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Judicial Watch • Newsletter 2003 N0302

Newsletter 2003 N0302

Newsletter 2003 N0302

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CHINAGATE CASE MOVES FORWARD Battles Clinton Justice Department Court 
Did Clinton Justice Department officials want Chinagate whistleblower Johnny Chung out the way? were they simply punishing him for exposing Clintons campaign finance abuses? Either way, Justice officials violated Mr. Chungs constitutional rights and placed his life risk when they publicly disclosed his location after Mr. Chung 
provided key testimony the Chinagate case. Subsequent the disclosure, Mr. Chung received numerous and repeated threats his life from Communist Chinese government operatives. 
Judicial Watch was court December arguing its case behalf Mr. Chung before three-judge panel Washington, DC. lower court had dismissed the case the grounds that the time period which file the lawsuit had expired. Judicial Watch argued that because Mr. Chung had been fear for his life, and thus unable bring the lawsuit earlier, that the time period should extended. 
"The Department Justice supposed enforce the law, not bully and intimidate cooperating witnesses who possess politically embarrassing information," said President Tom Fitton. "We allege they purposely placed Mr. Chungs life jeopardy and they must held accountable." 
Mr. Chung former Clinton-Gore fundraiser who admitted funneling money from the Chinese military Bill Clintons fundraising machine the Democratic National Committee. This was one element Clinton-Gore scheme peddle influence the Communist Chinese exchange for contributions the Clinton-Gore re-election effort  campaign that continues this day. 

For while was initiating legal action behalf 
Chung December Gore 
was allegedly concluding trip the other side the world where continued his shameful and 
brazen courtship the Chinese 
Communist government. The former Vice President visited China November for forum 
focused the nations entry into 
the World Trade Organization. 
Gore was providing photo ops for 
conference attendees exchange 
for cash, according the South 
China Morning Post. 
"This the Buddhist Temple all over again," said Mr. Fitton. "Apparently Gore must still taught lesson because clear has learned nothing far." 
Judicial Watch, reported Fox News, got the "ball rolling" the Chinagate scandal through its lawsuit over the Clinton Commerce 

Departments sale taxpayer-funded trade mission seats 
and export licenses for campaign contributions. Chinagate one the most serious scandals U.S. history. 
involves the transfer Americas most sensitive technolo exchange for millions dollars contributions the 
1996 Clinton-Gore re-election effort and the Democratic 
National Committee. 

Dear Judicial Watch, this time year, especially thankful that you are helping fight corruption our government. All our family wish you the best this Christmas! 
John Roberts Georgia 

Editor Response: Over the past few months, have received cards and notes from many readers. Mr. Roberts was the first, publish his represent all the kind and thoughtful messages have received. All the staff here Judicial Watch appreciate your best wishes. 

Congratulations! have read recently about your legal court wins behalf Gennifer Flowers and Dolly Kyle Browning. course, most what have learned and read came from Judicial Watchs Verdict newsletter, but did hear brief report the radio. regularly listen Rush Limbaugh and watch the Fox News Channel get the REAL news 
 not the garbage from the liberals the press. also read your newsletter every month. Keep the good work. 
William Marie Rohr Pennsylvania 
Editor Response: The wheels justice grind steady and now both these courageous women will soon granted their days court. fact are now the process seeking the depositions both Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Stephanopoulos and James Carville. Many Judicial Watch supporters have been with for the past five six years and they (like the Rohrs) have remained steadfast their determination see justice prevail. And Ive stated many times the past, Judicial Watch will not rest until the Clintons, and other corrupt public officials, are brought justice! 

2003 Judicial Watch Member Cards Have Mailed! 

Annual Member Renewal Underway 
The 2003 Judicial Watch member cards mailed earlier this month. Cards have been personalized with embossment each members name. 
For Judicial Watch supporters and members there nothing more rewarding than participating the exciting work do. Carrying the annual membership card symbolizes the partnership between and the many individuals who support our efforts. 
For any member who did not receive card, their card was damaged, please call the members only hotline 1-800-333-5336. 

Government Uncovered 

Freedom Information Equals Freedom From Corruption 
Access information vital Judicial Watchs efforts hold politicians accountable for their actions. This why the Freedom Information Act (FOIA) such important tool for Judicial Watch. Each issue The Verdict will include analysis FOIA documents obtained Judicial Watch. 
Background Easter weekend, April 22, 2000, INS agents stormed the home Elians Miami relatives and ripped the boy from the arms the man who had saved him, Donato Dalrymple, and then returned him the clutches Communist dictator Fidel Castro. During the raid, peaceful protestors from "Little Havana" were gassed, beaten, threatened and clubbed then Attorney General Renos storm troopers. this issue, The Verdict focuses efforts anti-American leftists lobby Reno for Elians return Cuba, calling question the Clinton Administrations motivation.  

Key Excerpts: 

Letter from Karen Koonan, President the National Lawyers Guild 

"The National Lawyers Guild urges the United States government adhere international, United States and Cuban law, well basic tenets human decency, and immediately return Elian Gonzalez his father Cuba." 
"The dire economic conditions Cuba are the direct and specifically intended result the United States economic blockade Cuba, which since 1960 has been designed bring about "hunger, desperation and overthrow government" Cuba. This extraterritorial policy unprecedented both its duration and scope." 
"The National Lawyers Guild calls the United States abide international, United States and Cuban law." 
Response letter from the Justice Department 
"As you know, January Commissioner Doris Meissner the INS announced that Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Elians father, possesses the sole legal authority speak behalf his son regarding immigration matters." 


Janet Reno attempted convince the American people that Elian Gonzalez was returned Cuba for his own good and for the good his family.  However, this letter, which accurately reflects the Clinton Administrations position evidenced copy response letter from the Justice Department, clearly shows that the decision was made placate Cuba. The writer tips her hand when criticizing the Cuban embargo, effectively blaming the United States for the tremendous number Cubans who seek freedom American soil. She further illustrates her allegiance calling upon the United States government show deference Cuban law. Throughout its investigation the Elian Gonzalez controversy, Judicial Watch has uncovered numerous documents that show Bill Clinton and Janet Reno were acting the best interests Cuba, not Elian Gonzalez and not the United States. The question is, why? will find out. Note 
Judicial Watch earned landmark victory its case behalf Ric Ramirez, the former Miami INS agent who exposed widespread anti-Cuban, anti-Hispanic prejudice the agency. dramatic, last second change strategy, the U.S. Government abandoned plans move for dismissal and instead settled the case favorable terms for Special Agent Rameriz mid-September.  
Another Clinton-Castro Connection: Former White House counsel Gregory Craig, Williams and Connolly (the Clintons' attorneys), played conspicuously shameless role assisting Castro's propaganda machine agreeing work pro bono for Juan Miguel Gonzalez, man never before met, order return Elian Castro. Note 

Both Stephanopolous and Carville publicly parroted Pellicanos false claim that Ms. Flowers taped conversations with Bill Clinton were "doctored." 
"Gennifer Flowers claims that defendants knew she was telling the truthbut accused her being liar and fraud anyway. Flowers claims are true, her suit does not offend the First Amendment." 
 Judge Alex Kozinsk, Ninth Circuit Court Appeals ruling favor Judicial Watch. 

Clinton Private Detective Arrested 

Pellicano Was Key Participant Clinton Campaign Intimidate Gennifer Flowers contributed this report  According the man responsible for the intimi 
dation attack, Alexander Proctor, Seagal initially  
What actor Steven Seagal and Senator Hillary  hired Pellicano the job. Instead, however,  
Clinton have common? Both allegedly hired  the Clinton-connected private detective subcon 
the same low-life private detective their  tracted the job Proctor. FBI raid  
dirty work.  Pellicanos office uncovered enough explosives  
"bring down plane blow car," according  
Anthony Pellicano was arrested recently for the New York Daily News.  
hiring ex-con, allegedly the direction  
Seagal, intimidate Los Angeles Times reporter  Followers JWs case behalf Gennifer  
Anita Busch. Ms. Busch was investigating  Flowers may recall that alleged that Hillary  
Mafia extortion plot against the actor.  Clinton hired Pellicano 1992 discredit Ms.  
scene seemingly taken straight from  Flowers after she publicly revealed her long-term  
"Sopranos" script, Busch arrived her car find  affair with former President Clinton. Pellicano,  
the windshield shattered and dead fish her  who was billed "audio recording expert,"  
front seat with long stemmed rose its  claimed that Ms. Flowers smoking gun tapes  
mouth. sign nearby read, simply, "Stop,"  conversations with Bill Clinton were "selectively  
obviously referring her investigation.  edited," bold-faced lie.  
The liberal media has, not surprisingly, ignored  
the Pellicano  Clinton connection.  
"The fact that Pellicano has been connected  
this shameless intimidation campaign should  
lend further credibility JWs arguments  
court behalf Ms. Flowers," said  
President Tom Fitton.  "In both cases, attempt  
was made squash individuals First  
Amendment rights."  
Judicial Watch currently fighting court  
behalf Ms. Flowers defamation lawsuit  
and ready depose George Stephanopoulos,  
James Carville and Hillary Clinton.  

Hillary Clinton 

Docs Show Government Endangered 
Lives Postal Workers Files Criminal Complaint, Calls for Investigation 
"Its like our lives are not important." 
 Melvin Thweatt, employee the Brentwood facility, interview with CNN. 
Documents recently obtained Judicial Watch reveal shocking and disturbing facts about how the government mishandled the anthrax attacks against Senators Daschle and Leahy October 2001. While those power Capitol Hill received prompt medical care and attention, government officials allowed the Brentwood postal facility that Judicial Watch uncovered the log what believed senior postal official that proves the government knew the Brentwood facility was contaminated anthrax four days before they closed the facility. October 18, the log indicates that the USPS knew Brentwoods 2,200 postal workers were "affected" anthrax spores they had isolated the machine that had processed Senator Daschles letter and had conducted swab tests 
that proved was contaminated 
"hot." Yet was not until late Note 
Excerpted from journal/log Senior Brentwood postal worker 
"Monday, October 15thJerry Lane and received call the Denver Forum that Senator Daschles office had received letter the Hart Building that contained Anthrax." 
"Thursday, October 18thWhen left the meeting, pulled Deborah aside and let her know that the mail was leaking and that were affected...By decoding the tag information, were able identify the actual machine the mail had been processed on. Since URS only had swabs available, did this machine and the manual cases for ZIP Code 20501 (The Senate). Again they tested hot." (Emphasis added.) 
processed the mail remain open for four days 
even after discovering the site was contaminated anthrax. Two postal workers died and two others were infected with inhalation anthrax they contracted working with mail the Brentwood facility. 
Sunday, October 21, that they 

While those power 
finally shut down the facili-

Capitol Hill received prompt medical ty.  Meanwhile, staff members Capitol Hill

care and attention, government officials 
 some whom had 

allowed the Brentwood postal facility that not even been exposed processed the mail remain open for four anthrax  were 
receiving preventative

days even after discovering the site 
antibiotic treatment, was contaminated anthrax. while postal workers 
Judicial Watch represents hundreds Brentwood employees and has filed complaint with the U.S. Attorney for the District Columbia seeking criminal investigation for "reckless endangerment, manslaughter, obstruction justice and conspiracy," name few the applicable charges. 
"The fact our government sacrificed the lives blue collar postal workers save money and avoid further public relations fallout," said Chairman Larry Klayman. "This clearly crosses the line from incompetence criminal neglect and whoever responsible will pay.  Judicial Watch will see it." 
Through its Freedom Information Act request, 
received such benefit until much later. waiting nearly four days close Brentwood down, the U.S.P.S. violated their own regulations stated the Emergency Response Mail Allegedly Containing Anthrax, which calls for immediate evacuation such circumstances. 
Given that 97% the postal workers Brentwood are African American, addition the complaint filed with the U.S. Attorneys office, Judicial Watch has also filed complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigate whether there were any violations the Brentwood postal workers civil rights. 

Interview with Senator Orrin Hatch 

November 23, 2002 
Tom Fitton: Welcome back the Judicial Watch Report.  Joining special guest right now Senator Orrin Hatch, the great Senator from the state Utah. Senators not only vote and political things. Some them have brains enough write and Senator Hatch has new book out entitled, Square Pegs: Confessions Citizen Senator. didn't mean attack politicians there, Senator Hatch. Welcome the Judicial Watch Report. 
Senator Orrin Hatch: Well ahead, everybody else does. don't know why you should any different. And deserve it. 
Fitton: That's what was going say.  You make easy sometimes. you know, Judicial Watch was very much involved the effort get Bill Clinton removed from office and thought ought have been removed, not only for the Lewinsky scandal, which was sufficient, but Chinagate and Filegate and his misuse the IRS and the attendant scandals there. What's your view that? 
Hatch: You know, told President Clinton, said, "If you didn't tell the truth the Paula Jones case, admit it. Get straightened out." said, "The American people are very forgiving people and they'll forgive you." said, "It'll little unpleasant for awhile, but you'll least get through it." But, you know, lied right until they found the dress and, course, that point, was too difficult for him avoid impeachment. 
Larry Klayman: What about the situation with 9/11? mean, everybody agrees that the Clinton Administration dropped the ball terms preparing for terrorism. 
Hatch: There's question there are lots scattered things throughout the intelligence and law enforcement community, but had they been brought together good leadership, might possibly have been able have captured these people, caught these people, stopped them 9/11. 1996, passed the Terrorism Act 1996. tried very hard get good principles into that Bill. tried get into the Terrorism Act the ability able share information among the very various agencies. course, weren't able because these concerns about civil liberties. You right down the line. had been able put into the 1996 Act what did finally into the USA Patriot Act after 9/11. very well could have caught these terrorists 
Klayman: represent FBI agent, don't know you've heard him, Bob Wright, who exposed intelligence failures the FBI. But the FBIs own inability process information internally has nothing with the Patriot Act. What the Homeland Securities Bill, anything, going take care that problem? haven't seen that solution yet and Bob Wright continues see many the same things that occurred before 9/11. 
Hatch: Well, frankly, weve always got bureaucratic mindsets that prevent from doing all the things that need done. We're hopeful that strong leadership over Homeland Security and set, understood way doing business might able turn that around, but think they're always going have work energize which call bureaucracy and get them their jobs. Many do. 
Klayman: Well, look forward you keeping their feet the fire because I'm sitting here the Port Miami which one the number one targets this country and there's absolutely nothing prevent private yacht from just pulling here with chemical weapons even nuclear device, and that's, that's close Miami. 
Hatch: Well, that's going be, that's going the next step. But have say that our law enforcement people are doing good job under the circumstances. thought Louis Freeh did great job Director the FBI. 
Fitton: have say respectfully disagree with you that. You know, Louis Freeh made lot noise and think was probably upset Bill Clinton, but never took that step terms saying, "Hey look. not going tolerate this any more. going resign because Janet Reno's refusal investigate this criminal activity the president and vice president terms campaign fund raising, especially with the Chinese Communist figures." you think that you were too nice Reno? phrased that charitably could. 
Hatch: think that was good. One reason Louis didn't retire because some encouraged him stay there. 
Fitton: we, blame you for Louis Freeh? 
Hatch: Sure. Let just say that you know that inherited big mess. wasn't because people weren't trying, but Congress wasn't doing its job and you're right. You're right.  You can blame them large degree. honest with you, I've been trying beef the FBI for years, but you just couldn't get through. And take Janet Reno. Yes, was very nice her, but what else could you do? You could never get anything out her. you tried get out her, the press would say you're abusing her and, take from me, was waste time. 

Fitton: Judicial Watch obviously looks areas corruption and you've been accused and want give you chance give your side the story the issue BCCI, the Bank Credit and Commerce International. Your name has been linked with that scandal. 
Hatch: Well, you know, discuss thoroughly the book. Those are three the worst years life and have tell you, finally asked the Ethics Committee look into it. said, you review it, you tell and, course, they did and they found absolutely nothing. But was 
miserable, wretched period time that cost about $300,000 defend myself and have say was very pleased vindicated. But the chapter interesting one because shows how, matter how good you are and matter how decent person you are, you can get sucked into very bad situation that, you know, can ruin your career, your life and everything else. 
Fitton: Senator, don't want cut you off, but we're coming the end. appreciate the Senator 
taking the time join especially during the weekend. 
Hatch: You guys are doing terrific job, you know, and have tell you, you regardless politics, which think much your favor. 
Klayman: Well, are conservatives and we're proud that. 
Hatch: Well, know that, but also know that takes lot guts take lot gaff from people and have lot respect for you, and when hang 'em up, maybe can come and try some those cases. Note 
Square Peg: Confessions Citizen Senator Senator Orrin Hatch: 
Hatch addresses matters close his own heart: the true role the public servant; how know you should run for office; the importance having convictions and when yield them; how politician survives personal attacks; and how survive running for president. gives behindthe-scenes look what really went during some the most controversial and important debates his career, including the Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings and the Clinton impeachment hearings. And stakes his position the current debate over human cloning and stem cell research. Talks About the Moral Decline 
America The Report Television Show Interview with Judge Roy Moore, Chief Justice the Alabama Supreme Court 
Larry Klayman: federal judge ruled that monument installed Alabama judicial building Chief Justice, Judge Roy Moore, must removed because violates the separation church and state. Judge Roy Moore friend Judicial Watch and installed the monument this summer without informing the other justices. The Chief Justice testified that installed the monument partly because concern that the country has suffered moral and ethical decline over the last 40-50 years. And result this federal court ruling, including those against prayer the public schools, our opinion continues decline even further. the display unconstitutional simply the basis our legal system under the First Amendment? Joining the phone hero, our friend Judge Roy Moore, Chief Justice from Alabama. Judge Moore 
Judge Moore: Kindly thanks, sir 
Klayman: Thanks for joining us. One the things that was saying off camera was that never understood the debate over the Ten Commandments because quite apart from being religious and obviously came through the ancient Hebrews and was later adopted Napoleon when created his Napoleonic code. finds its way into the com-mon law system, and even for those people who are not religious, clearly part our legal system. whats the big deal here? Why everyone giving you such hard time? 

Moore: Well its not about the Ten 
Commandments all. Its about the source the Ten Commandments that the issue controversy. Whether not the state general, the state Alabama, the government can acknowledge the God the Holy Scriptures, the Judeo-Christian God which this nation was founded and with which our laws are based. Its not about the Ten Commandments because the Judge said that the Ten Commandments are basic source our moral foundation and our forefathers looked them for guidance. But said crossed the line when acknowledged the Judeo-Christian God. 
Klayman: You went into this controversy number years ago hanging the Ten Commandments your courtroom. You didnt acknowledge the source then. You just simply hung it. 
Moore: have always acknowledged the source the Ten Commandments. Its God. 
Klayman: Was that written what you hung your wall? 
Moore: Yes.  The problem that people across our country have been taught that wrong acknowledge God under the First Amendment and indeed they misunderstand the definition religion the First Amendment. Religion not synonymous with God. the duties which owe the creator and the matter discharging those duties. That what Congress was forbidden get involved with and establish. was not forbid the acknowledgement God. 
Klayman: Any God you want? 

Moore: The First Amendment addressed the Greater God. The First Amendment gives freedom conscience. The government does not have control over what you think what you worship. the display the Ten Commandments are not telling people what they must believe, what they must worship. are simply acknowledging the God who gave freedom conscience and gave laws upon which our laws are based. 
Klayman: What meant saying that you could worship different gods that the establishment clause the First Amendment authorizes people different religions come here and worship they see fit. not preventing anyone, facilitating it. And the very fact that our legal system based the Judeo-Christian God, reality that cannot dismissed from history.  People who prevent you from hanging these kinds things courtrooms and public monuments are fact not recognizing the basis our legal system. 
Moore: Right, exactly. 
Klayman: What likely happen this saga? How long have you been fighting this issue? 
Moore: have been fighting for years. Ive been federal courts and state court and the Supreme Court Alabama and contend that clear history and the law that the acknowledgement God not prohibited the First Amendment. Note 
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The terrorist attacks the World Trade Center and the Pentagon sent shock waves throughout the nation. Once the dust settled ground zero, and the panic gave way anger, Americans were left asking the question: How could this have happened? 
Knowing full well that the government could not trusted conduct thorough and honest investigation, launched inquiry its own. And after year long, exhaustive probe into the events preceding 9/11, has published explosive new book entitled Fatal Neglect, that reveals disturbing truth: The terrorist attacks might have been prevented not for government 
book details how little has changed since 9/11. Read this book! could save your life and the lives your family. 
Order online call 

1-888-JW-ETHIC Note 
"Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad." Henry Kissinger 

Correction the January 2003 issue The Verdict, the article entitled Cuban American Professor Fired for Anti-Communist Views, Governor George Ryan Illinois was referred Democrat. Governor Ryan Republian. 

Court Report continued from page 

Kissinger Steps Down From 9/11 Post 
Judicial Watch Had Launched Investigation Into Appointment 

"Who better ferret out government duplicity and manipulation than the man who engineered secret wars, secrets bombings, secret wiretaps and secret coups," the New York Times asked recently, referring the appointment Henry Kissinger President Bush lead the commission investigating the 9/11 attacks. The answer obvious: almost anyone. For this reason, Judicial Watch was pleased hear Secretary Kissingers decision resign from the position after public pressure from and others. 
"Kissinger precisely the person guarantee cover-up and the perpetuation secrecy, half-truths and the status quo," said Chairman Larry Klayman. "The American people deserve the truth, not Nixonian cover-ups and double-talk, which why were pleased with the news his resignation." 
History clear with respect Henry Kissingers ethical lapses. The former Secretary State not only consorted with Richard Nixon over break-ins public interest and other groups, but also tapped the telephone lines fellow White House associates. 
Furthermore, Kissingers known business relationships, through his lucrative company Kissinger Associates, raised serious conflicts interest with respect the commissions investigation.  His clients, for example, reportedly include major oil interests such ExxonMobil. Though said would have dropped any client who posed such conflict, Kissinger refused release the client list his consulting firm. 
Judicial Watch has filed Freedom Information Act request uncover how and why Henry Kissinger, notorious master deceit, was chosen head such important investigation. Story developing 

Judge Rebuffs Energy Task Force, Again 
Rules Favor 
While the General Accounting Office was the process losing its legal challenge the Vice Presidents Energy Task Force, Judicial Watch racked another big victory.  Judge Emmet Sullivan denied the Justice Departments request appeal order turn over documents. 
"Defendants have fallen far short demonstrating that the questions law presented the challenged orders arise under such exceptional circumstances warrant disruption the favored process appellates review following final judgment," Judge Sullivan ruled. 
This latest legal trick attempted the Justice Department was bizarre was futile. The Administration sought appeal decision requiring the Vice President turn over Task Force documents case while was still being heard. The appeal was granted, but will not stop the lawsuit from going forward. 
"The Administration should sanctioned held contempt court for their frivolous attempts flout the courts decisions," said Chairman Larry Klayman. "This clearly reflection just how desperate the Administration protect itself from further political embarrassment." 
Already, Judicial Watch has forced thousands documents released into the public domain, required law.  The Federal Advisory Committee Act, the law that Hillary Clinton violated with her Health Care Task Force, requires that all meetings with special interest groups open for public scrutiny.  The Vice President held energy policy meetings behind closed doors. 

U.S. Supremes Rule Favor 

Rejects Effort Louis Freeh Claim Immunity Trulock Case 

Louis Freeh believes above the law.  The Supreme Court disagrees. The former FBI Director tried convince the highest court the land hear his argument that should granted immunity Judicial Watchs case behalf Energy Department whistleblower Notra Trulock.  However, the Justices declined without comment even consider Freehs argument, paving the way for JWs legal challenge. The case now the "rocket docket" Virginia. 
"The Supreme Court sent clear signal that all senior law enforcement officers and federal officials will held accountable for their crimes," said Chairman Larry Klayman. "Were looking forward taking Mr. Freehs deposition and bringing light the damages and suffering Mr. Trulock has experienced trial. 
Judicial Watchs case behalf Notra Trulock strong, bolstered clear evidence that Mr. Trulock was targeted for exercising his First Amendment rights. The former director for the intelligence office the Energy Department, Mr. Trulock, was sharply critical the Clinton Administration and Louis Freeh for ignoring his repeated warnings about espionage the Los Alamos Nuclear facility. 1998, testified before Congress. the July 2000 issue the National Review, made his case clear against Freeh and the FBI for the general public, prompting vicious intimidation campaign the FBI and others. After Mr. Trulocks article appeared, his home was illegally searched and vandalized, while his computer was seized and kept for nearly two years, despite the fact that held critical research about genetic disorder from which his son suffers and personal financial information. add insult injury, Mr. Trulock was also subjected vicious smear campaign Wen Lee, the person identified Mr. Trulock key suspect the espionage activities. government report later exonerated Mr. Trulock from charges that his investigation was motivated racism. But then, much damage was done. 
"Mr. Trulock great American who put his whole life the line order protect our national security," said Chairman Larry Klayman.  "His behavior stands stark contrast Louis Freeh, man corrupt destroyed the office led, and man cowardly refuses face the music for the illegalities has allegedly committed." 


Brazilian Supreme Court Rules Peter Paul Can Return U.S. 

NOTE: This story was rapidly developing during production this newsletter.  Next months Verdict will able into much more depth this fast moving story.  
There was major development JWs blockbuster case surrounding its client Peter Paul when the Brazilian Supreme Court ruled December that can extradited the United States, where faces charges alleged stock and bank fraud violations. Mr. Paul seeking cooperate with John Ashcrofts Justice Department that all are held accountable, including Bill and Hillary Clinton. 
Mr. Paul the Hollywood producer who paid for massive million fundraising event for Hillary Clintons Senate campaign 2000.  The event grossed estimated $1.5 million. However, Mrs. Clinton and her campaign never reported Peter Pauls contributions the FEC. This ommission Mrs. Clinton constituted astronomical, record-breaking criminal violation federal campaign law. 
Judicial Watch has been working feverishly with both Brazilian authorities and the U.S Justice Department over the past year and half bring Paul back the United States that can testify against the Clintons criminality. 
Story developing Note 
"When blew the whistle the breach Los Alamos, life got very difficult. First and foremost, lost job. Then the FBI conducted illegal search home and seized property.  Lee and others attempted destroy reputation suggesting pointed the finger Lee because was Chinese, calling racist among other things. 
 Notra Trulock interview with The Verdict find out the absolute latest the Peter Paul case, log onto JWs Internet site: 

Judicial Watch Depose Bill and Hillary Clinton 

Time and time again Bill and Hillary Clinton violated the rights November 12, the Ninth Circuit Court Appeals reversed women. Often, they would behind closed doors, where one lower court and ordered that Judicial Watchs conspiracy and could see hear them struggle. Women with the courage face the defamation lawsuit behalf Dolly Kyle Browning will Clintons, seek justice, tell the truth, had their reputations smeared proceed against Bill Clinton. and their lives destroyed. 

Worst all, the Clintons almost got away with it. Independent Counsels Ken Starr and Robert Ray, the Republicans Congress and now the Bush Justice Department have all failed take stand against Clinton corruption. 
But thanks combination courage the part the Clintons female victims, and persistence the part Judicial Watch, justice for the former President and First Lady close 
hand. With the help Judicial Watch, 
the Clintons female victims are fighting back and winning court. 
Consider the following major Judicial Watch victories: 

Dolly Kyle Browning Bill Clinton 
Judicial Watch filed lawsuit against President Clinton and others alleging that Dolly Kyle Browning was harmed these individuals when they destroyed her reputation and prevented her from publishing book describing her 30-year relationship with President Clinton. 

Gennifer Flowers George Stephanopoulos, James Carville, Hillary Clinton and Little Brown Company represents Gennifer Flowers defamation suit against Carville and Stephanopoulos for alleged libelous statements made against Mrs. Flowers. Stephanopoulos and Carville repeatedly called Mrs. Flowers liar and falsely accused her fabricating evidence 
about her relationship with President Clinton. Hillary Clinton allegedly masterminded the smear campaign and she joined defendant well. June 12, 2002 the U.S. Court Appeals reversed lower court ruling that had thrown Judicial Watchs case out.  (See  Now the case will forward! the first and last line defense against Clinton corruption. will doggedly pursue the Clintons until justice served, but need your help finish the job. Please contribute today and help 
Force Bill and Hillary Clinton into Court  Make them answer for their offenses  Punish them for destroying the lives women 

YES! realize Judicial Watch the only organization committed holding the Clintons responsible for their offenses. further support and expand your programs, enclose tax-deductible contribution 

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