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Judicial Watch • Marcia G. Cooke – 2009

Marcia G. Cooke – 2009

Marcia G. Cooke – 2009

Page 1: Marcia G. Cooke – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 10, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 06, 2014

Tags:Mining, Cooke, Marcia G Cooke, Marcia, Miami, mutual, office, Washington, 2009, TRUSTS, Codes, reportable, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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rn,ernmenf Act 1978 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 CJ.SC upp. /0/-/IJ) Person Roning (last nam:-. firs1, middle i.iitill) 
Cooke, Marcia Tille {Article flI judges indicate active senior status: magistra1e judges indicate full-or part-lime) District Judge -Active Chambers Office Address 
400 Nonh iarni Avenue 
Suite 1-2 
Miami Florida 33128-18 Court Org1nlzation lhtt Jh-pon 
USDC So. District Florida 051)4!2010 
Sa. Rt(>OTI Typr (check approp1ie type) Hq.>orling lcrH.1d Nomination, u.1t:: Ul/0Ji2009 ln1t1al lZl Annual Final 1213 Ji200) 
Amc1ukd Repon lhe basis the infor1111tio1 conhined lhi Rrror1 and II) modifications ptrlt.ining Chrrfto, is, opinion, com11tianct irh applicable las 1rnd regulaliuns. 
Reliring Oflicrr. ___________ --l>atr ----- 
---- --- 
Iii/PORT ANT NOTES: The instruc1ions aCe reportable information. Sign last pug. POSITIONS. (Reporting individual only; supp. 9-13 filing ins1utions.) NONE (No reportable positions) 
POSITION Board Directors Miami Federal Credit Union Member 1iami Dade Crirrnnal Justice Council Board Directors flrickell Avenue Literary Society 
cl> --7_,_.---_Q 
fTJC)J REEMENJS. (Rq1oning individuul 1nly; .ee pp. 14-16 filinx imtrudir)m) f filing instruction>.) Filers Non-Investment Income 
NONE (No repmtable non-investment income.) 
[{] Spouses Non-I nvcstmcnt ncomc -Ifyou wer naarri,d ring any pMri,,,, )/the ft>rting Jtar, compl11 tJrl. uctiorr... (Dollar amount nof required except for honorariLJ 
[{] NONE (No reponab!e non-investment income) 
Cooke, Marcia 
1 .F]S. (fndud t>wH Jipc1use and drpendent children: supp. 18-Jl filing instruc:tiurn.j 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable gifts.) 
lJ. LJABILJTJES (lncluJs tf1ou spouse and dlpu1dtr>1 rhildrttn; .JU pp. 11-.lJ filing insrrucriPm.) NONE (No reportable liabilities) 
Cooke, Marcia 
VII. INVESTJ1ENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions r1,.c1u.1ei rhore and 1t.pendenr children; rr N-60 fuini insrrurrionJ 
NONE (No reportable income. assets, transactions) IJ. 
lkscription Aseli Income: during Gross Vii :al end Transactions dunn!! rLportmg pcnod 
(induding trust assl:->) rcr;Jrtmg period rcp1.ming period (2)Place (X) atkr Cil.:h a-,;,ct ;un1 Type {e.g.. va:ue alue l>1>e :I)__I locntH) ccmpt from prior di:.closurc div., rent, Co(c Mc1hr1 buy, sell, CoO,OOi  li.000.000 li.OOO.O-Oi  ll.000.000 !1.000.00i  lO.OC-0.0W More tb;,o S50.fXXl.OOO Va.Jue MClbod Codes QrApprm11I .c.Coil (Ru fata!c Only) =Assessrncnl 
(See Column Uafl-Ook Value c()lhcr 2E.s11.T1ated S).001 ).OtXJ =lll.ClJI =Mon= than S5.00J.OOO =1100,001  S250.000 IPl ll.000.00i  lll.000.000 =-Cash brhr 
(hit Rtpor1 
Cooke, Marcia 
05il 4.2010 INVESTlIENTS and TRUSTS -income, ...1u,, rransacriunS 11nrtudn rhose spouse and dependent ,hifdrtn: PP filini: inHrucrfor! NONE (No reportable income. assets. transactions) 
Ucscnptwr. Assets ln:omc durir.g (induding irust as::;ets) e:p viJ.lul lN1 repcrlug pcnod 
(5) -----i (I) 
2luc aldi.: 
l:c CJl:n r-ldcn11:y 
Type (c.g. 
Place (X) afler cad: asset Amuunl cempt from prior isclosurc 
buyc-rsrlk:(JI) (1f pm.ate trtlc 
Cnd:: /kthr1dCl. rent, buy. sell, m:ndt.1/y1 Ctde.?I 
(A-H) rcJcmpl1n Cv.Je-s 1,000 les -SUXJJ  S1.00 =S2.0!  S5.000 =IS.VO! -11 S.000 =115001150,000 
(Su (olunm aJliJ 04) =SS0.001 -1100.000 s;100.001  Sl,{J(J0,000 -Si,OOOJlJI -S5JOO.OOO =Mo S5.(J0(),000 a.luc Codes Sl5,000or less =l!l,001  SS0.000 =ISO.DOI -1100.000 =1100.0