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National Council Razas Public Funding January 2009, President Obama named Cecilia Muoz the position Director the Office Intergovernmental Affairs. the time her appointment, Muoz was the Vice President for Research, Advocacy and Legislation for the National Council Raza (NCLR).  Muoz also served the boards Center for Community Change liberal, pro-amnesty group), the Washington Office Latin America, the Open Society Institutes U.S. Programs division, and Human Rights Watchs U.S. advisory committee. all these positions, Muoz consistently advocated for liberalization immigration policies and amnesty for illegal aliens. recognition her work promoting open borders, the Mexican governments Instituto Mexicanos Exterior (Institute for Mexicans Residing Abroad) awarded her the Ohtli Prize, the highest national honor that can given non-Mexican citizen.  According Mexicos foreign affairs ministry, the Ohtli un reconocimiento que otorga Secretara Relaciones Exteriores (SRE), por conducto del Instituto los mexicanos Exterior (IME), mexicanos, mexicanas, latinos latinas sus descendientes nacidos extranjero que hayan distinguido por trabajo durante muchos aos beneficio comunidad origen mexicano extranjero, cualquier mbito del quehacer humano recognition awarded Mexicans other Latinos (or their descendants born abroad) for many years distinguished work service Mexican expatriates any field human endeavor.   (Former NCLR Chairman Ramon Murgua previously received the award well). 
Since Muoz joined the White House, federal funding for Raza has increased significantly.  The NCLR received $2.8 million federal grants 2008 and $4.1 million 2009. 2010, the total skyrocketed more than $11 million. (Source: 
Nearly percent the grant funding NCLR 2010 was provided the Department Labor for employment training and placement.  These grants were funded the Recovery Act; therefore, NCLR was required report the number jobs created sustained the funded programs. total direct jobs were reported. addition, students who received training funded the grants were reportedly placed jobs.  (Note: These figures are from, they are likely off due reporting delays) 
Other federal grants awarded the NCLR during 2010 were follows: 
$2,530,618 from HUD provide housing counseling 
$961,682 from the Corporation for National and Community Service fund AmeriCorps volunteers 
$793,158 from the Department Education 
$250,000 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
The NCLR also received $1,000,000 earmark the 2010 for capitalization revolving loan fund used for nationwide community development activities.  The earmark was sponsored Reps. Cicero (TX), Olver (MA), Gutierrez (IL) and Diaz-Balart (FL). 
The Department Health and Human Services paid the NCLR $25,000 2010 co-sponsor the Councils annual conference.   
The NCLR the parent organization five affiliated non-profits:  The Raza Development Fund, the Strategic Investment Fund for Raza, the Farmworkers Justice Fund, Hogar Hispano and Democracia USA/Democracia Ahora.  All but Democraca USA/Democraca Ahorra share the NCLRs 1126 16th Street address.   
The Farmworker Justice Fund received $547,500 grants from HHS 2010 for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention efforts percent increase over its 2009 total and roughly one-third the organizations total income. 
Democraca USA/Democraca Ahora, Inc. nominally non-partisan voter registration and legislative advocacy group for Latino issues.  Its president and CEO, Jorge Mursuli, was paid $195,000 the NCLR 2008.  Mursuli, gay rights activist, was previously the Florida state director for People for the American Way. July 2010, Mursuli was arrested Phoenix during street protest against 1070.  The organization based Miami and maintains offices Nevada, Colorado and New Jersey.  Its campaigns include stopping legislation modeled after 1070, environmental issues, fighting the repeal Obamacare and legislative redistricting Florida. 2010, Democracia USA received $300,000 grant funding from the Tides Foundation. addition these sister organizations, the NCLR maintains network approximately 300 affiliated groups.  Several these groups have received substantially increased funding since Muoz appointment. Centro Raza, affiliated social service organization Seattle, received two Recovery Act-funded grants 2010: $295,000 from HUD for housing counseling services and $239,824 from Health and Human Services provide employment training. 
The Gulf Coast Council Raza received $289,150 federal grants during 2010 from the Departments Education and Agriculture.  The Gulf Coast Council the Garza-Gonzalez charter school and runaway shelter, both Corpus Christi, TX.     
Chicanos Por Causa (CPLC), one the largest NCLR affiliates, saw its federal funding nearly double following Muoz appointment.  The group received $11.8 million 2007 and $13.2 million 2008, leaping $24.4 million 2009 and $18.3 million 2010. December 2009, the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office raided the CPLC headquarters Phoenix relation public corruption case against Mary Rose Wilcox, Maricopa County supervisor.  (Wilcox accepted nearly $200,000 loans from CPLC while voting award county grants and contract the organization.  She was indicted charges perjury, forgery and conflict interest charges, which were later dismissed). 2008, the CPLC sued the State Arizona (CPLC Napolitano) challenge the recently-upheld Arizona Legal Workers Act.   
The Youth Policy Institute, educational and social services organization based Los Angeles, received HHS grants $225,000 2007 and 2008. 2009, got $2.5 million (all from the Department Education), and 2010 the total rose nearly $11 million.  The 2010 funding included $5.5 million from the Department Commerce for computer centers, $7.75 from Education and 
$3.6 million Recovery Act funds from the Department Labor.     
NCLR affiliate CentroNia, Inc., bilingual educational center and Takoma Park, MD, received $500,000 Department Education grant August 2010. was the first time the organization received federal funding.  The grant was funded earmark Rep. Van Hollen, Sen. Mikulski and Sen. Cardin. February 2011, CentroNias CEO, Beatriz BB Otero, was appointed DCs Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services.  
Hispanic Interests Coalition Alabama received $299,802 grant from DOJs Culturally and Linguistically Specific Services Program 9/16/2010. had not previously received federal funding. 
Ayuda, Inc., Hispanic social services and legal assistance organization DC, received $600,000 federal grants 2009 and $548,000 2010 (all from DOJ).  The organization had received funding 2005  2008.  Ayuda advertises that provides immigration law services and states its web site, the conversations have with you are confidential.  Ayuda does not report undocumented people immigration officials.  The chair its board directors, Claudia Crichlow, Administrative Law Judge the District Columbias Office Administrative Hearings. 
The National Farm Worker Service Center (NFWSC), project the United Farm Workers America, received $385,000 federal grants 2010.  $60,000 was provided via the Edward Byrne Memorial State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Program, which designed award grants states for use states and units local 
government improve the functioning the criminal justice systemwith emphasis violent crime and serious offendersand enforce state and local laws that establish offenses similar those the federal Controlled Substances Act.  NFWSC received the grant for its Farm Worker Anti-Discrimination Project.