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Judicial Watch • Obamacare security production 4 00430 pg 72-73

Obamacare security production 4 00430 pg 72-73

Obamacare security production 4 00430 pg 72-73

Page 1: Obamacare security production 4 00430 pg 72-73


Number of Pages:2

Date Created:December 30, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 30, 2015

Tags:7273, Navin, DocumentFromECM, eIdenti, balaji, Manikandan, details, schankweiler, WILLARD, Resp, Recs, 2453, warren, kevin, Wednesday, Tuesday, Services, HHS, thomas, federal

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Todd Couts
Centerg for l/leclicare Me: aid Services
Office 1rxforma:i0n Services
301-492-5139 (of ce) ,(g (mobile, tocld.couts1@cm5.hh5 gov
7700 Wiscons Ave Bel:hesUa iVrD ain5I4 Location: 9308
From: Schankweiler, Thomas (CMS/OIS)
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 12:41
To: Couts, Todd (CMS/OIS); Kane, David (CMS/OIS); Michael Finkel
Cc: Warren, Kevin (CMS/OIS); Fletcher, John (CMS/OIS); Van, Hung (CMS/OIS); Grothe, Kirk (CMS/OIS); Lyles,
Darrin (CMS/OIS)
Subject: INCO00002589982 Need details regarding DocumentFromECM7 leldenti erz
lwoulcl like celtalaie lhis ticket NCl>l)( ()l z758t but wanted COi1.*zldEI E?dll i1pllOl llIV. tolal var: now
haw: two ckets ihal are ctirissdemrl high rrriorily. Contact ym. have any qua-stions. you lmow this one
From: Ramamooihy, Balaji Manikandan (CG1 Federal) [miltcxlilaji@ika@n.@lam@rthy@qife al.
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 10:52
To: Schankweiler, Thomas (CMS/OIS); Willard, Adam (CMS,/Cl
Cc: Warren, Kevin (CMS/OIS); Qiaintance, Eric (CGI Federal); Dhas, Navin (CGI Federal); Alford, Justin (CGI Federal);
Manin, Rich (CGI Federal)
Subject: RE: artf160711/ INCOOO002589982 Need details regarding DocumentFromECM7fileldenti erz
iii lam prmnmed the code fix into prczciuction. /gJg)arenily lhr: isecurily enfrrcerrlem turned mi.
The; NotResp Ucuments (rotates; that are saved are not having aroper meta dale populated turn the
enl(lsu.:nre:1r}.,Sosn addition the fix lhal has luam ls.- lhc fczllowirlg actions needs occur. Dr) marina! balch jab upclu: