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Date Created:October 16, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 21, 2014


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Post Office Box 50549 
Colllmbia, Sooth Carolina 29250 

Phone: 803-753-1099 

October 16. 2014 
Penda Hair 	Thomas Yannucci 
Edward Hailes, Jr. 	Daniel Donovan 
Denise Lieberman 	Susan Davies 
Donita Judge 	Bridget O'Connor 
Caitlin Swain Winn Allen 
Advancement Project 	Kim Rancour 
Suite 850 	Jodi 
1220 Street, N.W. 	Kirkland LLP 
Washington. 20005 	655 Fifteenth Street. 	Washington. 20005 
Adam Stein 
Tin Fulton Walker Owen. PLLC Irving Joyner 
312 Franklin Street Box 374 
Chapel Hill, 27516 	Cary, 27512 
Re: 	North Carolina State Conference the NAACP al. Patrick Lloyd McCrory al., Middle District Civil Action No. :13-cv-658 
Dear Counsel: has come our attention that during the N.C. State Conference the NAACP's ("N.C. 
NAACP") 7151 Annual State Convention held this past weekend Fayetteville, North Carolina, Rev. Dr. William Barber made several statements regarding the ongoing litigation regarding S.L. 2013-381, including the recent court rulings regarding the plaintiffs' motions for preliminary injunction this litigation. Some these comments are included videos that have been posted online. These videos appear have been edited. also our understanding that during the Freedom Fund Annual Awards Banquet held Saturday evening. October 11. Rev. Barber urged those attendance take unregistered voters vote during the Early Voting period and engage get-oul-the vote activities that included transporting registered voters vote precincts which they are not assigned vote Election Day, words that effect. The stated purpose for these activities. understand it. was gather evidence for and thereby enhance plaintiffs prospects success the litigation involving 
S.L. 2013-381. such activities were occur. they would not only appear unfairly prejudice defendants the pending litigation but would also disruptive the election process and could 
result voter confusion disenfranchisement. also question whether any such plan conduct violates North Carolina election laws. 
Due the potentially serious consequences these statements, please confirm whether Rev. Barber anyone else. fact, made statements this effect attendees the N.C. 

AACP's convention. addition. please also let know whether the N.C. NAACP has plans 
direct unregistered voters Early Voting sites intends transport registered voters precincts where they are not assigned Election Day. 
Additionally, respectfully ask that the N.C. NAACP preserve all original and edited video and audio recordings any proceedings its 7l51 Annual State Convention its possession. custody, control. including but not limited any video audio recording the any comments Rev. Barber others during the Freedom Fund Annual Awards Banquet held Saturday, October 11. further request that the N.C. NAACP preserve all documents, records and records (electronic hard copy) related its get-out-the-vote activities during this election cycle (including any plans take unregistered voters early voting election day voters incorrect precincts) well all documents and records (electronic hard copy) regarding outreach voters regarding provisions Session Law 2013-381 during this election cycle. 
Should you have any questions regarding these requests. please not hesitate contact me. look forward receiving your prompt response our inquiry regarding Rev. Barbers statements. 

Karl Bowers, Jr.