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Judicial Watch • Memo 4-17-17 Re Use of Force Policy

Memo 4-17-17 Re Use of Force Policy

Memo 4-17-17 Re Use of Force Policy

Page 1: Memo 4-17-17 Re Use of Force Policy


Number of Pages:10

Date Created:April 19, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 25, 2017

Tags:nscbmetalwat, deadly, impact, weapons, weapon, varom, memo, Chicago Department of Aviation, Force, mummy, policy, chicago

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April 112017
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NUTICE RKSPONSSEKIUYY: THE Wreckiva is; Wkittan Order, the
contenfs which the recipients
responsub and accountable for
2913 Revisimn {313.4, $(2ction1142
AUTHORITY: Chief 8;!th and 986111in cer
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