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OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 36-06

OIS Cases FileGate Exhibits 36-06

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have been told, and since --l not sure whether learned exactly before exactly after the Senate hearings, March 1993 provided them with listing from E-PASS. Since then have reproduced that list. consistent with your findings? Yes, is. There are small variations that the way the systems are set up, when pass -all the information inputted into the E-PASS system, when somebody made active and when somebody made inactive, entered into the E-PASS system. 
The E-PASS system, typically will wait until midnight that night 
transmit the WAVES system, and during the day immediately 
transmits that system the access control system, which allows 
somebody and out the White House. oftentimes you will see 
delay day because waits until midnight low traffic times. 
had busy day, saying that beginning 1993 the load the 
system increased 100 percent and then dropped down percent 
above what had been used load the system. 
Sometimes would take and days for the information migrate 
from E-PASS over WAVES. stay consistent with the printout, 
these charts and graphs are consistent with the WAVES printouts, and 
the status date the date that information arrived the WAVES 
system. guess question was consistent with the March 31, 1993 E-PASS 
you say was provided OPS? Yes, is. That list was -the parameters for the search that list 
were all passes that were issued prior January 20, 1993 but were still 
active March 31, 1993. Have you reviewed that list recently; you know how many names 
were that list? believe there about 6,000 names that list. you know, was specifically requested from OPS? don't know. you know who was provided OPS? Again, don't know. But know that the list was requested. 
know that one our programmers wrote special program for it. The 

reason know was written and run March 31st because looking 
the executable file that generated the report, the compiled data stored 

7/28/99 11:31 Al. Does that E-PASS list distinguish between active and inactive, only the active that time frame? only listed active pass holders. Let back the WAVES list. Does that distinguish between active and inactive? There are several types WAVES lists. This active only list, attachment number --the WAVES list dated 7-8-93 and also the WAVES printout dated May 193 only show active passholders. The lists dated for May and June 193 show people that became inactive the month June, and the very first list spoke shows only inactive people. produce list active and inactive people. Today roughly 24,000 people. That would back some years? Yes does. can produce list any form you want. All have --if you tell your search parameters, will code report, report generated produce list. Are you aware any parameters that Ms. Gemmell requested No. wasn't there when Nancy Gemmell was there. your review? No. 
Ms. Comstock. Where says "active" and "inactive.'' where would that located? 
The Witness. Neither these are from and lists, but there will and --there would column that would say "status/' and would say "A" or"!," could spell out "active" "inactive," whatever lot these are hoc inquiries, hoc reports. Typically, though, they would say "A" I". MR. GOLDBERG: Let just get through this quickly, because know you have testified nauseam this. Just clarify, but you have idea what list Ms. Gemmell requested and what form would have been, and there way recreate that your knowledge? From WAVES, no. The only list know was given the pass office, and was March 31, 1993. who that office was given to, can't 

--r--- ------. You were going explain the AGIN versus space AGIN? very easy one, and operator error. you rook that printout, you will see that first name the list "space, A-G-l-N11 The characters the printout are "space, A-G-1-N." That tells that when his name, this name and this record, was created, rather than striking the because obviously the first name Joseph, the middle name White House, obviously the operator struck the space bar instead the The space bar has lower numeric value associated with than does any other character. That why pops the first one the list. 
That was anomaly that ran around the system. you are doing 
searches for Hagin, type H-A-G-1-N, you will not find it, and you 
search for A-G-1-N you are not going find that either. Yau have 
familiar with how things work. Does the White House list that you did your audit have "space, 
A-G-1-N"? No. Somebody typed "A-G-1-N" this list. But this not Secret 
Service-generated list. But that list names that were --requests were made, has 
been represented us, they couldn't have typed from Secret 
Service list "A-G-1-N" and "H-A-G-1-N," does follow that they must just 
have been copying off list like this? very apparent that somebody copied this mistake. How can you account for the mistakes the White House list that 
has the deactivation dates that you said were inaccurate? Have you 
gone back find out was operator input error? these, no. These are not mistakes our system. These are mistakes from the people that were probably midnight with lists and lists printouts going through writing them down pencil. These are all -these kinds errors would typos and somebody else taking the list and trying read handwriting and type them here. 

Mr. Goldberg. That all have. Thank you. MS. COMSTOCK: are just about finished here. This CGE 47837. memo 
Craig Livingstone from Claude Taylor May 194 regarding security 
violations. Claude Taylor someone who the Secret Service? No. Claude Taylor used charge the volunteer office, and 
was charged with taking care all the volunteers. Security violations volunteers that were brought your attention your office? No. loss speak this. 
[12:15 p.m.] MS. COMSTOCK: This isn't something you have ever seen before, this document? No. 
Ms. Comstock. did want make document had previously 

discussed, which was CGE 470239, which was the extension passes memo December 13, 1993 --we discussed that example the lists extensions you had received. wanted make that Exhibit 
[Undercoffer Deposition Exhibit No. 
was marked for identification.] MS. COMSTOCK: Then did want just briefly return to, the backgrounds that you 

reviewed, were there ever arrests, arrest records any those 
backgrounds that had been forwarded you? Yes, there were. And did any the arrests involve drugs? honestly don't recall. you know the arrests involved any tax violations? don't believe so. any violent -any kind assaults violent arrests that were forwarded you? would say typically violence. Violence are things --you know, any w-like said, reviewed the background investigations looking for, you know, tendencies towards violent behavior, and answering negative because not jogging memory. Okay. that would include, you know, any kind assaults rape really don't recall. Okay. This May 5th, 1993 memo for James Farrell, security officer the National Security Council, from William Kennedy, and the subject was compartmented clearances. specifically refers allowing Craig Livingstone have such clearance and notes his full field background investigations having been conducted. you have any knowledge whether Mr. Livingstone's background had been done May 1993? know you previously stated you weren't there 1993, but just the extent that you may know. don't know. you know what compartmented clearances were? Yes, know what that is. Can you describe what that is? special access clearance. And what does that mean? Well, what means because somebody --what means because somebody might have secret top secret clearance, doesn't give them access whole spectrum information. There are some things that are compartmentalized. 
Like within our agency, good example would within our agency 
there may things that Mr. Clancy would --he and would have the 
same level clearance, but there are some things that are special 
access that has --he allowed know and I'm not, because don't 
have need know. But don't --the Secret Service the White 
House, have nothing with security clearances for the 
administration. Okay. That entirely separate from anything that you are working with? Yes. Again, issue passes for access the complex. 
Ms. Comstock. believe that all have for today. Thank you. could get some those charts the smaller version include the report, that would great. Can get copies those also? 
The Witness. You will get copies these also. 
[Whereupon, 12:18 p.m., the deposition concluded.] 

Undercoffer Deposition Exhibit No. 
was marked for identification .......................... ..... 

Undercoffer Deposition Exhibit No. was marked for identification ...................... ....
Undercoffer Deposition Exhibit No. was marked for identification .... .............. ............ Undercoffer Deposition Exhibit No. was marked for identification ............ .................. Undercoffer Deposition Exhibit No. 

was marked for identification ....................... ....... 

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