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Judicial Watch • Mark E. Fuller – 2008

Mark E. Fuller – 2008

Mark E. Fuller – 2008

Page 1: Mark E. Fuller – 2008

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:December 4, 2009

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 20, 2014

Tags:Foods, Minors, fuller, Mark E Fuller, Regions, mutual, 2008, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, dividend, reportable, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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u1 ...0 
r-,-...(i): AGREEMENTS. (hpm1/ng flllil.vltlJJIJI M.J NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
ptioft As.WI 
prior dii;closute 
Doss Aviation, Inc. $1rlbutlon 
hicomodurlng Iql(lrtin(j.f*lod GfOll8 Vlluc Ill ell.d reporting period Tumactions during R:portin pmmt 
(I) Al!IOWlt Code (A-H) (2} Type(il.g., div te.u, int) (!) Value C.OOC2 Q-P) Va.h.ic Med!od C-Odc3 (Q-V) {1) fype(e..g.,buy,llilL redemption) (2) Dam Motllhy {3) Value Codc2 (JP) {4) Gain Code (A-H) {S) Tdemity (>f buycr/1dk:r (if private IJllJmCtioo) 
.0055 Alabama, Inc. DiSlrib:ution 
IRA Matk Hvcmtt Fulkt Divi 
A.G. Edwards Moneymark 
 C.olli!gfa Foods, Inc. 
 Jaclt COfflOraUOll !RA#2 Dividend 
 A.G. Eclwllrds Moncymatket Coflagra Foods, rnc. IO. Mark Puller CUstodian Minon Act Dividend 
 Conagra Foods, Ifie. 
North Mu111al Life 
Mark Fuller C1$todian Minors Ael Dividend 
-Oceaneering, Inc. 
15-	Co Foods, Inc. 
 New York Life 
Mark rullcr Custodian Minors Dividend 
l.looonw 03ln C-Oib: .-$1,000or1 a$l,OOI  SlJOO CAJ-$$,(IO(l 0COldo a$1i,OOO o.llOl  SEOO,.OOO M-SIO!l,rol  $2SOOO 
{S..co1-c1-imi --$2S0,00t  S5oo,oo0 0.001-$1,000,000 ..Sl,000,00l  SJIOO,OOO --S.5,000.001 -S.U.,000,00IJ .,SlS,000,001  0.000.000 -M11to Ml!lhod Cot Q-Appnisal ...cost(ll:#Jol Ody) ll-8nl -o..ii M>rlkd 
FULLER, Mark 	07113/2009 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -In-, illN, {lnd#Ms ,,,,_i>f and.dJmknt JrlltlH.n; pp. Sl-60fJfflllnx 
IJCfitms.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
----- faim11J 4!iri11g RJ!Otlln period Gross value cod n:porting period Ttt1J1saetiofls during period 
(1) /Utll)Ullt (iH) (2) Typc(c.g.. div., n:nt, int.) (I) Value c.odc (JP) (2) Valuo Mti!bOO Col (QW) (l) T)j)e(e.g IMly,sell, tedemplion) (2) (3)Dale Val110 Month-Day (J.1} {4) aam Code {1WT) (5)Idoority bll)ctrsc11c:r (ifprivate tlIUtiaCtiOB) -------- 
f)e11Ctlptlon Assets (includl8 tnJSt aBSC1li) 
PIK..-tXY ft eadl asset -exempt fiom piior dlsclomre 
18. 	 CQnlltl8. Foods, Inc. 
 New Olk Life 
Norlbwe5tem Mutual Life DM!kDd 
New Oik Life Dividend 
Seate Mutual IJI$. Co. .... Dividood 
Regions Bank Aee01Jat Jnlmst 
Scrvisf-irst Bank Account lticcrest $-etvisFirst Ink CBi Ilk Account Interest 
27. 	Parcell, Enlerptisc. ($198,000 Apprais NMc Value) 
F.dward Jones IRA 	None DiUibulc:d 
Edward Jones 	Dividend Sotd 4-08 
A.G. Edwards Money Market Inlcst 
31. Alfa Corp. Dividend Sold 4-16 
32. Boeing Co. Dividend 
33. Bris:tol Myera Squibb Dividend 
34. Chevron Dividend 
I.!_.,,. @In Cedes: A-Sl,IJOO lc*8 .Sl.001  SZ.SOO -101  .OOO ,.001  SU,000 -$U,001 -S50..000 
(ColumnsBhnd aSjD,001  flOO.OOO $100.P 
div., rent, int.) 
3:S. Colonial Proponies Tum SBt Dividend (J1)I$ elld 
Viluo Val Code2 Mdll()(! (J.J) 
(Q-W) (I) Type(e.g., buy, sell, n!demptio11) 
Transacliom duri11ti reporting period 
Codc2 Codt bcyer.os..>ller 
(J-P) (AH) {if private 
36. Conagm Foods, Inc. Dividend 
lntcmlltioM! Paper Dividend 
Pitney BowtJ$, Inc. Dividend 
39. Progr-gncrS.), loo. Dividend 
40. Regions Financial Dividend 
41. Synovus Financial Dividend 
42. Total Systems Svi11c, Inc. Dividend 
43. VSE Corporation (X) Dividend Buy 3.()4 
44. Wllllhovia Corp. Dividend 
45. Americ11t1 Ffuanciat GrollJl lntetesl 
46. Colonial Cllpital Interest 
47. DTE Enugy Trust lnierest 
4. Rctiromettt Syslems AlAiama Nont Distributed 
49. MetLife, Inc. (X) Dividend Sold 12-15 
50. Pa.reel Panama City Beach, FL{$2l3,6ll Appraised Value)(X) None 
51. Swtlmn C-o $took (X) Norw 
1-hlco GUa C