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Judicial Watch • Matthew F. Kennelly – 2006

Matthew F. Kennelly – 2006

Matthew F. Kennelly – 2006

Page 1: Matthew F. Kennelly – 2006

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 19, 2007

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AOlO Government Act 1978 
Rev. 112007 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2006 u.s.c. app.  101-111) Person Reporting (last name, first, middle initial) Kennelly, Matthew 2.. Court Organization Northern District Illinois Date Report 05/13/2007 Tiiie (ArtJcle judges indicate active senior states; magistrate judges lndkate fall-or part-time) United States District Judge Sa. Report Type (check appropriate type) Nomination, Date Jnilial Annual Fmal Reporting Period 01101/2006 1213112006 
Sb. Amended Report Chambers OfficeAddress United States District Court 219 South Dearborn Street Chicago, Illinois 60604 the basis the Information contained this Report and any modillcatlons pertaining thereto, Is, opinion, compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Reviewing Officer Date 
IMPORTANT NOTES: TJie instnu:tions accompanying thisform followed. Complete allparts, checking the NONE bux for each part where you reportable information. Sign last page.. POSITIONS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 9-13 ofinstrudions.) NONE (No reporlable positions.) 
Lawyers Qub Chicago (bar organization) 
Director Richard Linn American lnn Court (bar ori6i}zation) 
II. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. U-16 instrudions.) 
l.RJ NONE (No reporlable agreements.) 
Date Report 
Name Penon Reporting 
Kennelly, Matthew NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Reporting indivit1ua1 an11 spouse; seepp. n-24 011ns1rucaom.J Filers Non-Investment Income 
[R] NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
(yours, not spouses) Spouses Non-Investment Income -I/you were monied during anypollion ofthereportlngyear, complete this section. {Dollar amounl not requiredexcept for honoraria.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
AND TYPE 2006 City Evanston, Illinois 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation, lodging, food, entertainment. 
(Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 25-27 instructions.) NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum faculty member seminar Nov. 16-Indianapolis, (transp. food) 
Name Person Reporti11g 
Kennelly, Matthew GIFTS. andudes those spo,_ and dqendent children. See pp. 28-31 instructions.) NONE (No reportable giftsJ 
Honorary membership (reduced dues) 
VI. LIABILITIES. andudes those spouse and dependent children. pp. 32-33 instructions.> 
(KJ NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -mcom va1ue. transactions (lncblt1es those the spouse ond t1epent1en1 chlfdrm. See pp. filmg ins1n1ctions.J NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assets (including trust assets) 
Place (X) after each asset exempt liom prior disclosure 
Income during Gross value end Transactions during reporting period 
reporting period reporting period 
(1) (2) (1) (2) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5). 
Amount Type(e.g. Value Value Type(e.g. Date Value Gain Identity 
Codel div., rent, Codc2 Method buy, sell, Month Codc2 Code buycrlscller 
(A-H) int.) (J-P) Code3 redemption) Day (J-P) (A-H) (if private 
(Q-W) transaction) AMCAP Fund mutual fimd Dividend Growth Fund America mutual fimd Dividend Fundamental Investors mutual flllld Dividend Investment Co. America mutual fimd Dividend Washington Mutual Investors mutual fimd Dividend Europacific Growth Flllld mutual fund Dividend New Perspecive FWld mutual fimd Dividend Smallcap World Flllld mutual flllld Dividend MFS Mllllicipal Bond Flllld mutual fund Dividend 
10. Tax Exempt Bond Fund America mutual fund Dividend 
11. Van Kampen Insured Tax Free Income mutualflllld 12. Baird Insured Deposit Dividend Interest 
13. Fidelity Cash Reserves -money mkt fund Dividend 
14. Fidelity Growth income mutual fimd 15. Bank One bank accounts 16. Bank One checking account 17. Intermoun1ain Power Agy. Utah bonds Dividend Interest None None redemption 7/1 Income Gain Codes: A-$1,000orlcas B-$1,001 -$2,500 C-$2,501 -$5,000 -SS,001 -$15,000 E-$15,001-$50.000 
(Sec Columns and D4) F-$50,001 -$100,000 G-$100,001 -Sl,000,000 -$1,000,001 -$5,000,000 -More than ss,000,000 Vaine Codes J-$15,000 less K-$15,001-$50,000 L-SS0,001-$100,000 M-$100,001 -$250,000 
(Sec Columns and DJ) N-$250,001 -$500,000 0-$500,001 -$1,000,000 -$1,000,001 -$5,000,000 -SS,000,001 -$25,000,000 Vaine Method Codes -$25,000,001 -$50,000,000 R-Cost (Real Eslalc Only) -Moro than $50,000,000 T-ca.h Marlrol 
(Sec CohmmC2) Q-Appraisal V-