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Judicial Watch • OIS Cases File Gate Exhibits 35

OIS Cases File Gate Exhibits 35

OIS Cases File Gate Exhibits 35

Page 1: OIS Cases File Gate Exhibits 35


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Date Created:August 16, 1999

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Defendants' Third supplemental Response Plaintiffs' First Request for Production Documents Def. EOP 
Doc. Nos. './ .33 

..' Federal News Service, SEPTEMBER 25, 1996 SEN. HATCH: you could, pull the machine little closer  
MR. L!V!H'GSTOHE: Okay. sorry. was asked appear before what was described aJ.S "btief wrap-up interview" with the House yesterday. was about eight, eight and half hours long. I1m little tired today. But will best cooperate with any and all your questions, have done the past. would like also state for the record again that one the Clinton Administration outside the Clinton Administration asked me, ordered requested order any.files  !mproper fashion for any improper reason. 
Finally, sir, would like point oat that attorney informed this 
morning that have testified voluntarily appeared for intervi ews for total hours today. ith that mind, here and happy and eady 

 answer any questions you might have for me, sir. Thank you for opportunity SEN. HATCH: Yell, thank you. appreciate your being here. Let Just ask couple questions about memorandum you wrote Mr. 
Yilliam Kennec!Y
Can you provide this memorandum? 
MS. Yes. 
SEN. HATCH: You have them there? 
(No verbl response.) 
Okay. --.lho was official White House counsel with supervisory 
responsibility over your office. this memorandun you state the following: 
uance the initial rush subsides, wfll begi,n request the copies files 
from the FBI carryovers. This will our first glance into background 
informa.tfon their employees.11 
Now, are you familiar with this memorandum, Mr. Livingstone? 

MR. LIVINGSTONE: sir, would helpful for mult !page document you wouldn't mind pointing out -Where you are referring to, and I'll 
able quickly answer your question. I'm sorry. 
SEN. HATCH: will have somebody come down and show you. 
MR. LlVINGSTONE: I'm sorry. im Just trying help you out. 
SEN. HATCH: Are you familiar with that memoran8um? 
MR. LIVINGSTONE: Yes, sir, am. 
SEN. HAICH: You remember ft? 
MR. LIVlNGSTONE; Yes, sir. 
SEN. HATCH: Now, can you tell who you meant "their employees"? 
MR. LIVINGSTONE: Yell, sir, looking item three this memorandum that was 
drafted to. Mr. Kennedy, says 1186 FBI ffl carryovers. Once the initial 
rush subsides, will begin request copies files from the FBI 

This will our first glance into background information the!r pretty selfexplanatory. The first part where says that was update carryover employees. answer your question directly,. the issue that you are Interested 11theiremployees,11 assume that  previous administration peopl related the topic covere unC!er 
HATCH: Well, think the natural question that arises anybody.looking is, What busfnes was yours determine what the background file any carryovers? They had already been cleared previous