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Date Created:June 27, 2013

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Cultural Transformation Training for Managers

August 30, 2011 
Survey Item  Scale  Good How would you rate your understanding Cultural Transformation before the training? How would you rate your understanding Cultural Transformation after the training? Were the objectives the training clearly stated the speaker?  Yes yes, how well were the stated objectives met? How effectively did Dr. Betances communicate you during the presentation? How you rate the speakers understanding Cultural Transformation? How would you rate the relevance and usefulness the information given during the presentation understanding Cultural Transformation USDA and AMS? What did you like most about the presentation?  I understand how demographic shifts [affect] organization.  Dr. Betances' real world examples.  The Speaker. (multiple responses)  Dr. Betances personal stories.  Dr. Betances' self-assurance and command the subject matter.  Speaker was engaging provided real examples that everyone could relate to.  Technique-using real life stories examples.  Personable speaker; great stories; drew the audience  The manner delivered. Direct application vs. logic theory. Easy flow and understandable.  

Cultural Transformation Training for Managers

August 30, 2011 What did you like least about the presentation?  Time-it kind got rushed towards the end the presentation.  Use PowerPoint. did not believe that added value the presentation, except for the videos.  Too many stories about Dr. and not C.T.(multiple responses)  Long intro.  Seemed skip over the meat the presentation get his personal stories and sales pitch for book and seminar. Definitely did not like sales pitch.  Some stories were little long. stayed suspense wondering where the relation the subject would enter. Always did though.  Seemed rushed the end.  The time ran short; background noise for final segment distracted.  The ugly truth our past.  Too much subject matter for the given timeframe.  Felt like Dr. Betances needed more time.  Too short. What area(s) the presentation did not receive sufficient coverage?  How EEO Cultural Transformation are different.  Could have more detailed discussion.  The speaker slides PowerPoint, rushed.  Literature review, conclusion summing up.  Seemed rushed the end.  The slides the middle the presentation werent covered.  The ones where skipped slides.  2/3  When [CT] would implemented.  Take aways.  
10. Please provide comments general feedback the Cultural Transformation training.  It was great, inspiring, and increased awareness what cultural transformation really is.  I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the training. Dr. was motivational, but also dissected into small pieces, that can now understand how the individual person and our perceptions can help hinder the achieving diversity and inclusion our organization.  Interesting presenter. learned more about the presenter than the topic.  I felt was exceptional. Very good speaker.  This should offered all employees.  The training made aware things was taking for granted, taking [too] lightly. gave good understanding the scope the effort.  A lot time and money spent training people things that people should already do.  Overall one the best training have experienced. The speaker was excellent certainly understood [the] subject matter.  Dr. Betances very interesting speaker and wish would have had more time spend with us.  I think overall the information was good and useful understand manager. The presenter did good job providing instructions overall.  Need give more than just one. Dont wait until next year.  Life changing. Many Aha moments! Will never view others the same again!