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Judicial Watch • Obamacare website design FOIA

Obamacare website design FOIA

Obamacare website design FOIA

Page 1: Obamacare website design FOIA

Category:FOIA Request

Number of Pages:3

Date Created:October 17, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 30, 2013

Tags:obamacare website, obamacare

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Octobc-r16. 2013
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)(A)(ii1 Judicial Watch entitled under S.( 7(a)(4)tA)(ii)(ll_) because member
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1387 (D.C. Lir. }.9)(dc i1ing news media within FOIA cont t). Judicial Watch been recognized member ofthe news media other FOIA tion Sec,
ulc/1, Inc. US. Department nf./iistice. 133 (DD
and. ./udit Watch. Inc. ]7Ll)[?716)1[(}fDe:fe 2006 Dist
(D_D_C June 28, )06). Judicial Watch regularly obtain nformatioii about the
ope] d.llO[1S and activities government through FOIA and other nieai its editorial tum this iiiformation into tinct works. and publishes and initiates these the public, intends likewise with the rec response
this request.
reduced below the fees established under
disclosure the information the pub 1(. interest
because contribute addition. records are not produced within twenty (20) business day Judicial
Watcli entitled complete waiver under Section 6(b) the OPEN Government Act 2007. which amendcd OIA U.S.L.