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Judicial Watch • McConnell Sessions Response 07062010

McConnell Sessions Response 07062010

McConnell Sessions Response 07062010

Page 1: McConnell Sessions Response 07062010


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Date Created:July 6, 2010

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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JohnJ. McConnell Jr. 
Licensed DC, MA, OJ-I, HJ, 
Rhode Island Office 
Direct Dial 401.457.7711 
Direct Fax 401.457.7708  Bridgeside Blvd. Mt. Pleasant, 29464 843.216.9000 843.216.9450 
321 South Main St. Providence, 02903 401.457.7700 401.457.7708 
One Corporate Center Church St., 17th Floor Hartford, 06103 	860.882. 1681 860.882.1682 
275 Seventh Ave., 2nd Floor New York, 10001 212.577.0040 212.577.0054 
320 Chestnut St. Morgantown, 26505 	304.413.0456 304.413.0458 
July 2010 
The Honorable Jeff Sessions 
Ranking Member 
Committee the Judiciary 
United States Senate 
Washington, 20510 
Dear Senator Sessions: 
Thank you for your letter dated June 17, 2010 and for the opportunity provide additional information response your written questions. Have you, any current former attorneys your current previous law firm, ever represented contracted represent any State local government (or any subdivision state local government) any public official the State North Dakota? so, please provide the names any such cases and identify the state local government any public official involved. January 26, 2000, North Dakota Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp appointed Special Assistant Attorney General for the State North Dakota assist the implementation and enforcement the terms the Master Settlement Agreement and the Smokeless Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem reappointed 2001. appointtnent was terminated February 13, 2009. The appointtnent specified that was serve without compensation. other attorneys current previous firms have, during association with the firm, represented the State North Dakota, any local governments public officials North Dakota. What the total amount compensation that you and any current former attorney your current previous law firm received expect receive connection with its participation against the manufacturers cigarettes, tobacco, other tobacco products? Please indicate what portion, any, such compensation your firm received expects receive connect with its participation the multistate tobacco litigation, which resulted the 1998 multistate tobacco master settlement agreement. prior firm (MRRM, P.A.) received attorney fees pursuant the Master Settlement Agreement for its work tobacco litigation. result work for the firm, have received between $2-3 million dollars per year since 1999, anticipate receiving future deferred compensation for work performed and completed for the firm tobacco litigation approximately $2.5 million $3. million each year through 2024. Motley Rice's website and several news reports indicate that you were both negotiator and primary drafter the multistate tobacco master settlement agreement. Please describe your role those negotiations, including description what specific subject matters the settlement you participated negotiating. your response, please indicate which states you negotiated behalf of, and which state local government officials, any, you worked with along side during the course the litigation. served outside counsel team state Attorneys General 
that negotiated the settlement. The States' negotiating team consisted Attorneys General Christine Gregoire (D-WA), Michael Easley (D-NC), W.A. Drew Edmondson (D-OK), Mike Fisher (R-PA), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Daniel Lungren (R-CA), Gale Norton (R-CO), and Dennis Vacco (R-NY). This team Attorneys General would confer with larger group Attorneys General who were parties the settlement, providing updates the negotiations and seeking input into its terms. occasion, assisted the team Attorneys General with these communications their fellow Attorneys General. primarily worked negotiating the public health sections the agreement, including the prohibition youth targeting, the ban the use cartoons tobacco advertising, the limitation tobacco brand name sponsorships, the elimination tobacco billboards and outdoor advertising, and the elimination tobacco brand name merchandise. also assisted with negotiations the enforcement provisions and the public access documents section. was member the team attorneys that drafted the language the negotiated Master Settlement Agreement. did not, however, have any involvement the negotiation drafting the attorneys' fee provisions the Master Settlement Agreement. Those negotiations were conducted Attorney General Mike Fisher (R-PA). the extent you have not done response prior question from the Committee, please list any political contributions from you, your law firm, any current former attorneys your current former law firms any the state local government officials who participated with you the multistate tobacco litigation the negotiations that resulted the multistate tobacco master settlement agreement. firm does not maintain list contributions members 
employees elected public officials. addition the items listed response question five from Senator Coburn, question ten from Senator Cornyn, and question one from Senator Ky!, contributed Heidi Heitkamp's campaign for governor the State North Dakota. have additional information.