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Judicial Watch • Lewis T Babcock Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Lewis T Babcock Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Lewis T Babcock Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Lewis T Babcock Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:16

Date Created:November 9, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Brokeridge, Lewis T Babcock, BABCOCK, Lewis, world, account, 2009, investment, EPA, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Report Required the t/11cs Gu1ernmenl Ac:r 1978 
Rev. /IW/O 
SB.FINITIATED Person Reporting (last name. first_ middle iniual) BABCOCK. LEWIS Court Orgnlzation Date Report U.S. DISTRICT COURT -COLORADO 04d6 :010  
.i. Title {Article Ill Judges indicaic active scniorsta1us: m:igislratcjudgcs jrid1c:nc full parl-Limc) JUDGE -SENIOR STATUS Chambers Office Address 1929 STOUT STREET, C450 DE:--JYER. 80294  Sa. Rtpon Type (check oppropno1c t)pC) Rcpontne Period Nomination. Date lniual Annual final 5b. Amended Rcpurl the basis the inrormation contained this Repon and any modifications penaining thereto, is. opinion. compliance "ith applicable laws and reul1tlons. Rcvit\inJ! Onicer Dare Ol.'01:2009 12.'3 i2009  

NOTES: The instructions accompanying this fnly1 "'l)lhcr =t:.501. 111 "Sl.t100.tl01 $j,000.000 ..:>S50,00: !JO.Ono ul.1100.001. SS.000.000 >=.!for!! thJn 'S50,0llOJO!.) =-As:tsmcnt \' =-tsunk!h.'t.i S),Otll  Sll,OOeod. entertainm 
(3) tJ) (5) 
Plcc "(:X" ftcr coch ossct Amount  Type tc.g.. '::iluc Voluc Type (e.g Dote 'oluc Gain ldcntity Cece
CXO'mpt from pnor disclosure 	d".. rent. Cl11,.k:! :'vlcthod buy. sell. :mm!ddn Code Code buyc:n.dlcr 
IA-H) int.) 1J-Pl 	Cude redemption) (J-P) tA-11) (1f private 1Q-li) 1ransac11on) 

Ir.cum..: Gain Codi:s.: 
(51..1.: Coturr.n)" JnJ D-H .:. Jiu.: Code 
tS.:I.! C...itumm and 031 Vaiu.: Mi:thnd Cllele ,:-ice Cu:1101r. c:1 1.0t)lt k:::.s 
 SlO.llOJ. SI00.000 ""i 15.000 kss suo.oo z:S::5.001l.UOJ  550.COtJ.000 ..;:mr:11;,,I ... boo  s 1.001  s:.!oo =ilOU.rnll. Sl.000.000 =Sl_()l)J  150.COO =1500.001 -11.000.0tlO l111Rcal btat Oniy) ...U:hr S:C.301  Sl.000 lit 51.000.00J Sl. 000.000 S50.00 SI 00.UOO rSJ.000.0HI -55.000.000 Mor Ch.'.ln SO.OO:l.000 Ae'Osmcr:t \'::o.l:::.s11rn;Ho!d SS.Uni  .000 :'.="SI !iJlOI  i:SO,t1nu More than S5.000.0()() >ioo.001. ;s.000.001 S2S.000.000 =Can M::utet 

FI?ACIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page 5of8  anu: Person Reporting BABCOCK. LEWIS  Dai. Report  

ill. IN,'ESTi1ETS and TRUSTS -income, ... 1u., transactions (/nc/uaes t/1nse afspomc and deptndenl childrtn; Pf' JJ-fiO filing irr.vtrncrion.J NONE (:Vo reporrable income, assets, n-ansacrions.) 
Dcscrip1w:i AsscL..: IJcomc J.uring Gros.:i "lluc TrJ!ls.action:; Junng rcponing p"r1od induding lrus1 :isi::t:>) 
n:poning pcnod 
(I) report pnod 
(I) (1) ll) {3) (51 
Picc "IX)" oiler C3ch asset Am0U!'ll Type 1c.g Valu::= Value l)'PC IC.g., 03tC V3luc Goin h.!cn111y exempt from pnor d1sclos.urc Cooc di'.. r.z:it. Code Method buy. sell. mm'ddiyy Code Code buyc:.:Jkr tAllJ orml.) 0-P) cc" redemption) lJ-Pl .H) (If priv:nc dl!s'. -=SJ .OM k.; =11.00  >:.50.J >.;01 l.oon  D=Sl.001-Sl.OOil Sl5.00I. $50.111111  
tSl:: C;.11111nns :tni.! 0-1)   lO.OUI I llYI 000 I .OOll.,,01 Sl.000.000  lt.1 :More :h:il'! $5,000.000 ";:ilu:Cu.:k Sl.OQ[) Sll.OOI. ;C,000 e).30,00l. SlllO,llilO )1D0.00J. 550.000  
I.: Culurnns 3nd 03)  :'' io.n11 -BOO.DOD )500,001 -il.0:>0.000 zii.000,001. $5,000.000 -=$5.000,tlOI  :5J)0U.DOO I:! "'More th:m SS0.:)00.1)00 V:il!J-! M11'lnJ C..>de?> .,),,pprn1,;al s:CuS1 fRi:.;i1 Estuh! Oly>  Sc.Assl.!ssrrwnt  T-Cash Moircl  
tSL...: C11!llr.'ln s:l:looi.; ';i.h1L  V:o-O::hc:r  \' rtstim:.ue:!  

''II. INlESTl1ENTS and STS -income, abu, trgnsacnonJ (/nc/utie.< Jliou  ..)15.'111 i5ll.tron  
 Sc50.0D  $500.000 =1500.001. ii.000.000 ..-s.2:.0011.!)1;1 ::ih1c Mt6od Cl..!l!S #0-l..:>prm.i.I ""'Cu1 IH.c.::il C1:1t.; Only;  
1S1.:i:C11lumnC:!l litl,;k ValuL" ""Oth1.'r :)1501 -lJ.0011 D=S5.00l. SIS.000 =SI .000.001 -S5Jl00.COO forc S5,llil0,UOO =