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OIS Cases ChinaGate-Transmissions mot1

OIS Cases ChinaGate-Transmissions mot1

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Date Created:April 9, 1999

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

Tags:resume, served, subpoena, examination, today, reason, jurisdiction, decision, ORDERED, testimony, questions, deposition, Civil, requests, documents, responsive, plaintiff, request, states, court, united, EPA, IRS, ICE, CIA

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upon reconsideration, further ORDERED that this court's order octoher 11, 1996 hereby VACATED; and further ORDERED that the deposition oral examination Mr. Huang shall resume scheduled Magistrate Judge Facciola. ORDERED. 
Lamberth UYlited states District J"udge 
DATE: '{. 

Plaintiff,  Civil  Action  95->>  (RCL)  

This matter comes before the Court nonparty John Huang's motion reconsider portions this Court's decisions issued D.'ritten questions would lessen the deponent's expectation need reappear for oral 

The Court therefore conscious the legitimate 

interest avoiding undue inconvenience nonparties, and has carefully considered the competing interests this case. fact remains, however, that the resumption Mr. Huang's deposition oral amination has been necessitated primarily Mr. Huang's own actions failing produce responsive documents 1996 and giving testimony that the court has found dubious various respects. Under the circumstances, the continued deposition Mr. Huang this jurisdiction will impose 11nd1i" burden him, and the court the1cefore JOinds reason relinquish its continued jurisdiction over l'!l;". HUang.' 
Furthermore, because Mr. Huang's deposition before this Court will continued here, economy time and money weigh favor allowing plaintiff ddress all relevant issues (both those left over from the suspended 1996 deposition and those discovered since that time) one deposition. this regard, 
1It would also poor use 0 Udicial resources necessitate the involvement another district court judge California this long litigation which has history misconduct DOC employees and foTIJJer employees. 

the 5Ubpoena served plaintiff March 22, 19S9 will 
considered supplemental the October 1996 subpoena and will carry the full force l:he 196 subpoena. Whil.e "-he March 22, 
1999 subpoena does not appear beyond tbe requests contained the 1996 subpoena, the extent that the 1999 subpoena requests docuents obtained subsequent the October 1996 
deposition information outside the scope l:he 1996 subpoena, Mr. Huang will bound produce responsive inforoation the same extent had been requested October 1996, All those involved will best served concluding Mr. Huang's involvement this case quickly and efficiently possible. 


Mr. Huang's motion reconsider granted, and upon reconsideration the Court will order that his deposition oral examination shall resume scheduled Magistrate Judge Facciola. the interest firness, nonparty John Huang continues feel that this court's credibil.ity findings its December 1998 decisions were error, the court will entertain appropriate motion after Mr. Huang's resumed deposition compl.eted. Pl.aintiff's request for fees and costs denied. 
Today's decision reconsideration should adequately clarify that the deposition currently scheduled for April lJ, 1999 resumption Mr. Huang's October 1996 deposition and that, consequently, this Court retains full jurisdictional. poi,er over Mr. Huang pursuant the suopoen issued October 1996. 

Although Mr. lluang course entitled raise whatever nontrivolous legal arguments pleases, the court reminds him that the memory his Octoher 1996 shenanigans has not faded, 
and repeat performance will not tolerated. separate order will issue this date. 
United States District J'udge