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Judicial Watch • Lawrence S. Coogler – 2009

Lawrence S. Coogler – 2009

Lawrence S. Coogler – 2009

Page 1: Lawrence S. Coogler – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 10, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 06, 2014

Tags:Cooglcr, Coogler, Lawrence S Coogler, Lawrence, mortgage, Estate, 2009, assets, transactions, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Report /iequ1red Ethics 
Rev. //JOJO 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 (51../SC arr JOI Ill) non lcportini::, (last numc, fosl, middle imti.IJ Coogkr, Lawrence .i. Title (:rt1clc III Judges md1c1lc actiC: scniN ,atus; m..listrall! judg::s indicate full-or p.:irt-lirnc) Active Districl Judge Court fJr Organil3tion Nmtln:m Disrrid AI.:i.b.una 5.:.. Hrport T)pe tdicck Jpprnpri:ttc type) NL1mirul1111., [)J!c Imt1,d [ZJ Annu.11 Final UoHl Rt port .1112;1010 Rlpo1 ling Prril)d 111 /]IJlllJ WJl/2Ll19 Chamb(n Offi(e AddrtH Tuscalousa Federal fluildin 1118 Grecnsbvw Ave. R:n. 316 Tus information conlained his f{tport and an) modificatioil pcrrainin thtfeto, opinion, rom11liantt ith -.pplinhle law and 1egulatiom. Reviewing Officer Jlatc_ 
/;UPORTA NOTES: The imtructiorrs accomranyini; this jiirm mu/ follord. Complete 111/ pilh the.: S1arc ,Liharn.1 Before res1gneJ, the rctirt!rnt:nt a..:ro11nr w:ls obl:gat1on StJ.ll lah:uua Retm.:menl System 
The JR.A !isld En.: Sccti1.HJ VII the 2008 rcpurt .as transfr1red Me1ril Lynch duet,) our bruker L.h:111gi:1g lhdl firm lht.: lHA nuw lntsled 
The ens Retirement Fund listCd line SlCllon Vil the 200S report WJS [ransfcired l1l 1tnil Lynd1 due toil ------i al(!llflling flnn. bitI shmvn line this reporr. 
011tc Jhport 
Cooglcr. Lawrcnfc 12/2010 
IX.CERTIFICATION. certify Iha! all information given above (including information pcrtainin tom) spouse and minor dependent children, any) accuralc, true, and complete the best m) k11onfcdge and belir.f, and that any information not reported was withhel