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Judicial Watch • Michael M Baylson Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Michael M Baylson Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Michael M Baylson Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Michael M Baylson Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:19

Date Created:November 10, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:ESTMENTS, Merged, Baylson, Michael M Baylson, michael, Gross, 2009, EPA, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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POSIT} NS. tR1?porli11g ;,1,Ji-.iJual only; pp. 91.11Jjji/i,, i11ITutticms.) 
[ZJ NOE (No reportahle positions.) 

J);i[c Jfrport 
iamt PHson Reporting
Baylson, :l.lichael 11. N-f NVESTJ-1 ENT NCO ME. (Reportin inJfri.luu/ uml spouu; pp. 17-lJ fi/in in.  

74. JP. Morgan Co. Common 
75_ LPS fnc 
76. Pl'C Fmanlial Sc-rvics Corp. 
77. P'.J(' Financial Services Corp. 
!CR Corp -;9_ Tl:raJ;Jla 
Wcllo.; fargo (l.niou.' Vachuvia Corp. 2nd) 
Wcsicrn Oigit.11 Cotp. 
lnctllTIC" during rcp1111ing penuJ 
ii) 12) Amount Tyr leg Cndc  
rl1", !t:IL[ tollll[) 
Divi111  S!fJ(J_[)OU 1.000,00  15,(M)!l,CiOiJ J1..1rc1h.:1r1S)IJ.JJl)4J.tJOO .scssmcnl ... L,:.m.ikJ "S.()l -i.f!.i(i 
112 =tl,1r thai :>l)l',11 1110 s100.t101 -1:.:sa.riuJ -)JJ1hl.iMJI  S:!./>OUJ1rn1 

Dlt Jh-porl 
:X11rur Persorti Ueporting 

VII. JNVESTlfENTS and TRUSTS -income. alue. trama1:1ionJ (/m/u,/e thme of.1pOU!ie and Jependc-n/ d1ifd,en: pp. ).f.fiO filing in.tlruttiwn.J 
NONE (No reportable income, assets. tra11.1,1crirJ11S) 
I11..:urnc dur in,g Gru:-. v.tlu1.. :..t .::ill T1.111jlt11>1:! Jurn1 11:po1trng p1,.riuJ 
D1.:!: O:ily,l -Ca.h M.Jrl..ct Si:r ulumn L"l) -n,,l ,1hK Chhrr  

!;,,mu Person Rf'porring 
Ba}lson, '.lichel '.'ti. 
,,,. INlESTM ENTS and TRUSTS -;m,:um.t', l!U/Ue, ,,.umuction (/nduJeJ. Ihm "I'P""' urid dpt!,,d1'"' (:J,i/Jrrn; .a pp. J.J.60 Jilin1: imtru1 ,;,,n,,) 
NONE (No reportoh!e income, osscts, transactiuns.) Dc-crtpl1vrt AsrtS ln..:umc-Jurwg (;rv. v;dUl' r  ). =)15,lM":l -S),1,fl(JU S.5Ci.iXJI -SH.lil.000  ,{ -S.H.l'l.OOl -S:!.:>0,00{)  
i"'rr vhun11 .lt1J OJ) S$0/Mll -1500,llrMi -.1500.11 -S1,no1l,llflll -51,000,00 -15,000,000 =Si,01111 OiJI -S.'.!5,fltl0,1)110  
f'I -1!).000.0IJI  J5fl,fl01,i)llCJ .o.f..for lhlln SfJJUJ.000 rur Mct/10J ,lo.J'C'  Q->i.pr1-.a1!>JI - 1.t (RrI L-.1,.lc (Inly) -Asc:;mcr.I  
(,. 11l111'll1 I.!' -[l,'t,l. .'alu "fllhrr  WL:11ima1cJ  

.amc:: ftnon rtcporring 
Baylson, '.lichacl '.I. 
rJJ. JNVESTllENTS and TRUSTS -income, val rransucrion. r'"''""" 1ho" 'if'P""-" und t1eptnd"' chi/arm;,,, pp. JJ-60 fl/inc .,,.,;,m,.1 NONE (No reportable income, assets. transactions.) 
1. lkscripriou Asset Im:unn: t.fu1rng: l'lru:>:i vah;c ;JI l.'."nd Tr01,rn10 V-.luc ,.Ji:. 11.noou1:c-.. s.001. s:>ri.riw1  
(rel uturnn)l ant..ID.i) -suo.oo -s, .,oo.noo "'1500,f}jJI  ,Iii)() 000  
P. -SZJ,000.001 -.f,)U,WJ,IJl!IJ ".llue  ..;  "-rrru,.I 111 (Real f:!:Ulc: 0!'llj}  
,St;(ulumoC;'J fkL 'ah1l' '""flhc1 :t.Sill. Sl,000 ""S:'i.001 -$1 S,ooo 5 .000,t)()I  l.000.00ol 112 -:-fore th.111 'i.OIPJ.l)L'lS 111-.:umc Juriug 1:.'lf;11 ll)I {Re] ,l,u.: Only) '"Othc.:r -.S.!;; -'i.Oflf: -'SJ 000,Mi. ss.0010111 SOJ;tJ; -)100.000 'il.O(olJ,IXiV.00-1 55.0111 -S!S,{100 
II.! -"M,1re th.:.Jll S5.llllfl.ll>O 
'.t SlOd,001 -.SSO,Otlli -=-S5,001J,fHll -i2.00l},0fMl t.ule-1 

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(Ho.:(,,hmna1 JI1J[H -S..! l1'J.  Q-.f,,p111:u"I (.L>f iRCJI [.