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Judicial Watch • Monitoring Tensions Over Shooting of Miami Dade Teen in Sanford Florida

Monitoring Tensions Over Shooting of Miami Dade Teen in Sanford Florida

Monitoring Tensions Over Shooting of Miami Dade Teen in Sanford Florida

Page 1: Monitoring Tensions Over Shooting of Miami Dade Teen in Sanford Florida


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Date Created:July 9, 2013

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Lisette Garcia 

From:  Carswell, Amy (Advocacy)   
Sent:  Friday, March 09, 2012 12:08  
Subject:  Monitoring Tensions Over Shooting Miami-Dade Teen Sanford Florida  

FYI: You may recall that the nephew CRB Executive Committee member Ronald Fulton was shot and killed under mysterious circumstances February 26, 2012 while visiting his family Sanford Florida. Trayvon Martin was years age. The year old man who admitted shooting Trayvon has not been arrested. There growing community interest and national and local media coverage the case and CRB leaders and staff are monitoring local tensions. The CRB extends deep condolences Mr. Martins family and friends. 
See below CBS morning news coverage the controversial shooting Trayvon Martin, resident Miami-Dade District See also below on-line petition that has been started reader the Miami Herald article the Martin killing that appeared today, March  The CRB Executive Committee met Wednesday, March and this troubling situation was discussed. The Executive Committee recommended Mr. Fulton that contact the Office County Commissioner Barbara Jordan, who represents the community where Trayvons family resides, for constituent services.  Mr. Fulton has done so. The CRB working determine the level tension here Miami-Dade and leaders will respond appropriate. have been touch with Commissioner Jordans office and are conferring next steps. will keep you informed further developments.  
From: Ronald Fulton [] Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2012 10:35 
To:; Damian Gregory; Carswell, Amy (Advocacy); FELTA ANDERSON;;;; Edwards, 
Paul;; Balzebre, Frank (Office the Mayor);; Shirley Mason, Founder and Mother Haulover Beach; Joseph Gebara; lottie hines; Ortiz, Joseph; Lynne Cameron;; Monica, Matthew;; Reuben Neff; OUR Homes, Inc.;; Hawkins, Ryan (DIST1); ronquavis Fulton; Wayne Rawlins; Trammell, Walter (MDPD) 
Subject: Fwd: News Stuff
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From:  Date: Thu, Mar 2012 10:16 Subject: News Stuff To: 
Yahoo(Alot comments) 

From: Boone, Retha (Advocacy) 
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2012 11:27 
To: Carswell, Amy (Advocacy) 
Subject: Emailing: Beta year old boy killed over pack skittles SPEAK UP!.htm
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We, the signers this petition, demand that George Zimmerman prosecuted for his unlawful actions and take responsibilities for the crimes which has committed. message needs sent ALL "neighborhood watch" organizations that taking the law 
into their OWN hands will not tolerated! 
Trayvon Martin (17 years old) was walking home from the store gated Stanford, community with pack skittles and drink when was labeled "suspicious" and shot and KILLED armed neighborhood watch guard. Despite the fact that Trayvon was completely unarmed, George Zimmerman white man) believed the young black teen dangerous and even AFTER being told police "stand down" took his own hands and shot the young boy cold blooded murder. We're calling you, America, stand for justice and demand that Zimmerman charged with his crimes! Please sign the petition and pass all your family and friends! Let's stand together and show that this NOT acceptable ANY community! need signatures 

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