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Judicial Watch • Lourdes G. Baird – 2003

Lourdes G. Baird – 2003

Lourdes G. Baird – 2003

Page 1: Lourdes G. Baird – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 6, 2013

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Tags:DMdend, Lourdes G Baird, Baird, ELECTRIC, Gross, court, 2003, INVESTMENTS, spouse, TRUSTS, dividend, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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middot;  . ,.r. ;,( 
... 2003 Government Act 1978. 
 U.S.C. app.  101-111) 
 PonRcporting (Last name, Fi.e, Middle initial) Court Oigallization 
 Title (Artfole Judges indicate w:tive Ill! S: Reporte (chck approprii.te cype) 
gistnltejudes indicate full-r.t-tfu1e) na.te< 
tiaJ . J.Jual 
3. Date 
S/3!2004 Reporting Period 
tci l.2131/2003 the basis oftbll information conlalned this R,eport and any mifications pertaining.thereto. is, iTI 
inion, conipliancC 
u.s: District Court ..,  , with applicab.le Jaws and   Templl: St., #770 
DateLos Angelc:s, 90012 IMPC>RTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must followed. Complete all pairts, checking 
the NONE box for each part wlile11: you have repo::h: .oon. Sign last page. .  
;;y . Boml Gom$ (ResiiJed-11/12/03) GoodwillIndustries ofSouthern California (Non-profit 
organization; fund raising 
1I. AGREEMENTS. { individual only; see pp. 14-16 c>ffiling inslructions) NONE (No raportable 
  County Defcrrcd Comp. Plan accrued while state cowt bench. Contributions ceased upon resignation. 
Balances managed Great West Life .AnnuityIns. 
-f,/S ::t1i ,.,,, ...,. C:t tl)Z -c::> c::l -er::O ...... 
FINA1CIAL DISCJOSURE REPORT. Name Person Reporting Bai!d, .ocs 
Ill.. NON. lNVESTMJtmT IlCOME. (Reporting individual and spouse: see pp. 1124 offiling instructions) 
:1  ,,: 
A;, Filers Non-Investnlent IDo:;rn:, ,,-,. .:! 
 NONE -(No ieportable n1m-investment income.) 
J;, Spouses Non-Investment Inc:om  (Ifyou marriedduring anyon ofttle reporting yea;, please 
comletethis section. (dollaramount 
not n:quin:d c:xcept for honoraril)     -   NOJN1i -(No reportable ncm.-ironlStnient income.) REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation, lodging, food, entdainment (Jn1:1u1les those spouse and depe11deat 
cbildn:n. See pp. 25-27 ofinstructions.) ri2J NONlt (No such reportllible rc:imbursements.) 
Name:onerson Reporting Baird, a GIFTS... 
 NOIlE -(No reportable liabilitie:1.) 
 ,); FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: REPORT Name Person Reporting  Page o1F Baird. Wurdes iDcome. va1ue, mmsc:ations fmc1udcs those orlhe spouse and depeu:lentchikhen. See PP. 34.51 orfilingiustruciians.>  VIL INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS ..., Gross value end Transactions duri!lgn:portiog period De!;cription Assets. ,, tcportingpmiod l[iliding trust assets) Ifnotcxemptftomdisclosuro  
 Date: (4) (S) 
(3) ::. Vallie Type (e.g.: Amount Cadet Value Gain {J.,P) (A- Iclentityof 
 (e.i. div. mil. Day  JPlacc {X) after each asset m:mpt l!itmtpxiorclisclosurC Ccxk2. CodeMethod  (J-P} (Q-W)(A,-H) buyer/sdk:r (npriva111:11lmSaetiion) int.); 
merger, ......  ropertics, Inc. Common :Omrty Dcfmed Comp. Plan  SO:D: Corp. -Common DMdend 
Mom robi., Inc. DE-Common None Sell 1!21 
14. Oracile C:oxp. -Common None 
IS. Phili1l Mrorris Cos,. Inc. -Omm:IOll Dividend Name 1!28 Scccmmncnt 
Chanae @vm 
Qual1:on:un, Inc. -Commori1 Dividend 
SAP Akllengcscllschaft -Cc1mm11>n Dividend 
Well F;irgo Co. New -C:oID1110n Dividend lncame!Gain C:adcs: {See Collllltms cBl mii.)4) Sl,00 eikss SSO,Oln-SI Cl0,000 -Sl,001-$2,SO 
$lOO; c ...$2,501-$5;000 Sl,000,001..SS,OOO,QOO ss;ooi-SfS,O 
=Mate t1ian ssooo,ooo 
 Value Codc:s: :m,oi:io less =SlS,001-SSO,OOCI SS0,001-SlOO;DOO SlOO,Olll-$250,000 
(See Columns and D3) l;2so,1l00-s:;oo,ooo -ssoo.001-S1,,001-ss,ooo,ooo SS,000,001-$25,000,000;,ooo -SMore thanSS0,000,000 
 Value Melbod Codes =App!ll:isal =Cost (Real Esmre Only) Assessment Cash/Market 
(See Column C:2) Booi: Value =Olher =Estimall!d 
Name Person Reporting 
Baird, Le>urdes  VIL INVESTMENTS imd TRUSTS -income, wlue, .traoscatious (includes tbDsc of1he 
spouse and children. See pp. 34-57 filing insm:tions.) 
Gross value end of. 
. Descriptionof Assets -=;, reporting period 
(ttustassels). not exempt :trom disclosure 
(4) (5) 
Value Gain . 
   Ty] (ci.g.  Value .VType (e.g. 
buy, sell, 
Plac:c (X) after asset w:mpt 
:fi:cm1prior disclosure  
Code Code . buycrls1.div. n:nt. 
 (J-P). Code3 
(Q-W) (tfprMi1mtnDsaction) 
Intel Corp. -Common 
Ford Mc>tor Co. Capital TR-Pfi:i .... 
 -amCodes: (Sec Colilo:ms andD4) .,;Sl,OCIOarl1m ,.; Ssfl;ClOl .SlOO,oOO 
B Sl,liol-s;isoo =$100,001.,$1,000,000  $Zsrn-ss,ooo Sl,OOO;OOI.ooQiOOO 
 ValUtCodes: =Si5,COO less $15,001-$50,000 SSO,GIH.SloQ,Ooo $J00,001.:S251l,OOO 
(See Columns andD3) $250,.00().$500.000 SS00,001-$1,000,000 -s1,ooo.001-ss,ooo,ooo 
P.l S25,CI00,00l-$50,000,000 =-SMcm:tbanSS0,000,000 Value Method Codes Apptaisa! Cost (Real Esmte Only) =Assessment Casb/Markct 
(See Colurm C2) Book Yalu =Other =Estimated 
Name otPerson Reporting FINANCIAL DISCJosmm REPORT. ,Baird. l:.c;urdes vm. ADI>mONAL lNFORMATION EXPLANATIONS (J:ndicate part Report,) Name Person Reporting  ofRep   FINANCIAL DISCLOSUJRE REPORT Baird; lt.oUriie 
IX. CERTIFICATION. certify that all information givi:m above (inclucting information spouse and mhior depedent children, . any) accmate, true; and CIC>lll}lllete the best myknowledge and belief, and that any fafomiation not reported was withheld because m:t applicable statutl:ny Jlrovisions permitting nondisclosure.     - -   :further certify that e1111ied income o .emploYment8D.d honorana: and the accq,tance gifts which have been reported are compliance witb1 the proV:isions U.s.c.  501 et seq., U.S.C.  7353, and Judicial Conference regulations.   ,I Signature_ NOTE: ANY INDIVIDUAI.WHO KNOWINGLY AND,WILPULLY FALSIFIES ORF.AILS FILE TIIlS REPORT MAY SUBJJBCT CIVIL.AND CRlMINAL SANCTIONS(S U.S.C. app.  104) FILING INSTRUCTIONS Mail signed origmal and additj.onal copies to: Committee OllL Financial Disclosure Administrative Office the United States Courts Suite2-301 One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washlngton, D.C. 20544