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Judicial Watch • Ltr from Prince 01 (5-1-2014) w.Draft Vaughn

Ltr from Prince 01 (5-1-2014) w.Draft Vaughn

Ltr from Prince 01 (5-1-2014) w.Draft Vaughn

Page 1: Ltr from Prince  01 (5-1-2014) w.Draft Vaughn


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Date Created:May 6, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 06, 2014

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U.S. Department .Justice 
Civil Division  
Federal Programs Branch  
Mailing Address  Overnight Delivery Address  
P.0.13ox 883 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.  
Washington, D.C. 20044  Washington, D.C. 20001  

Tel: (202) 305-3654 fax: (202) 616-8470 
May 2014 
Ramona Cotca Senior Attorney Judicial Watch, Inc. 425 Third Street, SW, Suite 800 Washington, 20024 
RE: 	.Judicial Watch U.S. Department State, 13-cv-951 (EGS) Draft Vaughnlndex 
Dear Ms. Cotca: 
Pursuant the Court's minute order October 2013 and agreed the Joint Status Report tiled September 30, 2013 (Dkt. No. the above-captioned case, Defendant U.S. Department State ("the Department"), through undersigned counel, hereby provides the attached draft Vaughn Index. agreed both parties the Joint Status Report, should this case proceed dispositive motions, this draft would without prejudice to, and would not limit waive, any justification argument the Department may raise defense any withholding that subject dispute, regardless whether such arguments justifications were included the draft. 
The Court's order requires confer and file joint status repo11 including 
recommendations for further proceedings, later than June 2014. Please let 
know via email when would convenient time for you discuss this matter. 
Robert Prince Trial Attorney Civil Division, federal Programs Branch 
U.S. Department Justice 

PlainLitf, DEPARTMENT STATE Defondant.  Civil Action No. 3-cv-00951 (EGS)  

l)RAFT U chill the 
frank deliberation::> that occur when State Dcpaiimcnl and olhcr U.S. Governm.ent ofticiuls arc formulating policy response!'i fast-moving developmenls. The material therefore exempt under FOIAExemption U.S.C.  552(b)(5) pursuant the deliberative process privilege. 
The Depaitmcnt conducted line-by-line review these documents and determined that there 
was addjfamul n:asonnb!y segregable. nonexcmpt material that could released. 
11. Oocumcnt C05415305 seven-page bit1::ragency -mail exchange consisting 
sixteen messages bctwee,n State Departm