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Judicial Watch • Michael Chertoff – 2003

Michael Chertoff – 2003

Michael Chertoff – 2003

Page 1: Michael Chertoff – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:20

Date Created:November 26, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:September 26, 2013

Tags:Michael Chertoff, Chertoff, Panelist, REIMBURSEMENTS, pound, bonds, ATF, michael, lodging, Supreme Court, court, 2003, EPA, TRUSTS, IRS, ICE, CIA, Federal Judge, Judge

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CalendarYe3:t 2003 U.S.C. app.  10!-Hl) P R!orting (Las! name. Fi:st name, Middle initial) Cher.oil; M-1 Title 	(Azticlc lll Judges !ndicote acllve 1ior status; magi>tra. judges indicate full pm-time) 
U.S. Cireuit Judge!. 
(Includes-I!> spoWIC.nd depmder 10,2003. Qape!Bill.NC.!U:viewlanol. 
FRVlliCV.ALDISCLOSliRE REPORT Page of4 IL INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS Name Person Reporting Chertofl; Michael Dab> Report Sll.ll20C4 
OOnofAssefl!: (im:ludiog-..-) Jncomod!Plng Gmss: v;lucatcnd.of --dlso-Codi: tJ:iv, n-. Codo2 Mess Sl,001-Sl.$00 .s2,50;-!S,.OIID .,ss.001..:sis..ooc  S15,001DOO (Seo Col= D4) 1:10.00100,ooo Sl00,000..$1,00C,OOO $1,000,.001-S.S.OOO,OOO -More -ss.000.000 VabJ:.: Cod:.!: !S.00:or r.. =Si.S,001-SS0.000 !Sll.001..SlOO.OOIJ 514l0,G:il-$2$0,00l.i 
(SeeCttlu:rnss and D3j ;_;c, -ssoo,o,,, .,,.$1,000.00iSS,!JOil,DOO !l2, .000,001,0.lO,.OO :tzi.000,0014.501!XIO,.OOC P4: .., S.tore t5Cl 
:,, t.MtCcHb: 0} Cm(R::zJ Oniy} ..:.At *>Cnsh.1 
Clrertlltr. Mlclraal 
(l) (2) 
1!am (X:!al!uclt ..,.....,,.,. Val!Jo Vahio 
finmprior dis;i0$utC: div. rent. 
T)PO (-3 
Wy. sen. Vabio 
ldmtlor1tss Sl..00100 S2,50-i..$.S,OOO SSJX.ll..$1.S.OOO 
(SeoBI omdt>13ri:e! 
(Set i:foo: V. In::o=during Groos....., cod T-ns during._m,gpcriod 
Dt.:!Cription Assets 
period period 
f,llclg ) liOt lrom: disclosure 
Mac. (X). afu:r=h--	va1 vw, (e.g. Date 
(ers Office Address Judge Michael Ch1.!0ff basis the information contained thfs Repott and any mcd.fications PeJ?ining thereto. ls, opinton, comp!iance with applicabk: laws and regulations. Walnut Street, Roc:n 5037 Newark. 07102 Reviewing Officer 
NOTES: The instructions accor:.panying this form mlst followed, Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you have reportable information. Sign lMi: page. POSITIONS. (Repc:r.i:.1g udivldual oniy; S...e pp. offiling instructions) 
?OSJTIOK .,., 
r-., of,i:;:-l :T.;z  ..i::.. 
Dnte ofReport 
ill. NON-mYESTNIBNT INCOME :Re?cr:ing 1nu:vida1 und spous; )e;: p. 7-24 rtling instructions) Filers lon-fnvestment Incom NONE (No non-investment incci:r:e.) 
(yours, oot spouses) 	!2/ll03 Gabriel Homes C:U:.ritable contribution chosen Week:ly Standard lieu 
payment for published article. Spouses Non-Investment Incom -(Ifyou. were macried during ;my portio;, the reporting year, please complete this section. (do11ar amount not required except for honotaria) NONE -(No reportable noa-investn:ent income.) 2003 	U.S. Department Homeland Security 2003 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS transportation, lodging, food, entertainment. -(Includes those spou,:;e: an.d dependent children. See p-p. 25-27 instmctions.) NONE (Ne sue:-; repo:table reimbursements.)- 
Natloml Con.,tj;itution C.enter AELABA 	Juiy 10, 2003. Philadelphia. PA. Panelist.!on, meals, lodging. AEI (American Ente;prise Institute for Public Policy August 2003. WashiEgton, DC. Panelist. Transportation, meals, lodging. 
Research) Harvard University Long-Term Legal Stra::egy Project October 2003. Car::brtdge, MA. Panelist. T:-ansportation, rneals, lodgi:ng. 
University North Carolina Schooi Law October 10, 2003. (1la?el Ei!l, NC. Keynote speaker. UNC Law Review Panel Transportation, meals, lodglng. 
North American Trilateral Commission 	Novernbe: 4-: 20G3. New York, 1.ri. Panelist Tra,,1Eportatlon, w.eals, lodging. 
Glasser LegalVtorks Complex Class Acti.0ns Novembe! 19-20, 2003. New Yo;k, NY. Paneiist. ::ransportatinn. 
Date :Jf Rep01t 
Chertoff, Michael 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS --transportation, lodging, food, entertainment. 
{Includes those spouse and dependent cl1ildren. See pp. 25-27 instructions.) NONE -(No such reportable reimbursements.) 
SOURCE Glasser LegalWorks Complex Class Actions AEUABA 
Nan1e Perso:; Reporting )ate 0fRepo:t Chertoff, Micbacl 5/13/2004 
FINANCL.L DISCLOSURE REPORT 	GIFTS.. (Includes those spouse and dep.;::ndent cni;dren. See pp. 28CTAL DISCLOSliKE REPORT 
Narne Person Reporting 
Ghertoff, :vfichael :5!)3!2004 
Dccr:iptfon .Asse:s {including :>tel.5) P::;::e :Xr af:er each asset exempt frompr:or disclosure fnco during -Type (l:.g, coo. div, ren_ (A-H) int) Gross vi:be end reporting. perlcd (:) Value va:;ue Code2 A-:l:e:h:rl (.f Code3 (Q-W) 11.Cti{m>:_ during reporting period oot from: dwclosYrc Ty,e {tg, Date: Value Gain buy, sell, MonthCode2 Code merger, Day (1-P) {A-ll)redemption} Identity buyenseiler (ifpriv:ate ton) 
DNONE {No, reportable incmne, assets, ortransactions} 
:ncomc:Gain (ldcs SJ,COGo;k1s =$5.,.0Gi-SJS,000 (Sc Columus D4) S.50.001 -$1 CO,O:JC More tl-:.:m s;;OOG,rn;o Value Codes: S.:::-.000 less nt$100,w:.:s2C-,OOO 
(See Cclrann:; andDS) S.:5:J,OOO-S300,CCO ss.:::oJ,JGJi::s,c:rno,ooo S25,000.00l-$5C,OOJ.,OOG $li,1ore SSG,C:JO,OCG Valm; Aici.hW Codes App:r::is..J Cost (R-::: Es:a1e On.Ir)> 
{See Colu:n; dDf;i y2;u;: 0fa:  Estil1::mred 
c::ertoff, !vflchaei 5/l312004 
b:icmrc durit:g GMs vulm: end Trans.::ictions duf.:ig ::porin;;; crbc.. :);:s:::ri;icior: 1ssets reponir,g period reprting period (:ir.ckdi:tg trust ile1s) Lfn:: xempt from di!lclosure 
(1) (l) 
Place (X) fie: ead: .asset exerupt A!:1:lL1.t Type (e._g. Value Valu.e Type (e.g.. :?ate: Value Gair. l:dearityoffrom pr:or dlsc:-::lle Code div. rent (..od!ll2 Method buy,sefi, lvionth-Code bt:y1se!ler $1,000 ii.:$5 =SJ,O:}l-52.500 $2,501$5,0CO r::. St5;0D1-$SO;OOO (SecCo:u:unsB.1 and D4) $50,COl-Slfr).Jt;,C; S!OO,OC l-SLOO;),GOO s1,ooo,001.$S.:-:::.o;K1 =More ! s-s..Y.coc Si5,00lS30,000 ..,, $5(1.00llOU..OOD =S1D:i,:JC1.$230,VC0 
(Se CollLmm arn:!D3; S;..50,005$500,000 =SS!J0,001-Sl,000,00() Z1,C00,01I-S5,COO.,OOO S:5,ti:..i:.OOJ SJ5,000,00D $25,DOU,CJlSSO,QO[J,000 SJ fare ctn-r; 50,0GO,OOO 
-/>:Ju:: Alcdirn:J C:::di:.5 =A?Jhil. 
(S.:e CoiroC. =BookVa:ue 0tl.Jr 
Date Report 
1;;: JJf Pcrs-on Rep-Orting l), Income during Gross v;Ui.;c