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Judicial Watch • Karen L Henderson Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Karen L Henderson Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Karen L Henderson Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Karen L Henderson Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:16

Date Created:November 9, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Amoun, Karen L Henderson, Henderson, Karen, 2009, TRUSTS, Financial Disclosure, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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J,HJ'ORT1NT NOTES: The in.1tructions accompanying this form must followed. Complete all pum, cill'Cking the NONE bux for each part where you have reportable infurmaticm. Sign 011 last page. POSJ'"rJONS. (liepor/111R indU"idual unly; pp. 9-1.1 filing 111:.:1ructw11s.) 
[2J NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITION 

IJ. A(; REJIVJ EN11S. (U,1mr11n,; indniJ11r1J only; pp. /.J-16 Jili11g inslruclwn.r.i 

Henderson, Karen 

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f'lame Prn.un H.tporting 
III. N-INVEST!11111111, Iii .rnd IHI (j_..;11111.0IJI .S'itl.llOI -llJOOoo )IJ1ill1t1Dt1 111 =S1.000.(IUI -S5JM.lO.(HJU 112 _,Jtu,_. 1t1Jn 55,00f;.l>llO ._i!uc l.11 lJO(J 1..:i. J..: ::l'1..1Ul 5HlJOIJ =S:iU.001  SWiJ.fXXi J[)IJ.OUI -S2.'iU,OOP 11lurm,('I ;1od (1"J ,...--SZou -'ljlJI -!:.t--.Jll -.l!i:!l 515.0011 (,.'(lumn 111 '"I ()4 t-:c.)ll.110!  i.IUU.OOll ..:::S!UO,l>lll :1.0llOJHXi =Sl.L"llU.IJCll YlMlU.llOO ..,-h"; )S,1.111n 1111t1 :'.'. ',du ...  o,J, -S. .11/Jll tr I::' :.515.001 -S50.IMIO -5"0.001  )J!.tU,f1UC :-S!Dl),WJI -52.:'iU.00(1 l'.:i ...  l.i11n111.' 11.I 1 s:o.001 s.111.1100 :-S.50(J.(lill  J.(11.1(1,0!l:) ='.; .000.001  l.).i.K.lil,OOU P:? :...5),000,t)!tl -51..:5.!Hll.J.UOiJ l'J 2.IJJi).WI  550,0(/0,1)(1(.J r.i =Mua !h.11. $51.11110.(!0ll ,rrir.11.11 .,.r._:l,l (R.:"1 r.1.111.: On!  =A'>t:m.:11;  B1}01o. .du -.:()!hL'I \" "l:!1rn:1ll JI. INV ESTI1 EN'"fS and 1"R S"'"fS --itJL"OnlC, alur, trnmactions (/11cludn lhuse offJOUH; Gild dtprndenf d1ildrt11; H'f pp. J.J-6() jil111;: ll!.WruclionU NONE (No reporrah/e income, assers, transaciions.) 

Dute ltt:port 
Nmf Person Htpnrling

Henderson. Karen INV ESTJ1ENTS and TRUSTS --"'"'""' >u/11 (ifldude. t/w,. vf.>pUM.(' U1/J U nno.001,orn1 f'.! ltrnr. i51J,r10.nun "'"'-PP'1.t1 "'C.t,11H. d tl;ili.:!>mt:nl  
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c:>.l'rnpl lwm pr111: .... clu Cud.:-I di., fCul. CoI) -'".'11.llUI  .)f)IJ,11011 _.')_'if)(l,(l'J]  l.{'!IU.000 =l.OUU.OUI. :).lXJU.l)(HJ  112 -=S5.IJ(HJ.rnn s.:.11111.u,  
l'i -S.!).!IUOOOJ  S'l:!OI .IH)I  !14 ""-/fori.: lhJn SIJ.()11,000  
.l. :ifu 1'Lll1111llud. -/pploll!iil] "Cl.i (Re.ii b:.;:c Onlv) -A,..;!irm:r11  
( 0111111" '))  l!l1l',,)u. -t.i:ti"r  .,,  Ft11r 111:d  

Name: Person llepurting 
llendcrson, Karen