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Judicial Watch • Margaret M Morrow Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Margaret M Morrow Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Margaret M Morrow Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Page 1: Margaret M Morrow Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:115

Date Created:December 1, 2006

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:MARGARETM, Margaret M Morrow, margaret, ATF, partial, DOJ, stock, 2005, INVESTMENTS, EPA, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, Judge

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Jllnifdr .States isfrid Qfourt  
o; ;:;i;qci;Oor-SI;'bo;l m  s1,>0i>::. 
("'0>1,.;;.,,01 ;;i.O": =_$2SO,-$S001QOb  .rioru: (iilch.u..l!!S orlhe spouse B.Dd dcpendcm childl'l::ll. See PP-J4-57 filing .ins.tructiom..) 
lncon during Gross Yillue endof TnS;'.lrio1l!!I during reporting period DcKription Mets report.Trig period l'Cf)Ortl11.s J)l!riod 
(incltlding ITIIS il:!iScts) li;K:omel{Jii..ioCodca  L'or.kss  -Si;.OOI-S2.500 . ':'Ts2;5ot-ss,ooo   o-;S51001..sts,ooo     r:.s'1s.001-S:so.  
(o=Colim11s and)::  ::. '$.So;OoJ ..SI 00,000  =G ;:::; $:100,001-$1,000.00Q  i.n -s1,ooo,001::ss.OQI!..-: :m=  - Morr: 1l1i1nSs,ooo:ooo.  V:i.I Codes;.  -srs;ooo.=  -=:ll1.S,0Ql-$SO;OOO  """.000"-Sl90:orio:.  M -JOO,OO_l--s.2000: CQlunmCI and ill.)  N' -.!  =c  -sso.61r.$iOo;ooo  -M =:1:iOo,001.SJ:;.01oOO   
(S.o-Co!..,., ondl:>!) =$25(),0W.$>9'!.000 -=$00,001T$!.!00o  PI :$_1-;QllQ,0)1'$5,00().09'1.- ='5.000.0UWS,000,09'! ...:..O,ixn-s:;o,000,000  P{: sso.oo Va:luoM:etbod Codes -.Appfu;..i :R =Cosl:(R'eil:J,'io'Otlly) - .='A!JS:essmen1   -::r CashlMaiiim 
'--.OOk Value =Oi during TCpOrting pi::riod 
iiptii;in As:!icl:I" 
reporting period rt.ins period Income/GainCodes: $1,000 Jess -$I,001-S2,SOO -$2,501-$5.000 S5.001-:!:15,000  -$1!i,OOl..$!i0,000  
(See Colwnns nnd. D4) S50,001-$100.000  :..:: OO,OOJ-Sl,000,000 -Sl,000,001-$5,000,000 ::::o More thnn $5,000,000 Value Codes:  =$15,000orlc!l.!1.  .:... SJS,001-$50,000  -$S0,001-SI00,000  =ll00,001-S250,000  
(Sec Colunlll.!I. e.nd D3) $250,000-SSOO,OOO  ..., $500,00J .$1,000,000  -$.l,000,001-$5.000.000 $5,000,001-$25.000,000 $25,000,001-$50.000.000  l"4 -$More thllo $.:>0,000,000 V;ih1c Method CoOrting period not exempt from di3closure  
Place (xt a.(ler c:aeb ;isi;c:t c:I from prior diclo5urc  AnlQW!t Codo1 II) (1)  Tl')>< (c:.g.div. renL inl.)  Value Co4i:2 (1-P) (l)  Yolno Mc:lhod """'' (Q-W) (2)  Type (e.g. buy, sen, merger, Tedemption) (1)  Dale: Month-Ooy  (3) Codo2 0-P)  (4) Code (A-II)  ldc:nt:ityof buyet/se:ller (ifpriwte ITilJJS;u;;tion)  

163.  Meltli=r Toledo International Inc common stock 
-99 Cents Only Store -common i;i:tock 

-Normura Holdings Inc. ADR  common stock 

166. -Nortel Networks Corp. common stock 

Final sale 
-Pfizer Inc. -cormnon stock P:3) -$2S0,000-$500.000 s:soo,001.s.1,000,000 :::i .$2S,000,00I-$50,000,000 ValueMlhod Codes =iApi:ir.:i.lo'.1. Cost (Ri=:al tate-Only) (Sec ColUIIDI C2) =BookV!lue ::::i S:2,.SOI0$.S,OOO $5,001-$15.000 -$JS,00l-$S0,000 $1.000.00l-.$5,000,ooo -Mori: than $5.000.000 $50.001-$100,000 -l>I00,001-.'li250.000 S:l,000,00I-$:S,000,000 -:li5,000,00J-$25,000,000 -SMore than $50,000,000 -A:;.sc:ssment ""'Cash/M11rkc: -Estimated  

Name Person Reporting 
VII. INVES11JENTS and 1R.USTS  ine(ntte, Villuc:, llll.D.!lcations (ineludes I.hose the spoU.!!C and di::ndeqt(:bi1i;Jmi. Sec pp. :3-4-57 o.f.filiut:instructions.) 
181. -Walt Disney Co. -conunon tock 
Nc:wbuy 613 
182. -El Paso Corp.  c:Oilmlon stock 12115
New buy 
183. -Electronic Data Systems Corp. -common sstock 
New buy 
184.  GC11eral Dynamics Corp. -common stock 7/1
-Genera.I Mills Inc. -common stock 
New buy 

-Google: Inc.  common stock 

Now buy
4/20 JPartial buy187. 
New buy
188. -Hartford Financial Servicc:'io Group Inc.  common
6/3Partial buy ]189.
190. -H_ Heinz Co. -common stock 
191. -Hewlett Packard Ca_ -common stock 3/18
New buy Inco during Gross value end Transactioll!I d.uriilg n:porting period 
Description Assrs 
reporting: pi:mod reporl:i11god.(iticluding trust n.!!I) 
;o;i:mpt fromdisclosure
(I) 	(I) (Z) (I) 
tl;i; Codot div. rent. Code2 Melhod. buy, si:ll. Month-Code2 Codol buyer/seller (Al-Q int.) (JP) Code:3 rrnrger, O.y (A-HJ (if private 
(Q-W) rclkmption) 	fr.m.5il.i;tion) 
Place w(Xt a!ter asset fromprior di3elosure 
Value Value Type (e.g. .All'l:)l.l!.I[ Tl'P" (e.g. Voluo 1di:ntity 
Part;al buy 3/22192. 613193.  HoneyweII International Inc. -common stock 
New buy 
J194. -Hoya Corp. ADR  comm011 stock New buy 5121 195. Imperial Tobacco Group PLC ADR. -common
New buy 912 
196. Johnson Johnson -common stock 
New buy 10n 
197. -Mcdimmune Inc. -common stock 
New buy 3123 
198. -Mitsubishi UFJ Financia1 Group Inc. common 
New buy 10/6 
stock 	lncome/Oain Code:.. =-$. ,ooo orl ::. 1,001-$2,500 -$2,501-$5,000 -S5,00l-$.15,000 $.l5.001-$SO,oOo (Sec Columns ond D4) ..,. $50,001-$100,000 =-= Si00,001$1,000,000 $1,000,00I-$S,000,000 11lllD $5.000,000 Value Codes: .,..tl5.000 orle:S$ =$15.001-$50,000 SS0,00lT$100,000 :..i $100,001-S250.000 (See Columns and D3) ::I $250.000-$500,000 S.500,001-$1,000,000 ""$l,OOO,OOl-$5,000,000 -SS,ooo, l>J -$25,000,001-$50,000,000 $More th:in SS0,000,000 
-V) e"Xetnpl 
(1) Income/Gain Codes:  -SI ,000 orless $1,001-12,SOO  -S2,501-S5,000  "'S5,0l>l-$l5,000 S.15.001-$50.000  
(See Colwnns ond 04) $50,001.s100,ooo  -1100,001-$1.000,000  J.{] -$1,000,001-$.5,000.000 =More tl:um $S,000,00o Ve.Jue Codes: $15,000 less  "'"$15,001-5:50,000  -$50,001...$100,000 $100,001-.$2.S0,000  
(Sec Columns. e.nd 03)   $250.000.$.SOO,OOO S500.001-$J.000,000  -$1,000,001-$5.000,000 ss.000,001$2.S,ooo,ooo 125,000,001-$50,000,00o =$More tllari $.S0,000,000 V41l11 Mclhod Codr::s AppI3i!!al  -CO$t (R=ol E:stote Only)  :::i A.!lses$1}"1'.::fll  
(See Cohm:ir:i C2.)  rBook Value  -01hi:r  =tima.led  

Name Pc:rson Reporting 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value. trall!IC.9.tions (includ.e:s: tho;w:: oftbc gponse and dependent children. See pp. 34-.57 fifuie imtnietiOI1$.) IncomdGain Codes:  ..... $1,000$2.500 S2,S01-$S,OOO  -.$5,001-$15,000 S15,001-$S0.000  
{:e ColUIIlllS nnd D4) $50,001-$100,000  -$100,001-$1,000,000 $1,000,001-$5,000,000 .:..:i Moi-e: il11 $.:i,000,000 Vi!lue Codes;  .::. $15,000 (If Jes:.  -$15,001-$50,000 $50,001-SI00.000   $100,001.$2.SO.OOQ  
(See Colunma nnd 03)  .::. $250,000-$500,000  -$500,001-:Sl,000,000 .$1,000.001-$:5,000,000 -$5,0oO,OOl-.$25,000,000 S2S.000,001-.S50,000,000  .P4  .., $More thnn $50,000.000  
;3. Vi1luc Method Codes Appr.ii!lal  .._ Cosi (Rt:ill fullc Only)  -:i:::Assessment  =Cash/Marlu!l  
(See COiumn C2)  =Book Value  ::..1Q1)lt!t  :::r Estimated  

Name Person Reporting  
VII.  INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS  -im:;OIJZ, value:, !:ions (includ those ofthi: spoll!!le imd ddcnt i;hi1d:mi, pp. 34-57 offil:ing mtrucl:icns.)  
Oi:sc:ripl:ion Assets (includill.g ll'l..Ll :i$$e)  Inom: during reporting period  Gross Vlllui: reparti.ilg period  TTil'Dsai;tiom during rqiorting period  

Dot< ofRer Azion ADR -common stoek  Dividend  Dividend  

None  Dean Foods Co.  
Final sale  4/4  
Panial sale  3122  
final sale  8/30  
Fino.I sale  5110  

-Equity Residential -common stock Dividd 
485--Essex Property Trust Inc_ -comrnOll stock Dividd 
486. -Extra Space Storage Inc. -common :stock Dividend llt(lmOi!in Codes;  ='.U,000 lt!S..ind D4) $50.001-$100.000  -SI00,001-$1,000,000 .$1.000,001-$.5,000,ooo thnn S5,000.000 Value Codes:  =$15,000orlcss.  -$1!i,001-S:I0,000 :!:50,001-$100,000  -.tl00,001-$250.000  
(Se!!' Columns ;:md DJ) S250.000-$500,000  -$500,001-Sl.000.000  =s1,ooo.0014.:;,ooo,ooo  -!lls,ooo.001-s25,ooo,ooo  
"f'J -$25,000,001-S50,000,000 $More rhan :!:50,000,000  
:J. Veluc.Mthod Codi=:s.  -Appraisal  :..:: Cost (Ral F,stall!' Only)  =Assessment  ... Cash/Markel  
(Sec ColUillll C2)  -'fl('l(lk. VOllue  =Other  -E.srinm.tcd  

Name ofPerson Reporting 
Vll. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -im;omc, value, lraru;i;;itions (:iD1;Judcs those otthe spouse and ebil"  

Name Person R.cpl:irthig 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -inoollll!', transc8tiOil!I (incltldcs those the SpotJ."Sc: and dcpcndent children. See pp. J4-S7 of:filin,g ill!lhuetiom..) Income/Gain Codes.:  ""il ,000 less  -I>l,001-$2,:SOO  -S2.501-$:S,OOO  -li5.001-Sl5.000 Sl:S.001-$50,000  
(Sec: Collllilll5 nnd Dtiinared  

Dato lloport 
Name Person Reporting 
.Page2 of33 
Description Assets (:imiluding: trust il:55ct:s)  Ineom: during TqKJT'ling pi:riod (1) (2)  Gross vorl'1e end reporting period (I) (2)  (1)  Transactions dming reporting pi:riod not exempt from disclos (4)  
Plai::e (X)" after act cxcmpl from prior disi:Josurc  Arnoant Code (A-II)  Two (e.g.dJI'. te:fll int.)  V;:il1.1e Codc2 (J-P)  Value Method CodeJ (Q-V)  T>J>o ( bU)', II. """" rnlcmprion)  Dote; Month-Doy  Yil1ue Codt!i2 (1-P)  Gilin Codo (A-II)  ldenlity buyCltseTier(ifpri'r':l.le Income/Gain Codes:  ...., SJ,000 Jess  -Sl,001-$2,500  -$;!.,50J-$:S,OOO S:S.001-$15.000 Sl5.001-S50,000 Co1umnsBI 1md D4)  -$50,001-$100,000  -SJ00,001$1,000,000 -$1,000,00l-$5,000,000 =Mon: than S.5.000.000 Value Codes;  -SJS,000 orli:ss  -:s1s,001.sso,ooo  -$.S0,001-$100,000 :100,00l-S50,000  
(Sec Co1unms lllld D3) $250,000-I.500,000  -S500,001-S1,000,000  -SJ,OQ0,001$5,ooo,ooo  l'2   $5,000,001-$25,000,000 -$.2s,ooo,1xn...sso,ooo,ooo  -SMQre lhiln $50,000,000 Value Method Codes Appr.iisa1  -Cost (Reill Esillc Only)  -A.SSe$$J'lI  ..... Ca::h/Ma:rkcl  
(Sec Co1unm C2)  "'Book Veluc  II"' Othr  -Eslimillc