsr assets) reporting p1.:r1ud rCporw1g pcrit)d 
(2) iii 
Place {X) af:cr each ass:.::t Amoi.:nt 
Value Dale Value Gi:l.n hknltty 
Type (c.g. 
Corle Code 
t:xcmp! from prior disclosure 
c,xJe t:-rl 
tAll) (1frri-.11tt: 
trnnsai.:tir.n) l11c1Hi.(G,1111Codt) -Sl.OOOu1 11.uor -S2,5W i2,5lli -S5,!Hl0 O=SS,ll(JJ -Sl:hlC 
(See Cul11mn J11d =iSO,t101 sruo.oco =SI tltJ,CU -SI ,000,ttO{J -)l,UUO.OQ!. S5.lJU0,0l11l -=Mure l.IJ..lU.IJtiU 
 V;ilt.C C11dc- 15.UUU lcs -Sl.OCt SSU.OUO ssu.1io1. -:-SIOIJ,01)] Sliu.::on 
/Sec Cuf11111n) ;i11d D.l) =-S211.oo soo.ouo :SS!Hl,lOl  )l.OOfUJOO =Sl_(l[JIJ,OUI  S5,DOtlJJOO 011il.1m1  2i.11uo.rno =55.000,001  SSO,!lOU,Llu Mu