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Judicial Watch • Lynn N. Hughes – 2003

Lynn N. Hughes – 2003

Lynn N. Hughes – 2003

Page 1: Lynn N. Hughes – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:20

Date Created:February 2, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 02, 2014

Tags:Evolved, Lynn N Hughes, hughes, asset, colorado, Distribution, Royalty, texas, Growth, Estate, 2003, Codes, dividend, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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Government Act 1978 Calendar Year 2003 F.S.C app.  101-111) Person. Repurting (Lastname. First name. Middle initial) Hughes,, Lynn 	Title (...rtii:le Judges indicalte U.ssessment =Estunated $5.C>l-$l:V100 $15.(1ll-$50.llOO 1-.fore than $5.(1(10.000 $1(Rl-$.!50J)(l(I 
P.2 $5.C)).W l-$.!5.0!111.1)0) =Cash 1-farkt 
FINANCJAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Name Person Reporting Page of5 Hughes, Lynn Income dunng .A. 
Transactions dmmgrep..1tlng pon(id [lescnptlonofAss.:ts reportmg penod Gross 3.lue eod 
reportlllg period DCl.udlng tnJst assets 
nt)t exempt 
l)ii I-2) 
1:?1 (4) (5) 
Place !X) after asset e:mpt leg. 
ftom. pnor disclosure 	Cc-Ide d1, IA-Ht mtl 
19. UHS Pace Global Income Distribution 
20. UBS High Income Distribution 
21. TXUCarp 
22. UllJS Cashfimd Interest 
23. Putnam Global Equity Distribution 
24. .,., M1il1Ual Funds One ****** 
25. AIM lntcmational Growth Distnllution 
ING Financial Distribution 
27. Belmar Capilal Fund LLC Disttibution 
28. Jmnison Equity Opportunity Distribution 
AIM Basic Value Distnllution 
30. Jcmnison Emerging Orowdi 	None 
31. PioDl:er Distnllution 
32. Smitlb Barney Aggressive GriiJVrtb 	None 
alue Code 1r-P1 
MethOO Code3 1Q-Wt 
Date:Type (e.g. 
buy. sell lfonthC..>de:? Code 
11-P) IA-lil 
buerseller private trlllDSactlon 
Note one Lost asset 
ote Three:** l?ilgrim Bank 
AIM Developing Markets Distnbution 
34. DiGLarge Cap Growth None 
35. AIM Asia Pacific None 
Asia Pacific Growth lnLl.)mi: Grun Cll.des =SLOOOorlcss $L00t-S=.500 $::.501-$5.(H)O  .CI-$.. $5.(JfJJ-$15.000 
1See Coluinns .and o.+1 $50.001-$100.000 $l00Jl01-$1.000.000 $1Jlf11).001-$5.t)(JfJ.()(!H! tb.Ul $5.CKXUIOO alu Cod1!S $15.000 kss $15.001-$5(.000 $50.IXtl-$100.000 :SIClil.(IOJ-$::1).t)(J(f 
(See Columns .and $:!50.(M)fl-$5(11).!){H) ( $5(1(.1.(H)l-$ l.000.0n!> =Assessment Cash lJarket (oluxnn (:::! fa,ok ,.alue -= Othi:r =Estimated lncomJ)()0-$5((1J)(IO $500.(>11-$lJ)1)0.f>f( $1J)l)(.(l(l-$5Jl{1J)(l(1 $5.(l(l(J,(101-$.!5,(i(M}.(H)(l $..OOO.Wl-$50.l>OO.OOO $fore than $5iJ)()l)J)(J(> ash farket Book Yalue _-l,pprrusal 
Date Report 
Nrune Pl!JSOR Rc:porting LynnN 
72. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. Bl. -... Ikscrlptlon (lf .-ssets indudwg trust assets) Place 1xi after each asset :frompnor disclosure Ml-3 -Ml-3ll -MI-33 -Mll-3il -lfoney MarketFunds ** -Wacl lOvil1 -mk Accounts ....... ElanlofAmerica - One/JPMorgan-Chase C:ODIipass Bank IncJ  t:?l .mount TJC 1eg t,llk d1 MJI d tJ.Pl (ode 1Q-Wl Trnma.:t10ns ii) t:?l Type Date. bu;-. sdl ldOO!hmuger. D redemplo1i1 Lease 9fl6 Shut 131 Yalue C00e2 1J-P1 not emp dunngrrtlllg perslid 1-h . J(l(1.(X1 Yallk! !Jet.hod Codes  .jfJ.rrusal =Cost iRc!al Estate (inJ;-1 .>.ssessment :islt lfark