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Judicial Watch • Michael A. Chagares – 2009

Michael A. Chagares – 2009

Michael A. Chagares – 2009

Page 1: Michael A. Chagares – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:6

Date Created:September 10, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:September 28, 2014

Tags:Michael A Chagares, gifts, Fidelity, filing, 2009, investment, reportable, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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PQSJTJ ONS. (Rtporllng indiid1UJ/ onl1:ste pp. 9-JJ /filing instructionJ.) 
NONE (No reporlablt positions) 
JJ. GflEEIfENlS. (Heportvrg indivrdua/ only, pp. 11-16 ojjiling insfr1Jclinn.t.) NONE (No repnrfable agreemenl..} 
Chagares, Michael 
0511 J/20 
III. N-INVESTIVIENT COJ.IE. (Rpuning indiiduul and spo>; pp. 17-U ruinx irot,u.:tiun:;.) Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable nonini-estment income) Spouses Non-Investment Income -l/JOll krt tnarried during any portio111 ofo,, rep.,rting ,.ar, comp/ft# thiJ uc1io11. (Dotlar amount nol requJred eJ.cpt for honar1ia.) 
NONE (No reponoble nun-investment income.) 
Dart Rtpor1 
Chgores, Mich.el,. 
l)jj)J/2010 GIFTS. (fndudel th1> spuuu and depmdenr  1hvu >pvu>i and Jependen1 chj/Jr.) 
[{] NONl:: (No reportable liabilities.) 
Datr Rrprt 
05/J 3120 
Chagues, llichd 
II. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -incom. lla/u. truHsr:urio.J (lnclMdU tltou o/Ipl)UU and Jp,ntlot chi/drr,,; fl, J4.6(J filing lnf,,11(/l()IH) 
NONE (No reporlabll! incoml!. assels. trnnsacliuns alu1: end.-- 
----D>tr:Jtn,, Offire 1hc United ates C4-l