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Date Created:April 15, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 16, 2019

Tags:resolved, Cartels, Leader, resolution, assembly, Ohio, minority, terrorist, Representatives, Trafficking, foreign, organizations, mexico, Secretary, states, united

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133rd General Assembly
Regular Session
2019-2020 No. CONCURRENT RESOLUTION urge the federal government designate certain drug
cartels operating from Mexico foreign terrorist
WHEREAS, The southern border the United States presents
unique challenges and threats the national security the
country; and
WHEREAS, Transnational criminal organizations based
Mexico, commonly known drug cartels, are responsible for the
flow opioids across the border into the United States and
Ohio; and
WHEREAS, The drug cartels are also responsible for the
proliferation human trafficking the United States,
particularly Ohio, part and parcel their drug
trafficking operations; and
WHEREAS, The drug cartels currently conduct operations
United States soil furtherance drug trafficking and human
trafficking; and
WHEREAS, Abuse opioids, including fentanyl, and human
trafficking are identified direct threats the economy,
npabk8ajff4ayfu82mvu5w No.
well-being, and overall vitality the state Ohio, its
citizens, and future generations; and
WHEREAS, The acting administrator the United States Drug
Enforcement Administration, Uttam Dhillon, recently declared,
Mexican drug trafficking organizations are the biggest criminal
threat the United States faces today; and
WHEREAS, Section 219 the Immigration and Nationality Act U.S.C. 1189) authorizes the United States Secretary State, consultation with the Secretary the Treasury and the
Attorney General, designate organization foreign
terrorist organization when certain criteria are met; and
WHEREAS, The drug cartels meet the criteria designated
foreign terrorist organizations under Section 219, given that
they are foreign nature, they engage retain the
capability and intent engage terrorism, and they threaten
the security United States nationals and the national
defense, foreign relations, and economic interests the United
States; now therefore
RESOLVED, That we, the members the 133rd General Assembly the State Ohio, respectfully urge the federal government designate the drug cartels operating from Mexico foreign
terrorist organizations, that the government may use
appropriate means mitigate and eventually eliminate the
operations the cartels; and further
RESOLVED, That the Clerk the House Representatives
transmit duly authenticated copies this resolution the
Speaker and Minority Leader the United States House
Representatives, the President Pro Tempore and Minority
Leader the United States Senate, Ohios congressional
delegation, and the news media Ohio.