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Judicial Watch • Mary A Lemmon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Mary A Lemmon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Mary A Lemmon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Mary A Lemmon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:17

Date Created:October 19, 2010

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Lemmon, Mary A Lemmon, barney, CAPITAL, Merrill, bonds, Lynch, smith, 2009, EPA, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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500 POYDRAS STREET PH: S04589-7565 NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA 70130 rAX: 504-589-2239 
Juc:ie 24, 2010 
Judge Bobby Baldock 
Chair, Crnmnittee Financial Disclosure 
One Columbus Circle, N.E. 
Washington, D.C. 20544 

Dear Judge Baldock: 
Please enclosed original and three copies 

Lemmon, Mary 

Rev. 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 USC app. IOI-I/ Person Reporting (last name, first, middle initial) Court Organization Date Report 
Lemmon, Mary Eastern District ofLA 4123110!0 Title (AnicJe llljudges indicate active senior status: Sa. Rtporl Type (check appropriate type) H:1>orting Pniod 
magistrate judges indic;ate full-or parHimc) Nomination, Date 01/01/2009 
U.S. District Judge, Active Initial [{] Annual Final 2!31/2009 
Amended Rcrort Chambers Address the basis -of lht information contained his Report !.inLI any 
modifications pt'rtI $1,000,0-00 "-=St 5,001 $50.000 -tJ ,000,001 -'b5,(l(}0J.J01J =S50,00l -Sto0,000 ::.More than $),1jOr;,OOO =$100.0C! -$2:50,fJtJU  
fSee C)lumn and 03) -250,00t -$500.IJOUS,01Jl -Sll!(J.(100  (J0Sl1H1.tJUl -$l.l)(j(1.1)CO  Sl.GOJJ.t!Oi -SS.UOiJ/100 - lure th.Jn 1-5.00ri.OOO  
::: V:.i!w:Cod..s -"S !SJl/)1) "'Sl5.0fl! -'b50.fJ0t) =--SOJ'O'. -s1nn non '.SI 00,l)() -S250.1iflO  
tS...:...: Colt::nris .::inJ  :--  S:!.:10.001 SSOd.Vt10 -5(',P.O!.i 1.fJOO.llili ::.'S !.000.0f!I -S5.000.t)0U  r  -$5J10(!,00  $25.UOOJ)!)!j -S25.UU0.0UI  '55U.001),0UO  P-1 ::hm l1;in 550.000,00() ':due klhvd (Jlt.:' "Arpr1ISJ) ""Cost tR:::d b!:lll' Orily,t  A::;csm..:nt  
(S'c: Coh.::rn l'2) -[fook ';du..:   =Othlr  ',.' o::f..1i111:1L'd Vritc checks for annual corpora fo('s 
Par'tn. was replaced General I'artner Y96. ownership the assets the 
Part Vli: page '1. ine listed "Vem1ilion Pari>h La." entry was deleted because was duplicate Pan Vil. page line 
Part page line Bank Ono Corp now J.P. Morgan Chase, 
Part VIL page lines Hibernia Bir:k checking nov. Capital One checking. V[l; page line Legg tvlason Tax Exempt Trust: :-..-toncy tvlarkct now Smith Barney /'1unicipal "loncy i1arkct. 
Part Vli: page line Legg '.fason stocks now Smith Barney. 

Pan VlJ page line 2-1 Smith Barney Stocks now 1lcrrill Lynch. Page Lines I.egg Ma;on Stocks Bonds now ivlerrill Lynch. 

Date Re-port 

IX. CERTIFICATION. certify that all information given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief, and that any information not rcpGrtcd was withheld because met applicable statutory provisions per mitting non-disclosure. further certify that earned income from outside employment and honor aria and the acceptance gifts l'hich have been reported arc compliance with the provisions l.!.S.C. app.  501 ct. s(q., lJ.S.C.  7353, and .ludicial Conference reuh1tions. 

AND CR1'11NAL SA.'iCTIONS lJ.S.C. app.  10.J)