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Judicial Watch • Letter to FBI Direct James Comey

Letter to FBI Direct James Comey

Letter to FBI Direct James Comey

Page 1: Letter to FBI Direct James Comey


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Date Created:September 12, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:September 13, 2013

Tags:Giuliano, Anwar, Scahill, Nasser, speci, hasan, Awlaki, aulaqi, Webster, Qaeda, Mueller, bureau, al Qaeda, documents, Virginia, FBI, EPA, ICE, CIA

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September 12, 2013
The Hon. James Comey, Jr.
Federal Bureau Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington, 20535
Dear Director Corney: you begin your term director, write request your assistance resolving
longstanding concern that have raised hearings and letters with the bureau over the last
several years. believe the current transition leadership provides opportune time for you clarify the record this matter and address some the inconsistencies comments and
correspondence from bureau officials.
Speci cally, write response recently-disclosed information contained both
Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) documents (released pursuant the Freedom
Inlbrmation Act Judicial Watch) and new book, Dirty Wars, written Jeremy Scahill,
regarding the FBI assessments ofand relationship with the late Anwar Aulaqi, the fonner head external operations al-Qaeda the Arabian Peninsula.
Additionally, August interview with News Catherine Herridge, former
Director Mueller stated, not personally familiar with any effort recruit Anwar al-Awlaki asset that does not mean sav there was not effort some level the Bureau
another agency so. This comment raises new questions about whether offices within the
bureau other law enforcement intelligence agencies may have had deeper relationship
with Aulaqi than has been acknowledged date. correspondence October 2012, related testimony provided August 1st
that year, former Director Mueller and Executive Assistant Director Mark Giuliano separately
represented that the FBI did not: consider Aulaqi terrorist, late 2008; approach, cultivate target Aulaqi con dential human source; obtain evidence that Aulaqi had foreknowledge the attacks, knowingly support
that plot.
Mr. Giuliano further testified that the FBI could have incarcerated Aulaqi October
2002, the Bureau would have done so.
These newly-released FBI documents pose fresh questions, addition those asked you previous correspondence this topic dated October 25, 2011 and August 15,
2012. Speci cally, request explanations how the following FBI documents are consistent
with previous assertions the bureau:
enwren RECYCLED PAPER February 2002 FBI identi cation Aulaqi member terrorist organization; June 2002 correspondence between Very senior FBI and Department Justice national
security officials considering the prosecution Aulaqi for patronizdng prostitutes (an
offense not often pursued the federal level security cases); October 15, 2002 FBI request for coverage Aulaqi the l3ureau elite Special
Surveillance Group; October 22, 2002 synopsis FBI asset reporting either about from Aulaqi, the
substance which completely redacted; August 29, 2006 draft FBI intelligence report Aulaqi which was not disseminated the Intelligence Community; and 2006 FBI statement that signi cant information regarding Aulaqi had developed
since early 2002, and that Aulaqi was never thoroughly debriefed interviewed
regarding his association with the 9/11 hijackers.
The recently-released FBI documents may open number interpretations. One
fair reading them, the context our previously voiced concerns, the following: the
bureau unsuccessfully attempted exploit Aulaqi vulnerabilities, develop him
con dential human source, after niisjudging Aulaqi role the conspiracy, and his
membership al-Qaeda before that day. addition having better understanding the newly-released FBI documents, are
also concerned about new information included the book Dirty Wars. This inforrnation
con icts with testimony provided Mr. Giuliano about whether Aulaqi had ever met with Ft,
Hood terrorist Maj. Nidal I-Iassan during the years when they both lived northern Virgnia.
you may recall, when asked about whether the two had ever met person during the August
2012 hearing the Webster Commission report, Mr. Giuliano replied: No, not that know. 
That why were surprised learn from the book that Aulaqi father, Nasser, alleges
that Aulaqi and Ilasan had, fact, met during that period, pages 40-41 the book, Scahill
 While the FBI dug into Awlakis relationship with the [9/I hijackers, hundreds
people would pack Dar r1l Hijrah mosque hear Awla.l