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NYT article emailed

NYT article emailed

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Date Created:November 15, 2017

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Rao, Kate[]
Loop, Travis
Wed 5/20/2015 3:39:24
RE: NYT article EPA and waters the rulemaking- was outreach was
From: Rao, Kate
Sent: Wednesday, May 20,2015 11:38
To: Loop, Travis
Subject: NYT article EPA and waters the rulemaking- was outreach was
Travis- did you see this article? You are quoted.
ED_001364 00006540-00001
intended protect the nations drinking water last year, regulators solicited opinions from the
public. The purpose the public comment period was objectively gauge Americans
sentiment before changing policy that could profoundly affect their lives.
Gina McCarthy, the agencys administrator, told Senate committee March that the agency
had received more than one million comments, and nearly percent favored the agencys
proposal. Ms. McCarthy expected cite those comments justify the final rule, which the
agency plans unveil this week.
But critics say there reason for the overwhelming result: The E.P.A. had hand
manufacturing it. campaign that tests the limits federal lobbying law, the agency orchestrated drive
counter political opposition from Republicans and enlist public support concert with liberal
environmental groups and grass-roots organization aligned with President Obama.
The Obama administration the first give the E.P.A. mandate create broad public
outreach campaigns, using the tactics elections, support federal environmental
regulations before they are final.
The E.P.A.s campaign highlights the tension between exploiting emerging technologies while
trying abide laws written for another age.
Federal law permits the president and political appointees, like the E.P.A. administrator,
promote government policy, support oppose pending legislation.
But the Justice Department,
told federal agencies that they should not engage substantial grass-roots lobbying, defined communications executive officials directed members the public large,
particular segments the general public, intended persuade them tum communicate with
their elected representatives some issue concern the executive.
Late last year, the E.P.A. sponsored drive Facebook and Twitter promote its proposed
clean water rule conjunction with the Sierra Club. the same time, Organizing for Action,
grass-roots group with deep ties Mr. Obama, was also pushing the rule. They urged the public flood the agency with positive comments counter opposition from farming and industry
The results were then offered proof that the proposal was popular. have received over one million comments, and 87.1 percent those comments have
counted far- are only missing 4,000- are supportive this rule,~~-=-:-=~~~
==-==~=,--=~==-===_:c~c~~~,_==-=-===~~=--~ Let repeat: 87.1 percent
those one-plus million are supportive this rule.
But critics said environmental groups had inappropriately influenced the campaign -just
ED_001364 00006540-00002
environmentalists complained that the energy industry improperly drove policy during the
George Bush administration. minimum, the actions the agency are highly unusual. The agency supposed more honest broker, not partisan advocate this process, said professor practice administrative law the American University Washington College Law and the
author the book have not seen before from federal agency this stark effort generate endorsements proposal during the open comment period, said.
Senator James Inhofe, Republican Oklahoma and chairman the environment committee, holding hearing Tuesday examine the proposed rule. There clear collusion between
extreme environmental groups and the Obama administration both developing and promoting host new regulations, said.
The most contentious part the E.P.A.s campaign was deploying Thunderclap, social media
tool that spread the agencys message hundreds thousands people virtual flash
Loop, the head communications for E.P.A.s water division.
The architect the E.P.A.s new public outreach strategy Thomas Reynolds, former Obama
campaign aide who was appointed 2013 associate administrator. are just borrowing
new methods that have proven themselves being effective, said.
Kate Rao
Drinking Water Protection Section (WTR 3-2)
USEPA Region Hawthorne St., San Francisco, 94105
tel: (415) 972-3533 fax: (415) 7-3549
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