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Date Created:February 17, 2012

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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January 27, 2012 
Ms. Lisette Garcia Judicial Watch 
425 Third St., W., Ste. 800 Washington, 20024 
Re: FOIA 2011-10-125 
Dear Ms. Garcia, 
This response your Freedom oflnformation Act (FOTA) request dated October 21, 2011. 
1be Department Treasury, Departmental Offices, Office Human Capital Services, has located and included the attached requested documents for records concerning Kevin Kenneth Lownds. Some information has been deleted accordance with subsection (b)(6) the FOIA, U.S.C. 552 exempts from disclosure "personnel and medical files and similar files the disclosure which would constitute and clearly unwarranted invasion personal privacy." 
Additional offices within the Department the Treasury are still processing your FOIA request. You can expect hear separately from those offices. 
This partial denial your request. Should you choose appeal this response, you must within days from the date this letter. Your appeal must writing, must signed you, and should contain the reason reasons why you believe adequate search was not conducted. Your appeal should addressed to: 
Freedom Information Appeal Disclosure Services, Department the Treasury Washington, D.C. 20220 
The appeal should specify the date your initial request and the date this letter. possible, 
please provide copy your request and this letter. fees were incurred processing your request. 

Director, Office Human Capital Services for Departmental Offices 

From: Riesen, Peter 
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 11:48 To: Wilkins, Vernetta Cc: Stover, Veronica 
Subject: FW: Fall externs Vernetta, 
Sorry for not copying you this: 
From: Riesen, Peter Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2010 3:39 To: Kaptur Kristina Cc: Stover, Veronica; Lepley, Richard 5'1bject: RE: Fall externs heard from our fall extern, Kevin Lownds, today. He's going work hours week, starting August 30. (Heather Klefn, our other fall extern, wltl also work hours, starting.August 23.} have forwarded the forms Kevin; Heather has already completed hers. 
Thank you, 
Peter Riesen 
Attorney Advisor 
Office General Law, Ethics Regulation 
U.S. Department the Treasury 
1500 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W. 
Suite 10199 
Washington, D.C. 20220 
(202) 622-0023 
Anderson, Adrienne 
From: Anderson, Adrienne 
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:57 
To: '' 
Cc: Wilkins, Vernetta; Stover, Veronica; 

Riesen, Peter Subject: Confirmation-Fall Student Volunteer Internship Lownds 
Congratulations Kevin Lownds your Fall Student Volunteer Internship with the Department the Treasury. Your internship period from August 30, 2010 -December 17, 2010. 
Please arrive 9am with photo identification the guard's booth near the Albert Gallatin statute the 151h Street the Main Treasury complex located 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, 20220. Upon your arrival, contact Peter Riesen 202-622-0023. 
Welcome aboard and hope you have rewarding Fall experience with Departmental Offices. 
Adrienne Anderson Assistant, (OHR) 

Department the Treasury Departmental Offices 
Direct Line: 202-622-6989 

July 15, 2010 
MEMORANDUM TO: Kathleen Horan, Chief 
SUBJECT: St=eurity Process Request Fonn for Volunteer Service 
Intern Kevin Kenneth Lownds 
Please conduct background investigation the following intern employed the 
Office General Counsel: 
Selectee's Name: Kevin Kenneth Lownds 

Date Birth: 
Location Birth: 
Phone Number: 
Email Address: 

Position Title: Volunteer Service Intern Supervisor Name: Peter Risen Interns Dates: Tso-Auc;us+ 30-6u.vrtbvi 
Admin Contact Name: Kim Wilson 
The following forms are attached: 

Resume, OF-612 Equivalent 
OF306 (Declaration for Federal Employment) 
PlV Form 

Work Order Access Form 

The Department the Treasury 
ltfquut for: New ffim 
Sc:c:tiun A11plicant l.nfon, daughter, brother, !:ister, uncle, aunt. first cousin. nephew. niece. 
father-in-law, rnolhP.r-in-law, son-in-taw, daughter-in.raw, brother-in-taw, sister-in-law, stepfather, stepmother. 
stepson, stepdaug hter, sleplJrothcr, stApsi!iler, half brothor, and hnlf $i!ll er.) "YES. uso item provide the 
relRtiva's nsme, relationsl1ip. and the cJeparlment, agency, branch orthD Armed Forces for wll/ch your rnlative 
work y!lu receive. have you ever applioc1 for. retirement pay. penllion, other relir1:1d pay bas!ld militar/. 
Federal civilian, District CO:umbill Government service? 
Continuation Space Agency Optional Questions 
16. 	Provide rletails requested items through and isc the sp3ce below attachP.ct shaots. sure Identifyattached sheets 
with your nlc P.y 12.B. Locality Adj. l2C. Adj. Bas!" Pay 120. Other Pay 
20A. Bute Pay 20B. Locality Adj. ZOC. MJ. Baslc Pay ZOO. Other Pay 
$33 979.00$8.230.00 $42 209.00 .00 .00 .00 .oo .00 
l4. omc nd LocaU011 Pos!Uon's Orga11lzaliA.ln Nam olld .ocatlon ofPool1lon's Organl7..,0rm 
5-10 l'otnt/Othet Z-Co ditl0n.1l 
25 Point tIO Point/Corn nsablc 6-10 Point/Com lPcm1nnenL 3-lndcflnlle 
31. StlVlcc Comp. Dare (Leave)  32. Work Schedule  33. Pa11-Tlme Ho>Wi Pee Blwe.ely  
01-03-2011  PARTTIME  Pn!od  
36. Appro1>rlailon Code  '.rl. Bargaining Uoll Stalll5  
E-E11t. Flnt. Mlddle) 
5-A. Code 5-B. Natwi: AcUon S/. Code 
EXC APPT NTE 01/02/12 
5-C. Code  5-D. uwil t111llorl()'  6-C. Code  
YSK  SCH 8213.3202  GRAD  
5-E. Code  5-P. L!g>Jl Amhortiy  6-E. Code  

61l. Nature ofAc!!on 
60. J..egal Au!hotlty 
GF. Legal Au1hority FROM: P