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Judicial Watch • Newsletter 2005 august05-media

Newsletter 2005 august05-media

Newsletter 2005 august05-media

Page 1: Newsletter 2005 august05-media

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Date Created:July 26, 2005

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Jerry Doyle, Host, The Jerry Doyle Show: How you keep track Washington?  How you keep your finger the pulse the insanity that taking place the
Jerry Doyle 
rats nest Capitol Hill? Thankfully, there are organizations out there that that for us. One such organization Judicial Watch.  Joining the program frequent basis, the Director Investigations, Chris Farrell. Welcome. 

Chris Farrell, Director Investigation: 
Hello, Jerry.  Good talk you again. Can break some news your station today? 
Chris Farrell 
Doyle: Yes, please. 
Farrell: late February 2004, made use the Freedom Information Act (FOIA), the open records law, find out about Border Patrol survey that the Bush administration commissioned and then quickly shut down. You might remember back January, President Bush floated this idea temporary guest worker program. The Bush administration then commissioned Border Patrol survey find out how many more illegal immigrants were coming across the border result the Bush policy. soon the numbers did not turn out the way they wanted, the Bush administration ordered the survey shut down and ordered all the Border Patrol officers not discuss any way.  Through the open records process, now have the surveys and the White House-approved talking points the program. 
Doyle: What juicy tidbits information can you share with us? 
Farrell: This report great stuff. are still crunching lot the raw data, but can share couple tidbits with you that think you will find interesting. The first this one-page document that marked: "Public Affairs Guidance, White House Approved Talking Points, Internal Use Only, Temporary Worker Program."  There are two little tag lines there that are especially interesting. First, the White House instructs members Border Patrol, "Do not talk about amnesty, increase apprehensions, give comparisons past immigration reform proposals." Secondly, they caution "Do not provide statistics apprehension spikes, past amnesty data." now you know where they are coming from. This your government trying open and honest and telling you what going on. 
Doyle: the government puts out survey and the survey responses are not what the government wants hear. they shut down and made away. Thankfully Judicial Watch gets that kind information out there. Immediately, the first thing that comes mind, Mr. Farrell, what else out there being done that are not getting? When you look your job Judicial Watch how many hours day you need just unravel this giant bowl spaghetti? 
Farrell: This why Judicial Watch exists 
 dig out the facts. Judicial Watch little bit like those restaurant health inspection guys. back the kitchen and look around. You are out front having dinner.  You not really want know what going the kitchen. 
Doyle: someone once said, there are two things you never want see made: sausage and the law.  They will both turn your stomach. sure every administration, not just this one, has their talking points, but there does not seem national security issue here. The survey data just did not meet the Bush administrations standards. obvious what the agenda here. Hopefully the information you have uncovered will have impact because 81% the American people dont want what the government wants this issue. This information will your website? 
Farrell: Yes.  Right now have all these surveys. Judicial Watch staff poring over them; making tabulations. not want give out any numbers until got the whole picture, but there are some interesting trends. There are some inconvenient facts that have popped out. One thing very clear: while the promise amnesty may not have been stated reason why people came, every single one them ready take it. think the other important fact here that the Bush administration attempted suppress information that embarrassing. There are legitimate reasons exempt information from public disclosure, for example, there negative impact national security, but just because things not line the way the government wants, that does not mean they get hide information from the public. 
Doyle: Well, you talk about how things not always line up, what you make the acquittal Hillary Clinton's fundraiser there Los Angeles last week? 
Farrell: very frustrating because the government really soft-pedaled the case. This was bare-knuckle brawl the courtroom. The two guys who never testified are the two guys who arranged the whole event and that Peter Paul, and another guy named Aaron Tonkin.  You also had the judge, the prosecutor, and the defense attorney all going the record saying, "Hillary Clinton has nothing with this." course she does. ridiculous. They bored the jury death. Judicial Watchs chief litigator was there throughout the whole trial. said the minute they went into these technical details about campaign finance, you could watch the eyes the jurors roll back their heads. They could not bear it. The prosecutors should have laid out the entire conspiracy and told the whole story. They did not and jury acquitted him. 
Doyle: Are you still going pursue the Hillary Clinton million campaign finance fiasco? 
Farrell: Judicial Watch does have Senate Ethics Complaint alive and well and percolating along front the Senate. filed that couple weeks back. that live action. This thing with Rosen obviously disappointing, but not the end the line. one  judge, prosecutor, defense  one says that those FEC reports are right. She underreported huge amount money, almost million, and the Federal Election Commission also has action open against her. Hillary needs answer the FEC, and she needs answer her colleagues the Senate and not think the story going away any time soon. You are going hear more about this time goes along and, think, particularly 2008 approaches. 
Doyle: Farrell, let ask you question. You guys Judicial Watch are opening lot closet doors that some people not want opened. Have you guys met with any kind "sleight hand" retaliation? 
Farrell: Well, surprise, surprise, had IRS audit. There shocker for you. happy and thankful say, though, that came through that just fine without any findings any kind penalties anything, but the process the punishment. Obviously, had hire outside counsel, had have accountants, had through the mill, had produce documents. The government grinds you up. They wanted spend money, time and effort doing other things rather than doing our jobs. course, are organization and can survive that kind thing, but imagine some guy out there his own, who trying the right thing and fight corruption. has really got lot worry about because there are certainly people within his own organization who not think too funny that about cut the legs out from underneath them. 
Doyle: Chris Farrell, always pleasure have you the program. Look forward checking back with you little bit and will see what going with that ethics complaint against Hillary Clinton and the Border Patrol surveys.