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Judicial Watch • Mariana R Pfaelzer Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Mariana R Pfaelzer Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Mariana R Pfaelzer Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Mariana R Pfaelzer Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:February 3, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Pfaclzcr, Intmst, Mariana, Mariana R Pfaelzer, fargo, treasury, wells, section, DOJ, 2003, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, Judge

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Report Regaired the Ethics Government Act 1978 Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app  101-111) Date Report 
Pfaclzcr, Mariana Central Dislrict ofCallfbmia Pc:rSon Reporting (Last name, First name, Middle initial) Court Organization 
S/2112004 RcpfutingPeriod magistndcjuiigcs indicate full. pct-time) Titlc (Art.iejc Judges indicate active senior Jlcport'Iypc (c:bcck appropriate type) 
l/IJ2003 Senior U.S. District Judge NomiD11icm, Date 
to0 IDilill QFlml 12/31/2003 Chambm Office Address the basis of1bc conmincd this Report and miy modifications pertaining thmm, is, opinion, compliance 
U.S. District Court 
wi1h applicablt: laws rcgu1ations. 312 North Spring Strc:ct Los Anplcs. 90012 
lMPOR.TANTNO'IES: lbe inslruclions accompanying this Conn must followed. Complete 1111 parts, c:hccking 1bc NONE box 1br each part when: )'OU have Rponable inbmalion. S"ign lastpage. POSmONS. (hporting individual only; see pp. 9-13 or:01ing iD$truc:ticms) NONE -(No n:portablc positions.) Member, Board ofTrustr:cs Norton S"UllOD Museum. 
Il. AGREEMENTS. (Rq>orting individual only; see pp. 14-16 filing insttaclians) fi!I NONE -(No rq>Odllblc llglCClllCll!s.) ..,1-"'Tl ... :-;:=;   C"' C.:3 ._., c:::::.:: g::-.!:.-;.. (.fl  ,._,,  Lfi  

Name Person Reporting
Date Report Pfaelzcr, MarianaR 
ID. NON-JNVESTMENT INCOME. (Reporting individual end spouse; sec pp. 11-24 orming instructions) Filer's Non-Investment Incom 
 NONE (No n:ponahlc non-iovestmcnt income.) 
 Spouse's Non-Investment Income (If you were mm1cd during llllY portionof the reporting. please complete this section. (dollar mnount not required except for 1aonorma) NONE (Norcporlablenon-invcsamcntincomc.f
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation, loclgillg. i>od. cntcnlliwm:ot 
(Includes those spouse and dependentcbiklrc:n. Sec pp. 25-27 instructions.) bl! NONE (NosuchrcponablereimbmscmadS.)

Date ofRcpOrt
(Includes 1hosc spouse and dcpcndc:nt childzcn. Sec pp. 28-31 ofinstructions.)
 NQNE -(No such reportable gifts.} 
i.. LlABil.ll1ES. (lnclndcs those spouse mid depc:ndcnt chilclrm. Sec 32-34 instructions.) 1!21 NONE -(No rcponablc liabilitic:L) 
div. n:nt.. Ill' 

rage of3 

Date ofR_eport 
Nmncof Pcrson Reporting 
Pfilclzcr, Mariana 
lm:mDe during Grass'Vllue end Tnmsactioas dmiugrqimting period 
DescripliCll Assets RIJlll1ing pc:riocl n:paning period 

(luding1rDStmsets) aat c:u:mpt from disclOSUR:
(1) (2) (l) (.2) (l) 
(4) (5)Diiie: Value ldc:atil)o 
l)pe (e.g. 
ba.r .U. 
PblllC w diet asset cmmpt from prior clisclomre
baya-/aellar ('d'prilllle 
Code3 Dmy (A
::JNONE (Norepm:lllble incomD,llletl,111') Wells Fugo Bank IRA (CDS)  Interest  Wells Flrgo Chcdcing  Disln"bution Jntcrcst  Sec Section vm.  Wells Fargo IRA (U.S. Tnmmy Nata)  Iatm:st  See Section  
Wells Fargo Custody Account  Zenith Nlltional Insurance Co. Common S1Dck  Dividend  

-Slum:s Wells Fiqo Tax-Pree Money Madcct Dividend IC. Fund -Marysville Bond 

10.  Hcal1h Faes Flag.Aulh Bonds 

11. -Equity 01lice Propc.rtics Trust Common Stock 
-Cllif. Sl8IC Bond 

CA StAnabK-Tcrs Bond 

-CA ObligBond4.6% 

-CA Pub Wom BOllld Energy Rev Bond 

 Waer Rcsollrces Bond 

CA Cmm Dev Auth Hosp-MBond I.  Fl'CSllQ Sch Dist Bond 

latcrcst llllcrcsl lntCrcst lnlcrest 
Sell 1/1
Sc:ll 10/1  SS,DOJ.SIS,000  :m.OOl-SS0.000 lncomctGam Codes:  Sl,000 leis Sl,001.$2.500 ..Mme tbim SS,000,000G -s100, ..Sl-000.0DJ-Sj,OOQ,DOD 
(.SeeCoammsBI llllCID4) SS0,001-SlOD,OOD -$15,0lll-SSO,QDO ...s100,001..nso,ooo 'alm: Codes: $15,000 orJess -ssoo.001-Sl,OOO,!IOO -sa.OOO,OOl-000.000 ... ss.OOO,OOJ-$25,0DO,{IQ{) 
(S:e CoiUlllllS 03)  ruD,000-SSOQ,OOO 
F:1  $25,000,00 l-SS0.000.000 ..SMcre than SS0,000,000 
-'al11e Mctilod Codes Appraisal 

Name Pason Reporting 

Date ofRcpoit 
Pfaclzcr, Mariana 
SJ2li2oo4 Jacamc daring Gross 'Ylllue end TJJllSlldiam during npartiugperiod 
Dacriplicm Assets gperiod-fmc!!idin trust assm) 
exempt from 
19.  Place "(X'f after ac:h asct aempl fiun priordisdosum -LA CADpt Wtr Pwr EJcc Bond  .Amllmll Codcl (A.ff)  Type (e.g. div. nm.Lii' int.) Intmst  Value Codc2 (J-P)  Value M111hDd Codd (Q-W)  Type (e.g. bay, ell, incrgcr, Sell  Mmdh-Day 1Ul5  Vlllac Codr:2  Code. (A- Jdmtityaf buyer/seller flfpriwtelllu.1Uctim)  
20.  -Fed Home Loan Bank 4.125% 9f12lf1J  lntm:st  Sell  3124  
21. -Fed Home Loan Mort 8/20/09 -Fed Bame Loan Bank3% 10/22/10  lntcn:st lnb:Rst  sen Sell  3/12 4fD.  
23.  -Fed Home Loan Banlc3% 1111  Imrcst  Sell  2114  
24.  -Fed Home LoanBaak3.S% 11/1.7/09  scn  S/27  
25.  -Fed Home Loan Bank 6/12AIB  lnla:'CSt  Sell  4fD.  
26.  -US Treasury 2.125% 10/31J04  Intmst  Buy  Sii  

-US Tn:asmy Ndc 2.00% S/lS/06 	None Buy 11119 
2. -us Trc:asury Noll: 2375% 8/lS/06 	None Buy 1211 

29. -US Treasury Note 337S%4131W4 Intmst Buy 4110
30. -US Trc:uury Nctes 2.00% 11/30/04 ln1m:st Buy 11113 
US TreaswyNdc 1.625%3131/0S ln11:n:Sl Buy 3127 

33. CA Oblig Bond 7.20% SllAl6 Buy 11/6 

Buy 6/17
34. 	-CA Rev Amie Wis -Ser Bond 2.00% None 6/16/04 	11/6
35. 	-CA Pub Wks Board Leise Series Bond None Buy 6.00% 111/06 
36. -Feel Home LoanB8k3.00% 7/3Q/Ol lDta'CSt 	Buy 1/10 
SS.DOI .$1S,OOO -SlS,001-SSO.ilOO .lucomel(Aio Codes: -Sl,000 less -s1.00100 -1-rs,000 .H2 .,MIR 1bB11 SS,000,000 
CS= Coluams 'lllldD4) "'SSO.OOl-SI00,000 s100,,ooo -Sl.000,001-S-S,000,000 :!.. Vahle Codes: -s1s.001-sso,ooo -SS0,00l..$Hl0,000 c$J00,00l.s2SQ,OOO  SlS,000 less SS00,001-Sl,000,000 Sl.OOO,OOl-S5,000..000 i5,000,00! .s25,000 ,000 
(See Co1mmis mid 03) t"'..S0.000.:$500,000 
P:<  S25,000.001-SSO,OOO,OOO $Mon: than SS0,000,000 Value Method Codes Appraisal Cost (Real EsClte Only) Assessmc:nl 
rr.:..-,..fth-n r,, r-Unnl Vain"" -Olh= -Estimated 
Name Person Reporting Date R:cport 
Pfaelm, MarianaR VIl. INVESTMENTS and '!RUSTS -mcomc. w1uc. transcatimis (mc1u