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Judicial Watch • Marsha J Pechman Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Marsha J Pechman Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Marsha J Pechman Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Marsha J Pechman Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:20

Date Created:March 30, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

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MARSHA PECHMAN (206) 3708820 .JUDGE 
September 2004 
Thank you for your letter August 2004. Attached please find amended Parts fa.and 
MaryM. Lisi  
Chair, Judicial Conference the U.S. Committee Financial Disclosure.  -:(/)Ct!  
One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20544  't"""..,, 
;.:o-est ""r-::S:.  
::0 GIFTS. (includes 1hose spouse and dependent children. See pp. 28-3 instructions.) 
 NONE -(No suc1t reportable gitts.) 
SOURCE LIABIUTIES.. (Includes those spoose and dcpendeat child:nm. See pp. 32-34 ofinsttuctioas.) NONE -(No reportable liabilities.) 
CREDITOR Visa Periodic payment contract  Periodic paymentcontract  
(") ::c  
r-'"'r1 .:::::> ;_-,Z -l"'jO  c:::n 
oi>"'!1r  ....: :r:::  
::a:::  ... 
Date Report 
Name Peraon Reporting 
Pechman, Marsha 
'Page of3.
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS income, valuc. lranscalions(inc:.ludes those ofthe spouae and depeudeut children. See pp. 34-S7 offiling instructions.) 
Gross value end hicmnc: during 
TlllDSllClions during rcpottiogperiod
Description Assets (including trast assets) 
tepO!ting period 
not exempt fumt 
{I}{2) buy,.sell, Date: 
Value ldenlity of' 
Code2 Codel Place "(X) after cacl1 asset exempt 
th:im prior disc!osuil:o 
Value Value 
Code2 Method 
Amount 1)pe (e.g.
Code div. nm. 

int.) (J-P) Codel mcrgw,  (J-P) (A-H) fifi-ivam
(Q-Y) mmsaction) 
DNONE (No income, llSselS, ortmosacliolls) 
Piper Jaffi'ay Money Marla:t Fund Dividend 
Lucent Technologies None 
Franklin Custodian Funds.(Growth Series Class Dividend 
Washington Mutual Investors Fund None  See Remarks/Sectio -  Partial sale  817 Templeton Growth Fund -None 
Templeton Funds (World Fund Class A). None 
Bristol Myers Sqwl>b Dividend 
Exxon/Mobil Corp. Dividend  Ingmon Rand Co.  Dividend  
10.  Wells Fargo :; Co.  Dividend  
11.  OppenheimerMain Int. Growth  Dividend  

Putnam Fund for Growth l!t. lncomc Dividend 

U.S. Coupon Treaswy Strips Discomlt 

Pip Jaffray Govemmmt Obliplioos Dividend See 

Safeway 1ne. None 
16. lluss:11 Diversified Equity Fund Dividend Partialsak 11/14  Russell Special Growth Fund  Dividend  
18.  Russell Quantitive Equity  Dividend .lncmne!Gaiii Codes: (See Columns and 04) Value Codes: (Sec Clumns and D3.) Value Mdlmd Codes Sl.000 less $50,00l-$100,000 SJS,000 less S2SO.OOO-S500,000 25.000,00i-$50,000,000 =Appraisal  -s1.00l Sl.500 s100,001-$1,000,000 SIS,001-SSC,OOO $50C,l'.l01-S.l.OOQ,OOO =Cos! (Ren! Eslale Only)  -S:!,501.SS.OOO =Sl,OOO,OOl-SS.000,000 S50,001-:0l00,000 S!,OOO,OOl-.1IOO.OOO SMore than SS0,000,000  Assessment  D $5,00JSl.5,000 Mere than i;s,000.000  SI00,-001-$250,000 P2. SS,OOG,OOl-SlS.000,000 Cnsh!Jl.farct  "'Sl5,00l-S50;000  

(Q-W) Date Report Name Person Reporting  
Page2 of3.  Pechman, Marsha  05/1312004  
INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS  -income. value,. lll!meations (incindcs thnse the spouse and dependent children. Sec pp. 34-57 ofiiling iostruclioos.)  
Description Assets (including trust assets)  Income during lqlOtting period (1) (2)  Gross value end lnprltK-J (.A-'R) dlt.idc:ml. seJJ., pmtial Jdcadiyof
castor Montfr. bvyodsdlet
(Q-W) 11anSMfi.oq) 
(No ieportablo 

tJ.S. Coupon 'ary St::ips
First Amei:!.cm Gavemment 'l' Obligations Safewa.y -".tlC. 
Saatt:Lsh J!w.Ei Pl.C SPD JDR '1' J!'ad.ftcorp) 11.'WJaoll Mvez:s:IJ'!ied ltqW.'t)'  Di.v.idlmd  'l."  Rusaell .Spec:ia1 Gr:owtl:I. l'um1  '1'  B:wliae.ll QUAD.ti. EqU.ity  s.u  12/6  lU$aall. l:ller:gin!l Ha:r:tocs  J'  Sall  See /Su;ti.on  1lUSaell tntemti.oual. Secm:it:ie  'l'  211 1'ad.f1co:i::p  SOotilllh tower> Tech 1nmd.  'l'  Sell  '1/13  
Alllgtm.,.  X:Gc:.  'l'  ;:r  '1'  
Fidelitf .Mlv Hid cap fUnd.. c:::J.aisa !'ity GrCNt:h Opportunity l"lmd, Class Johns011 Jobnaon  'l' 'l' lac:/Gain Codes: A-Sl,000 less (Col. Bl, D4-) P=SS0,001...SlOO.OOO 2-V:al Codes: J-$1S,000 11S (Col Cl, 03) O=SSOO,OOl..Sl,,000,,000 Val Mth Codes: Q-.Apmii:al (Col C2) U"":Bool:: V;ilue  C-S2,501..SS.OOO J>-$5,.001...SlSJl()O,ooo m-s5.000.0D1 ormoio K=SlS,OCU L-SS0,.001...SlOOJ)OO M='tl00,.00[.s2SG,OOO N-$250.,001-SS00,000 Pl:tl,000,QQl-ts,000,.000 l'2=SS,000,00l-..S.000.000 r3=S:ZS ,000,00l.SS{l,OOO,OOO P-4-,000:001 man: R=Cost (=1c:mto ooly) V::::othi:r  

1 Duooflleport 
dd!Jl"r:tl.. Su:PP:-14-57 Irv:lnu:f:iM'a)
age JNVEST.M'.ENTS and TRUSTS-In.come, vaiQCt tramaclfons (mektding1P1Stassds) 
IPcom: dmi:a: Gtoss.valm: 'D:;msactioas dming IqlQltingpedod tql01tiatp=iacl ateadof cmnpt fromdiscJosurc 
Yam TypePle:e "'(10"' tt!/tlJl"ed mHt (2) (e.g... (S)
aemptfrom prior di.saliulll'. 
CAB) se11,pntial l'esltor (Q-W) seller Day (if'pnvae 
(Nompodab]oiaoomor '1' 
3t.,_, .., 'l!f1!:
340 i.t-Ua:ace ez: wtll.. Cl.  Dividend  'l'  Sell  12/21 5/11  
(l.  Growth rund  1Tlc:.  '!!:  S/11  
Growth l't1Qd Mia!: :tm:.  Dividend. Di.v.l.dend  SCl1  5/14 6/14  (0/10(f') 

11Jm!GdnCods:A=Sl,OOOorless B=S 1,001-$2.,SOO 0=$2..$01..$5,000 D=SS,001-$15,000 B=SIS,001-s50,000 (Col. Bl, D4) F=SS0,001-$100.000 G-$100,001-$1,000,000 tU=Sl,OOOpol-$5,000,000 m-ss,000..001 ormore. 
 -Id: J-SlS.000 orless K.=SlS,001.SSO,OOO 11-.tsG,.DOl-SIOO,OOG M=Sl00,00100 N=SZ.50,001-SSOG,OOO 
(Col Cl, Dl) 0=$500,001$1.000,000,001..;s,.ooo,ooo Feo:.S,.OOO,Ol.SZS,000,000 P3=S2S,000,001-SS0,000,000 P4=SS0,.000,001 more Yill.Mth'Codes: Q=Ap;miiW
(Col C2) U=Bool:. Value 


(206) 55'3-2671 
August 22, 2003 
Mary Lisi Chair, Judicial Conference the U.S. Committee Financial Disclosure One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20544 
Dear Ms. Lisi: 
Regarding Page lines lS, and and Page lines and 26, column B(2) bas been amended reflect that income was received from those investments during the prioryear.  Regarding Page line and Page line 24, CQlmnn B(l) was amended reflect tbat income $1000 less was received from those investments during 2002. Regarding Page lines and 30, column B(2) was amended reflect that the income received from those investments was generated through dividends. 
Regarding Page lines and 20, the sale those items reported iii the September 20, 200i' 
was only partial sale and any impression the contrary was created error. Regarding Page line ("Scottish Power PLC SPD ADRj and Page line ("Avaya''), those items were 
fact sold during 2001 and their inclusion the 2002 report was oversight They have been 
deleted ftom the amended Part VII attached this letter. 
Regarding Page line ("Verizon"), that asset was completely disposed dming the 
reporting period and Column should have been left blank. 
Thank you for pointing out these inconsistencies and omissions. Please not hesitate contact you have any further  
Name ofPerson Reporting 
Date ofReport Pech:man, Marsha.  
05/15{2003 DISCLOSURE REPORT (Includes those ofspouse and VIL Page 1 INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS-income, value, transactions tkpem:lenl children. See pp. 3457 IJtStruclions.} 
.Grosswtue Tmnsactions during reporting period Description Assets reporting ptriod cad 
'reporting not exempt from. disclosW'C 
Type Value Valwt 
(including trust assets) 
Pli:ice "(XJ" qftsr each tmet 
(e.g.. (e.g.. buy, (2) (3) (4) (S)Date:
ermrptftomprlor (A-H) cfividcnd, (J-P) sell. pll1ia1 Identityof 
lluyer/scllcr  redemption)  Day  (ifprivate tmnsac:tion)  
(No reportable incomc,assels. tnmsactions.)  Piper Jaffray Money Market Ftmd  Pividend  See ltemarks/Sec:tion: VI:tI  Piper Jaffray Money Market  Pividend  See Remarks/Section VI:II  Lucent  Techno1ogies  None custodian Fwlds (Growth Series Cl.ass  Dividend  Washington Mlltoal Investors Fund  Dividend  '1'  Partial sale  12/9  Templeton Growth Fund  Dividend Templeton Funds Class  {World Fmid  Dividend  '1' Bristol Hyers Squibb Dividend  Exxon/Mobil corp.  Dividend  Ingersoll Rand  co.  Dividend  Buy  l/2  Ingersoll  Rand Co.  Partial  sale  2/28  Wells  Fargo  co.  Dividend  '1'  Oppenheimer Main  Int.  Growth  Pividend  Putnam Fund.for Growth" Income u.s. Coupon Treasury Strips  Pivicl.end None  .'1' First American Gove:cnment Obligations Safeway Inc.  Divide:nd None '1'  
Inc/Gain Codes: A=Sl,000 less (Cot Bl, 04) F=SS0,001-$100,000  B=Sl,001$2,SOO G=Sl00,001$1,000,000  0==$2,50 l-$5,000 Hl=Sl,OOO,OOI-S5,000,000  D=SS,001-$15,000 H2==SS,000,001 more  E-=SlS,001-SSO,OOO  

Val Coties: .l=Sl S,000 less K=SlS,001-SSO,OOO L=SS0,001-$100,000 M=Sl00,001-$250,000 N==SlS0,001-$500,000 
'.Col C!, 03) O=SS00,00 l-Sl,000,000 Pl=Sl,000,001-$5,000,000 P2=$5,000,00l-$25,000,000 P3=$25,000,001-$50,000,000 P4=.$S0,000,00I more 
Val Mth Codes: Q=Appraisal R=-COt (real estate only) S=Assessment T=Cash/Market ::oL C2) ll=Book Valrie V=Otber W=Estim.ated 
Name P'erswl Reporting 
Date ot'Report Pechman, Marsha 
l'ncome during Gross value Transactions during reporting period 

Description Assets 
reporting period end (including trustassets) 
tcpOrting period 
(l}Value Value
(l) (2) not ftom disclosure 
Place "{X)" after each aaet 
ex.empt.front prilJr dUc:IOJn. 

NONE (No reportable incomc;assets. 
transactions.) Russell Diversified Equity 
Fund 	llussell Special  Fund 	Russell Quantitive Equity 	Russell International. 
securities 	:aussell Real Estate Securities 	Alliance Tech Fund 	Amgen, Inc. 	Cisco Systems 	Fidelity Adv Mid cap Fund, Class 	Fidelity Adv Growth Opportunity Fund., Class 

Method (c.:., buy.
Code sen. partial {Q-W) 
redemption} Partial sale Partial sale 
'1' Parti'al. aal.e 
Partial. sale Partial. sal.e 
Value Identity 
buycrlsellcr (JP) (A-II) ('Jf private 
transacti.Oll)  Johnson Johnson  Dividend  '1'  Medtronic,  IllC.  Dividend  Verizon  Dividend  Sell  8/15  Tarqet  Dividend  '1' 	Alliance Premier Growth, Dividend Buy 5/ll 	Growth Fund 1mer Inc., Dividend Buy 5/11 	Growth Fund Amer Inc., Dividend Partial sale 12/9 lnc/Oain Codes: A-Sl.000 less B=Sl,001-$2,500 C=S2.,SOl-$5,000 D=SS,001-SlS,OOO E=SlS',001-SSO,OOO (CoLBl,04) F==SS0,001-$100,000 G=Sl 00,001-$1,000,000 Hl=Sl,000,001-SS,OOO,DOO H2..SS,000,001 more Val Codes: 1=$15,000 less K=Sl 5,001-S50,000 L=SS0,001-$100,000 M=Sl00,00lS250,000 N=S250,00l-S500,000 (Col. Cl, D3) 0=$500,00i -1.000.000 Pl=Sl,000,001-SS,OOO,OOO PM5,000,001-$25,000,000 P3=S25,000,00lS50,000,000 P4=$S0,000,001 more Va! Mth Codes: Q=Appraisal R=Cost (real estate only) S=Assessment T=Cash/iviarket (:oL U=Book Value V=Olher 'W=fatimated 
Name Person Reporting Date Report 
Pecbman, Marsha J 05/15/2003 

(Includes those spouse: and 
'vn. Page INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS-income, value, transactions 
dependent chtldnm. See pp. 34-57 lnstrucJians.)  
Description Assets {including trust assccs)  Income during reporting period  Gmssvaluc end  Transactions during reporting period  
(1)  (1)  (1) not exempt .ftom disclosure  

Place "(XJ"aftueac/i1131et 
C>dc (e.g.. {e.g., buy,
exempt from prior dUclrmn. 
sc:l partial D*= Val Identity 
mitor sale, Month-Code buyer/seller inteRst) merger, Day (A-H) (ifprivmc tcdcmption) transaction)
NONE (No reportable income.assets. orDtransactions.) Intercredit Bank Buy l2/26 Intercrecll.t Bani: Buy 8/15 Beal Bani: Buy 12/26
Peoples Bank Buy 12/26 
.  Investment  co.  America,  Dividend  Buy  12/9  Franklin Div's  Dividend  Buy  12/9  Dominion  Ilea  Inc New  Dividend  Buy  8/15 Duke Energy Corp Dividend Buy B/15 Soce, Inc. Dividend Buy 8/15 Inc/Gain Codes: A...$1,000.or l=s  B=SlOOl-$2,500  O=SZ,SOl-SS,000  D=SS,001-$15,000  E=SlS,OOlSS0,000  
(Col Bl, D4)  F=SS0,001-$100,000  G=Sl00,001$1,000,000  Hl=Sl,000,001-SS,000,000  Hl=SS,000,001 ormore  

12Val Codes: J=Sl5,000 orlcss K=SlS.001-$50,000 L=Sso.oo 1.:100.000 M=Sl00,00I...S250,000 N=SZS0,00 l-SS00,000 (Col Cl, 03) ();$500,001-$1,000,000 =n.000,001-s:s ,ooa,ooo P2=S5,000.00l $25 .000,000 P3=S25,000,00 M;so,000,000 Pso,000.001 more Val Mth Codes: Q=Appraisal R=Cost {real estate cnly) S=Assessmc:nt T=CashfMarl;:et (Col. C2) U=Book Value V=Other W=Estimated  
.;;oiil!"'.}i'::''' Person Reporting (Last name, First name. Middle initial) Court Organization Date of'Rcport  
Pcchman, Marsha  U.S. District Court -Washingt  05/1312004 Title (Article Judges indict.c active senior status; ReportType (check appropriate type) Reporting Period  
magis!rate judges indicale full-or part-time) Noroilllllioll,  Date  Ol/0112003  
U.S. District Judge -Active Initial  @Annual Floal 12131/2003 	Cha!ll1>ers Office Address the basis of1he infurmation contained this Report and any modifications pertaining thereto, is, opinion, compliance
U.S. District Court 
with applicable laws and regulatiDRS. 
1010 Fifth Avenue, Room 502 

Seattle, 98104 
JMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions ICC01l'lpmlying this form must folJowCd. Complete all parts, checking the NONE bax for each part wheie you have reportable informatim. Sign last page. POSffiONS. CRePonmgindividual only; see pp. 9-13 tiling instructions) 
 NONE -(Norcportablepos.itions.) 
Il. AGREEMENTS. (RePortmgindividual onl)'i sccpp.14-16offi6nginsttuctions) NONE -(Noreponabteagra:mcnts.) 111199 	Public P.mployees Retitmnent System. Stale ofWuhingtoit (mircmcnt benefit p1an)
(J) C') 
o-Cf.) .:z: c:: 
:-;:;:i;e n;o
:::0 M'1 

Otting pcrioo icporting period 
(includiog trust assets) 

IfDOt exempt ftom disclosure 
(2) (1) (2) (1) 
(2) (3)
MOlll'h C-02 Code Place "{X)" after each asset 
Amount 1)pe (e.g.
Codcl div. mtt. 

Va'lm Type (e.g. buy, sell.
Code? Melhod 
Identity buyer/seller(ifprivaie
from prlor cliscloslll'c (AH) iat.) Q-P) Code3 me:rgi:r, Day (JP)Orting period (l) not cxeqit limn disclo;;me 'fype (e.g. Dile! Value bll)', sell, MonthCode2 merger, Day {J.:P)rcdelq:ltion) Sell 6115 Code (A-H) ldentilJof bu)oedscller  (upriwtc tmlSaction)  
39.  American Express Intcn::st  K..  Buy 11119 bwome/GainCodcs: =SI;000 less =SJJ.;001-$2,500 =$2,501-$5,000 SS.;OlllSaS,000 SlS;OOlSS0,000  
(See Columns and 04) SS0,001-$ 100.000 =$100,001$1,000,000 ""$1;000,0llt-SS;OOO;OOO =Moretha11S5;000,ooo Value Codes: arkss =SJ5,001-SSO,OOO $$0,001-$100,000 $100,001-$250,0llO  
{See Columns andD3). S2S0,000:$SOQ,OOO SSOO,OOl St;000.000  Jt "-Sl,-OOO.OOHi>S,000,000 $5,000;00! '$25,000.000  
'P3 2S.,000,001.:SS0,000,000 sMore than sso.000,000  
.3, Value.M.e!OO!l:Codes =A!!!llGisal :ft Cost(Real Bslate.Oniy) Assessment r OisbiMarl.-et  
-- ... h;..,:. . ;;[  :-. ;-:' ...  

(Indicate part ofRepon:.} 
Section vn. Line 
The money marb:t fund essentially savings aeeo1mt. 

Section VII. Line 
Formerly "First American Government Obliptions" certify that all infolllllltion given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children. any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and beliet; and that any information not reported was withheld because met applicable statutory provisions permitting non-