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Judicial Watch • Newsletter 2005 JW-July-05-news

Newsletter 2005 JW-July-05-news

Newsletter 2005 JW-July-05-news

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JULY 2005 
DISCIPLINE HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON! part its aggressive campaign hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her transgressions, Judicial Watch has filed ethics complaint against the New York Senator with the Senate Select Committee Ethics. Judicial Watchs complaint relates Senator Clintons personal role the campaign finance scandal that led the indictment her National Finance Director, David Rosen.  The Justice Department, effort keep Bill and Hillary Clinton out the trial, presented watered-down case against Rosen and was acquitted May 27. (See related story, page 5.)  However, Judicial Watch has compiled strong evidence Senator Clinton conspired with Rosen hide the true cost fundraising event and violated campaign finance laws. 
"Senator Clintons colleagues the Senate have failed initiate investigation, despite strong evidence that Senator Clinton was complicit scheme flout campaign finance laws and defraud the Federal Election Commission and the U.S. Senate," said President Tom Fitton during May press conference announcing the complaint. "Hillary Clinton responsible for the filing fraudulent campaign finance reports and she must held accountable." 
Judicial Watchs ethics complaint relates $1.9 million contribution made Senator Clintons 2000 Senate campaign former Judicial Watch client Peter Paul the form "Hollywood Tribute William Jefferson Clinton." Contrary promises made Mrs. Clintons campaign, Mr. Pauls contribution was never properly reported the Federal Elections Commission, filings lodged with the Secretary the Senate. 
While Rosen was the only individual who faced criminal charges, Judicial Watch argued its complaint, "at all relevant times, Senator Clintonknew and 
continued page 
"Senator Clintons colleagues the Senate have failed initiate investigation, despite strong evidence that Senator Clinton was complicit scheme flout campaign finance laws... 
 Tom Fitton, President Judicial Watch Photo: Tom Fitton May press conference. Note asking all its members and supporters sign petition force the Senate Select Committee Ethics investigate and discipline Hillary Clinton. you have received the petition but have yet return it, please today! 
"Judicial Watch respectfully submits that Senator Clinton should investigated and disciplined for violating federal campaign finance reporting laws connection with August 12, 2000 fundraiser for her U.S. Senate campaign and for engaging conduct that reflects unfavorably the Senate whole. all relevant times, Senator Clinton and her campaign knew and understood that Mr. Paul was spending well over million, not including substantial amounts Mr. Pauls own time and resources the Hollywood Tribute."  

 JWs official complaint against Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

Senator Hillary Clinton 


Governments Case Against Rosen Relies Evidence 
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton and Director Litigation Paul Orfanedes were the ground Los Angeles monitor the trial David Rosen, Hillary Clintons National Finance Director.  The Justice Department, effort keep Hillary and Bill Clinton out the trial, failed present the full breadth evidence against Rosen, and was acquitted May 27. Witnesses for the prosecution, however, did implicate Rosen and the Clintons scheme defraud the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the 
U.S. Senate. Judicial Watch has filed ethics complaint with the Senate Select Committee Ethics hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her personal role the scandal. (See cover story.) 
"The evidence clearly shows David Rosen defrauded the Federal Election Commission and the U.S. Senate. Obviously, the Justice Department made political calculation and decided not pursue the case against Rosen aggressively," said Director Litigation Paul Orfanedes. "Judicial Watch will continue its pursuit justice this matter."  
Overall, much the case presented the government was based upon the work Judicial Watch over the last four years. 

According evidence outlined Judicial Watchs civil lawsuit filed behalf former Judicial Watch client Peter Paul July 2001, Rosen not only conspired keep the true costs the fundraiser hidden, but also caused false campaign finance reports filed with the FEC and the U.S. Senate. 
Multiple witnesses for the prosecution corroborated claims made Judicial Watchs lawsuit.  For example, former Chicago strip-club owner Jim Levin, who served personal emissary for former President Clinton the gala, said Rosen knew the true cost the event and agreed not tell federal regulators. Levin also testified during meeting with Rosen another fundraiser, when told the 
true costs the event, Rosen said, "We didnt hear that; you didnt tell that." Bretta Nock, who coordinated the reception and dinner portions the gala, testified that Rosen asked her remove various items off the "final budget" she prepared for the event, even though the expenses had actually been incurred and were paid. Pat Waters, who produced invitations for the event, said she saw Rosen "quite bit" while working the 
continued next page. 

project. Waters testified she heard Peter Paul complain loudly about the cost the event the presence Rosen. Rosens assistant the gala, Melissa Rose, confirmed that she, indeed, faxed fictitious $200,000 invoice behalf Rosen the campaigns Federal Elections Commission compliance officer. 
However, has noted its multiple media appearances resulting from the trial, the buck does not stop with David Rosen. 
Though Hillary Clinton was not trial, witnesses for the prosecution team further implicated the Clintons the scheme defraud the U.S. Senate and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) underreporting the cost gala fundraising event for Senator Clinton August 2000. 
Among the highlights from the trail that the liberal media doesnt want you know: 
Levin, who described himself "dear friend" Bill Clinton, testified that directly reported the former president issues pertaining the fundraiser. 

While Levin also testified that did not discuss the cost the gala with Bill Clinton "before the event," lawyers asked the obvious follow-up question whether the costs were discussed after the event. Note 

 May 17, Chris Fickes, Rosens assistant the gala, testified that top level members Hillary Clintons campaign staff, including Capricia Marshall, who once served Hillary Clintons social secretary the White House, were well aware the logistics the event. 

 May 18, Ray Reggie, the Democrat fundraiser who has Rosen tape admitting underreported the gala costs, testified that Hillary Clinton personally chose the vendor produce the concert portion the event. When asked about his relationship with Bill Clinton, Reggie replied, did and do" have relationship with President Clinton. (The government, the shock the Clinton-appointed judge the 

case, said they would not introduce Reggies tapes evidence.) 
"Numerous individuals have testified that White House officials and officials from Mrs. Clintons campaign, well Hillary and Bill themselves, were complicit the campaign finance scandal," continued Orfanedes. Judicial Watch has filed official complaint against Hillary Clinton with the U.S. Senate Select Committee Ethics. will continue pressure the Senate investigate Senator Clintons personal role this scandal and discipline her for any wrongdoing." 

Judicial Watch took more action against Hillary Clinton May filing official complaint with the U.S. Senate Select Committee Ethics against her.  (See Cover Story.)  Judicial Watch asking the Senate ethics committee investigate Senator Clinton and discipline her for any wrongdoing. 



Following recent Senate compromise, which legitimizes judicial filibusters, Judicial Watchs lawsuit against the United States Senate may the last hope restore constitutional majority rule the judicial confirmation process. May 2005, Judicial Watch filed opening brief its appeal landmark lawsuit against the Senate attempt have the court rule the misapplication the filibuster rule judicial nominees unconstitutional, (Judicial Watch, Inc. The United States Senate, et. al. (Civil Action 03-1066, U.S. District Court for the District Columbia.). Senate Democrats, for the first time U.S. history, have filibustered President Bushs judicial nominees, thereby preventing up-ordown vote required the Constitution. 
The U.S. Senate, response Judicial Watchs brief, asked the court for extension time which file its brief, pending the conclusion the debate one President Bushs nominees  Judge Priscilla Owen. Senate lawyers argued the constitutionality the filibuster rule applied judicial nominees, which the heart Judicial Watchs lawsuit, would addressed the Senate considered the Owen nomination. 
"The outcome the current debate the Senate islikely affect substantially the adjudication [Judicial Watchs] claims this Court," Senate lawyers argued. May 24, the U.S. Senate agreed compromise that would allow some President Bushs nominees, including Priscilla Owen, receive up-or-down vote. However, despite public promises Senator Frist invoke parliamentary procedure stop the filibusters, the compromise left open the possibility Democrats using the filibuster rule block nominees. 
"Judicial filibusters, which flagrantly violate the Constitution, are almost guaranteed continue under this flawed agreement," said President Tom Fitton.  "You can bet President Bush nominates conservative jurist the Supreme Court, Senate liberals 
continued next page. 

"The initiation even one single filibuster one single nominee sets precedent that could further complicate the confirmation process the expense those Americans who await justice." 
 Tom Fitton, President Judicial Watch 
Photo: Senator Bill Frist Note 

"Every man, and every body men earth, possesses the right self-government: they receive with their being from the hand nature. Individuals exercise their single will: collections men, that their majority; for the law the majority the natural law every society men." 
 The Papers Thomas Jefferson (Julian Boyd ed., 1965). 


Energy Task Force Does Not Have 
Comply with Open Meetings Law May 2005, the U.S. Court Appeals for the District Columbia ruled that the Vice Presidents Energy Task Force, series closed-door meetings between government officials and lobbyists, did not have comply with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, open meetings law designed ensure transparency and accountability government. The Energy Task Forces deliberations, along with the list individuals who participated the formulation our nations energy policy, will remain government secret. Judicial Watch currently considering whether not appeal the decision. 
Judicial Watch has been able use the Energy Task Force lawsuit educate the public about the dangers government secrecy over the last four years. Furthermore, Judicial Watch had previously earned significant legal victories the trial court and the appellate court, while turning back Bush administration attempt end the case the Supreme Court. 
"Given the importance the principles involved, the string legal victories earned, and the fact that this case went before the highest court the land, believe this was battle well worth fighting," said Director Litigation Paul Orfanedes. "Unfortunately, this decision does require the American people take the word the government whether not influence peddling taking place during secret policy meetings  unenviable position when considering the rampant corruption that goes behind closed doors Washington." reviewing the case for second time, the court adopted entirely new interpretation the Federal Advisory 
Committee Act, not based the text the statute itself, but mandated "separation powers" concerns. With its ruling, the court also fabricated completely new definition what means official "member" advisory committee. According this new definition, lobbyists can help craft policies secret, long they not "vote" any particular policy, hold veto power. was only after finding that Judicial Watch could not satisfy this newly-
minted standard that the court dismissed the lawsuit. 
"The American people have right know whether special interest groups became facto members the Energy Task Force  They have right know whether policies that may have dramatic impact their lives are being made with their best interests heart," continued Orfanedes. "Judicial Watch will continue fight for these rights despite this most recent setback." HOSTS PUBLIC EDUCATION PANEL: 

"Defining Judicial Activism the Context Cultural Wars" part its mission educate the public about our judicial system, Thursday, April 28, 2005, Judicial Watch presented spirited panel discussion entitled "Defining Judicial Activism the Context the Culture Wars" the National Press Club Washington DC.  Moderated President Tom Fitton, this educational panel was free charge public service Judicial Watch. 
Panelists for the event included: Patrick Fagan, Jamin Raskin, Jonathan Turley, Paul Orfanedes, and Kevin Ring. The following are excerpts from the panel discussion: 
Tom Fitton, President, Judicial Watch core component Judicial Watchs 
mission monitor 
our nations judiciary 
and educate the 
American people about 
its operations. that end, have gathered panel distinguished experts address the topic "Defining Judicial Activism the Context the Culture Wars."  For perhaps the first time generation, there widespread public and political interest the functions the judiciary. The renewed public interest our courts seems arise from federal and state rulings cultural issues  abortion, the Establishment Clause church-state relations, homosexual rights, affirmative action, and some law and order issues, such the death penalty.  Conservative opponents court rulings these areas decry judicial activism. 
Paul Orfanedes, Director Litigation, Judicial Watch 

One the things Judicial Watch does monitor the functions the judiciary. This 
one reason decided hold this panel, 
see there some way that can look the term "activism" and try come with real definition what means? Granted, fairly amorphous term. However, Judicial Watch did come with few definitions, perhaps "indicators" better word: ruling that overturns invalidates piece legislation action executive branch official; ruling that creates new right, expands existing right; ruling that based expansive reading text rather than narrow not literal reading text like piece legislation statute; finally, ruling that provides remedy that exceeds what 

From left right: Paul Orfanedes, Patrick Fagan, Jonathan Turley, Tom Fitton, J.B. Raskin, and Kevin Ring.  Photos Kamenko Pajic. 



Open government honest government. This the principle that drives Judicial Watchs fight against government secrecy. Using open records laws such the federal Freedom Information Act (FOIA) and state Sunshine Laws, Judicial Watch pierces the veil secrecy that make corruption possible, forcing the release government documents into the public domain. The following analysis recent documents obtained Judicial Watch through the Freedom Information Act its investigation the governments failure protect the American people from terrorism. 
Background: the hours and days immediately following the terrorist attacks 9/11, Saudi nationals, including members the bin Laden family, were allowed flee the country airplane even our nations airspace was virtually shut down. Judicial Watch, through FOIA request made October 2003, was the first organization the country discover that commercial flights spirited more than 160 Saudis out the country  apparently with the permission and assistance the federal government. Approximately one-third these individuals left within hours after the attacks, despite claims the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) that all them were thoroughly vetted before departure. 
Judicial Watch immediately launched investigation and discovered that the FBI performed only cursory security reviews. Some the individuals were never interviewed prior departure. One Saudi national was provided private FBI escort the airport because "feared for his life." part its continuing investigation the federal governments failures before and after the terrorist attacks, Judicial Watch recently obtained shocking, declassified "Secret" FBI report that documents Osama bin Ladens ties individuals who fled the 

U.S. the days following 9/11. 
FOIA Exemption (b)(6): Clearly Unwarranted Invasion Personal Privacy 

"Exemption (b) (6)-4 has been asserted protect the identities and/or personal and non-public information concerning three individuals whom the FBI had investigative interest during the course this investigation These individuals have strong privacy interest this information and its disclosure would constitute unwarranted invasion their privacy interests. balancing this interest against the public interest disclosure, the FBI found legitimate public interest served releasing personal, nonpublic information concerning individuals who were investigative interest the FBI." Note 

Unclassified FBI Document re: Saudi Flight-207: The [REDACTED] Family 
"[REDACTED] member large and wealthy Saudi family.  The family patriarch [REDACTED] came the kingdom from Hadramout (South Yemen) sometime around 1930." 
Judicial Watch conducted analysis news stories that were cited the documents and cross-reference the articles with the redactions. shocking truth emerged: according these "secret" documents, the FBI redacted the name Osama bin Laden, citing FOIA Exemption which permits the government withhold information favor the privacy interests individuals involved with FBI investigations. other 

words, the federal government placed the privacy rights Osama bin Laden ahead the publics right know what happened the days after the worst terrorist attack U.S. history  attack masterminded bin Laden himself! Judicial Watch continuing its investigation this disturbing, and baffling, matter. 
The redacted documents were obtained Judicial Watch under the provisions the FOIA and through ongoing litigation (Judicial Watch Department Homeland Security Federal Bureau Investigation, No. 04-1643 (RWR)). Judicial Watch filed its original FOIA request October 2003. 
"It difficult for imagine greater insult the American people, especially those whose loved ones were murdered bin Laden that day." 
 President Tom Fitton responding FOIA documents. reproduce any portion this publication, you must always acknowledge the source.  Judicial Watch, 501 School Street S.W., Suite 500, Washington D.C., Tel. (202) 646-5172, Fax:  (202) 646-5199, 


Judicial Watch held press conference the National Press Club May announce senate ethics complaint against Hillary Clinton. The press conference was the launch all-out media offensive against the New York Senator for campaign finance fraud. The results were remarkable  every major news outlet covered the scandal, including FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC (including the Today Show), The Associated Press and hundreds talk radio stations across the country. The following are just some the media highlights: President Tom Fitton NBCs Today Show, May 10, 2005 

Matt Lauer, Co-host: 
"Close Up" this morning, 
Hillary Clinton's former 
chief fund-raiser under 
fire. goes trial 
today over questionable 
fund-raising practices, 
and could have 
major impact Senator Clinton's potential 
run for the White House. NBC's Campbell 
Brown has more that, and she joins 
this morning. 

Campbell Brown: Good morning, Matt. The story begins Los Angeles during Hillary Clinton's campaign for Senate, August 2000. star-studded Hollywood fund-raiser cost more than million throw. The Clinton campaign fund-raiser, David Rosen, reported the cost only about $400,000. The Justice Department claims Rosen intentionally underreported the cost the campaign could have extra funds spend elsewhere. While the Justice Department says Senator Clinton was never target the investigation, longtime Clinton foes, like the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch still want see the senator the hot seat. 
Tom Fitton, President Judicial Watch: 
The money was given her. She didn't report it. want know why, and she didn't report she needs held accountable. 
Brown: Judicial Watch calling for Senate Ethics Committee investigation, arguing the Justice Department gave Senator Clinton pass because she such powerful political figure. just how much this about her status and future plans with more political observers now pegging her the leading candidate for the Democrats presidential nomination 2008? 
Howard Finema, Newsweek Magazine: 
It's calling card. It's wake-up call. It's shot across the bow.  Use any cliche you want, the enemies Hillary Clinton are saying, `Look, this what your life and your campaign going like for the next few years.' 

FOX News May 2005 
"Judicial Watch has history monitoring the New York senator and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and its latest allegation that Clinton responsible for omitting from her fund-raising report the FEC $1.9 million contribution that funded August 2000 fund-raiser for her Senate campaign called Hollywood Tribute William Jefferson Clinton." 
ABC News May 2005 
A conservative watchdog group with history dogging the Clintons urged Senate panel Monday investigate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton over Hollywood fundraiser for which former staff member faces charges. 
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton argued that Clinton closely monitored the Hollywood fundraised and knew its actual cost was much greater than the $400,000 tab reported campaign financial filings. 
CNN May 10, 2005 
"Judicial Watch, which has pushed officials look into the fundraiser, filed paperwork with the Senate Ethics Committee Monday saying [Hillary Clinton] had have known the alleged misreporting." May 2005 
Also, Monday the conservative group Judicial Watch said had filed complaint with the Senate ethics committee against Sen. Clinton connection with the 2000 fund-raiser. 
The groups president, Tom Fitton, said, Mrs. Clinton took million and lied about and has continued lie about it." 

Los Angeles Times May 12, 2005 
"Judicial Watch claims that while DeLay has faced ethics firestorm, Hillary Clintons legal and ethical transgressions have been largely ignored." 

Washington Post May 10, 2005 
"Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton argued that Clinton closely monitored the Hollywood fundraised and knew its actual cost was much greater than the $400,000 tab reported campaign financial filings." 
"Theyre false and she knows them false, Fitton said. equated her situation with the ethics controversy surrounding House Majority Tom DeLay, R-Texas, who has been criticized for privately funded travel." 

London Telegraph May 11, 2005 
"Judicial Watch, right-wing pressure group with history hounding the Clintons, filed papers with the Senate ethics committee saying Mrs Clinton must have known the alleged misreporting." 
Tom Fitton, the group's president, argued that she closely monitored the gala and knew cost far more than the $400,000 (220,000) reported the campaign filings. They're false and she knows them false, said." 

New York Daily News May 10, 2005 
"Judicial Watch accused the New York senator knowingly allowing the allegedly false documents filed." 
continued next page. 

"She was negotiating with vendors and people involved the event.  She was personally involved," said Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch director investigations. Judicial Watch filed complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee, asking investigate whether Hillary Clinton conspired with David Rosen allegedly hide the cost the glittery gala." 

New York Post May 10, 2005 
"After while, the buck stops with the candidate, charged Tom Fitton, head the anti-Clinton legal group Judicial Watch. "Shes responsible." 

Bob Barrs Laws the Universe 
Radio America Network Interview Brandon Millett Director Public Relations May 15, 2006 
Bob Barr, Former Congressman, Host:  

Now would like bring board one heroes with one America's great organizations that does stand for freedom and for honesty and integrity government. I'm 
speaking, course, Judicial Watch and Brandon Millett. Brandon with Judicial Watch out Washington D.C., the great watchdog honesty and integrity government. Brandon, welcome the show. 
Brandon Millett, Director Public Relations, Judicial Watch: 

Well, thank you Congressman. pleasure here, especially given that you have been such good friend the organization over the years. 
Barr: Well, thank you.  Over the years, Judicial Watch has really led the way uncover and, the extent that can, prosecute corruption government, whether Democrats Republicans. think fair say that you have been singularly successful bringing scandals light and educating the public and using the legitimate tools the judicial system obtain justice behalf the American people. not imagine too many days when you folks Judicial Watch just sit around twiddling your thumbs, wondering what do. 
Millett: Unfortunately, government corruption growth industry are very busy  especially this past week after filed our Senate ethics complaint against Hillary Clinton. 
Barr: Please, tell our listeners what going with Ms. Hillary? 
Millett: Well, this case involves Senator Clintons National Finance Director, David Rosen, and relates 1.9 million dollar contribution that was made Clintons campaign the form Hollywood tribute Bill Clinton. There were all sorts celebrities there and they had fine time raising about million and half dollars for her campaign. However, they never properly reported the contribution the Federal Election Commission and the 
U.S. Senate. There difference, though,between this case and lot other cases involving the Bill and Hillary Clinton. This time, the Clintons were not able get their hands the evidence and destroy it. There are cancelled checks, personal "thank you" notes, videotape and photographic evidence, things that nature, that prove the case against Hillary Clinton and her campaign. 
Barr: presume that the entire U.S. Senate, including the Ethics Chairman, George Voinivich will certainly interested pursuing this case against Ms. Hillary Clinton, won't they? 

Millett: Well, for four years they have had the evidence, Congressman Barr, and they have yet anything about it. filed this ethics complaint put pressure the Senate that they cannot ignore the scandal any longer.  According ethics rules, investigation warranted when senator engages misconduct that reflects unfavorably the Senate. 
think campaign finance fraud well beyond that minimum threshold. 
Barr: are not talking about few thousand dollars here there, are Brandon? This well over million dollars that went unreported. 
Millett: Absolutely correct. These charges against Hillary Clinton are very serious. Senator Clinton involved scandal least serious the allegations against House Majority Leader DeLay, yet while Congressman DeLay has been the middle ethics firestorm, there has been mention Clintons transgressions the press. The Justice Department has plans indict Hillary Clinton, and the Senate has not conducted investigation. 
Barr: Why isnt the Justice Department interested this case, Brandon? mean, the evidence there. very serious. 
Millett: Looking the evidence, cannot see one legitimate legal reason why the government would not want investigate Hillary Clinton. The evidence strong, that must have with politics. Frankly, the American people are tired seeing people the top get off the hook while their underlings are prosecuted and investigated. Here guy, David Rosen, who looking years. have evidence that Hillary Clinton conspired keep the cost this from the Senate and from the Federal Election Commission. have evidence that she was personally involved with the pre-event negotiations. also filed lawsuit against her July 

2001 where outlined 
all the monies spent and demanded she correct the record. She has had four years and has failed so. 
Barr: Thank goodness that Judicial Watch out there. dare say none this would make the light day. cannot let this opportunity with you, Brandon Millett Judicial Watch, without thanking you and Judicial Watch for the absolutely tremendous work that you all did the years and months leading the impeachment trial former President Clinton. Without Judicial Watch having been out there using the Freedom Information Act, not think that large portion the evidence 
that were able bring the attention the public, with regard the corruption the Clinton administration, ever would have been made public. the first member congress call for the impeachment Bill Clinton, thank you very much. The work that Judicial Watch has done over the years has been absolutely unparalleled its benefit the cause honesty and fighting corruption government. 
continued next page. 

Millett: Well, really appreciate the compliment and all your help and your support well. This week received nice little compliment from member the liberal media. sure you know Margaret Carlson Time magazine. She wrote one her articles that "thanks small part Judicial Watch that Hillary Clinton the most thoroughly investigated person the history the Republic." thank her for that endorsement, but also thank you for all your help. 
Barr: Judicial Watch certainly very active and certainly wish you the best this latest endeavor. you think that you'll able wake the Senate little bit through the ethics complaint that you filed against Ms. Hillary? 
Millett: are hoping will have that effect. Given all the attention have received the media with our Senate ethics complaint, are hoping put pressure the Senate what should do: investigate and discipline Hillary Clinton. 

May 15: Public Relations Director Brandon Millett the Bob Barr Show, Radio America. 
May 13: Director Investigations Chris Farrell NewsTalk 106, Dublin, Ireland. 
May 11: Chris Farrell Nationally Syndicated Jerry Doyle Program. 
May 11: Brandon Millett KMBZ, Kansas, Jerry Agar Program. 
May 11: Chris Farrell KSRO, California, Pat Thurston Show. 
May 10: Director Litigation Paul Orfanedes, CNN Radio. 
May 10: Chris Farrell, NRA News. 
May 10: Chris Farrell KAHL. 
May President Tom Fitton, Nationally Syndicated Rusty Humphries Show. 
May Chris Farrell Nationally Syndicated Michael Reagan Show. 
May Chris Farrell Nationally Syndicated Linda Chavez Show. 
May Tom Fitton KOGO, Mark Larson Show. 

SHAKEDOWN Kenneth Timmerman 

available through Judicial Watch 
Jesse Jackson modern day highway robber, says veteran investigative reporter Kenneth Timmerman, who uses cries racism steal from individuals, corporations, and government, give himself. Until now, however, one has been brave enough say and diligent enough prove it. But Ken Timmerman has cracked Jackson's machine, found Jackson cronies willing break ranks, and uncovered sordid tale greed, ambition, and corruption from self-proclaimed minister who has qualms about poisoning American race relations for personal gain. 
About the Author 
Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Readers Digest, and The American Spectator, and has appeared Nightline, Sixty Minutes, and many other television programs. lives Kensington, Maryland, with his wife and five children. 

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