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Judicial Watch • Met w Clergymen on July 30

Met w Clergymen on July 30

Met w Clergymen on July 30

Page 1: Met w Clergymen on July 30


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Date Created:March 19, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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Travel Voucher Summary Voucher: Expense Summary 	FMIS Upload 
System Tracking Table Segment Local Voucher Date 	Ref Doc Preparer's Name 
Vouc:'1rType 	Standard Travel Expenses 
Traveler Paid Transportation 	$265.60 
Lodging Total (From Back) 	$77.00 Itinerary 
Lodging Tax Total (From Back) 	$8.47
MIE Total (from back) 	$91 :50 July 3()..31, 2012, CRS was Sanford, 
assist the facilitation program hosted 
Mileage Total (From Back) 	$0.00
Sanford pastors related the Sanford Police 
ATM Fees (From Back) 	S0.00 
Taxi/limo (From Back) 	S0.00
REDACTED 	Trip Began Ended Than Hrs 
Business Calls (From Back) 	$0.00 
07/30/2012 07/31/2012 YES 
Personal Calls (From Back) 	so.oo
Domestic Parking (From Back) 	$24.00 
Highest Class OfTravel Car Rental $184.74 Coach Laundry SO.OD 
Reason for upgrade 
Other Expenses 
Type Travel 	Travel Purpose $0.0C 

TOY Operational $0.0C 
$0.0C $0.0C 	Obligation Liquidation Final Total Voucher $631.31
Advance Repayment 	$0.0C 
Taxes Withheld Fed 	so.oc 
Taxes Withheld State 	SO.DC $0.00 Travel Card $0.0C $0.00 
Amount Traveler 	$631.31 $0.00 
Disbursement Mode 	Draft Site $0.00 
100% Total: 100% Approval Note: Falsification Item e)CpJI!. ....JuntWO!lls a,r,.., --'"::'-'0 ?!i14) and may result fine not more than $10,000 il'Tlpfisonment no! more than years both(18 U.S.C. 287; l.d 1001). 
Traveler Sign Belo--	Approving Official Sign Below Certifying Official Sign Below 
Thisvouctier certified COITecl arid proper for payment