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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-01

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-01

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Date Created:August 16, 1999

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the formula that had worked ever since Gennifer Flowers and the draft. For us, was now article faith that Clinton could overcome personal attacks long kept addressing the "real problems real people." That meant, however, that the rest had work even harder keep the hoofbeats bay. June 1996, felt like entire herd was converging the White House. Ken Starr won convictions Arkansas governor Jim Guy Tucker and Clinton's "'Whitewater partners Jim and Susan .McDougal, and named Bruce Lindsey unindicted coconspirator the trial Arkansas banker with ties Clinton. Senator Amato issued scathing report Whitewater recommending that several Clinton friends and staffers investigated for perjury. Even worse, created mess our own when two midlevel White House staffers mistakenly obtained the FBI files nine hundred Republicans from previous administrations, including former Secretary State James Baker. "Filegate" was bureaucratic screwup, but with its echoes vVatergate and our 1992 attacks the Bush administration for examining Clinton's passport file, had the potential our most serious scandal yet. now, damage control was cottage industry the White House. had team lawyers, nicknamed the Masters Disaster, whose sole job was handle Whitewater and related inquiries responding grand jury subpoenas, preparing congressional testimony, answering questions from the press. Better them than me. From experience, I'd learned that simply gathering facts answer allegations could spawn new inquiries and additional avenues attack, creating cycle that was the political equivalent perpetualmotion machine. Anyone anywhere near the activity risked getting sucked into the swirl and spit out with tarnished reputation and ton debt. approximately $100,000, legal fees were already high enough. Though talked our Masters Disaster frequently, had steadily disengaged from the daily scandal patrol. the end June, however, took myself out early retirement for farewell run the "right-wing conspiracy." Maybe Jay Stephens made it. old nemesis was now representing