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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-10-09

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-10-09

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WHOMA [White House Office Management and Administration] begin this process.2ss his deposition, Marceca testified that did not know what Secret Service WAVES list was, nor did know what tempermanent pass holder list was.26s The
fice August 1993 she went the Secret Service, and requested current master Secret Service list separated office.272 This the list which Gemmell left the office with the understanding that additional list should requested: 
Ms. GEMMELL. was very much understood that the initial list the office had was just that, initial list used start the first steps the Update Project. was very well-known that many personnel decisions had yet made and therefore that follow-up would have done. 
Mrs. COLLINS ILLINOIS. then during the regular update projects which you were involved, how often would you request list names from the Secret Service? 
Ms. GEMMELL. Basically, only twice, ma'am. the beginning initiate the process, and then the second time used the file copy. 
Mrs. COLLINS ILLINOIS. Did you leave behind any Secret Service lists names that you had requested for the Update Project when you left August 1993? 
Ms. GEMMELL. The list that was received from the Secret Service was left behind. was still process; far from being completed; correct.273 
Mr. Marceca testified that the only regular Secret Service lists which knew were weekly pass lists which received from the Secret Service and used complete his project. stated that these lists contained only small number people who were the access lists and needed contacted fill out SF-86.274 
The Secret Service did not provide the office with "access lists" the manner that Marceca used the term. The Secret Service lists are quite distinctive, the paper oversize, green and white computer printout paper with perforated edges. The access lists which Marceca refers are created the Office Personnel Security based names provided the Office Management and
268White House document CGE 053677. Although the memorandum undated, the informa tion contained within clearly indicates that 
was created March 1993. 94-95. 
deposition, 33. 
211 Marceca deosition, 98. 
272Telephonic mterview Nancy Gemmell. 
273Security FBI Files hearing, June 19, 1996, pp. 50-51. 
21[d.,p. 94. 

ministration.215 hearing testimony however, Marceca, stated specifically that recalled working with the large, green and white computer printout lists.276 Contrary his statement, his own notes Marceca writes, "Mr. David Watkins, head management and administration monthly report submitted passes." 277 
Lisa Wetzl, staff assistant OPS, testified that when Marceca arrived took over her duties helping correct and submit the FBI the SF-86 for new employees.278 Ms. Wetz! explained that both she and Nancy Gemmell went through the process with him make sure that understood it.279 
The duties which Marceca was perform OPS were rather amorphous. Mr. Marceca testified that, would work the Office Personnel Security doing updates White House staff and visitors, people that had access." 280 Mr. Marceca testified that Livingstone was his supervisor; 281 however, Livingstone testified that did not supervise Marceca. With regard the Update Project, 
Livingstone testified, didn't 
this project." 282 Mr. Livingstone stated, don't believe there was anything specific that Tony would have been required talk specifically about. Certainly not the form projects." 283 According Livingstone, nobody the office was reporting him the activities Marceca.284 appears from Livingstone's statements that Marceca had free reign whatever wanted without consultation with actual staff. 
Mr. Marceca, however, testified that was assigned the Update Project Livingstone.285 Livingstone, the Director the office, has clear recall who was assigned the project, who was working any given time, who was supervising the :project.286 Livingstone was charge all activities that office, and Marceca was the individual assigned work the Update Project. MARCECA BEGINS THE UPDATE PROJECT Introduction discussed previously, when new administration arrives the White House, nearly all the previous administration's records are removed for storage the Presidential archives.287 
21s Denbo interview, September 1996,

215 Marceca deposition, 40. 
277Marceca document production (unnumbered). Handwritten notes dated August 1993. 
21swetzl deposition, 20-21. CAB. Culvahouse, Counsel President Reagan, testified before the committee hia tenure only the White House Counsel, his Deputy and the Director the Security Office were authorized review the SF-86 forms. Security FBI Files 
June 19, 1996 46.)
219 21.
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28BLivingstone deP.osition, June 17, 1996, 33. (When asked who supervised the project Liv stone stated, believe Ms. Gemmell, Ms. Anderson, 
Ms. Wetzl and Mr. Marceca." Ms. 
Gemmell had started the very first stages the 
before she retired. Ms. Wetzl began 
working the after she was promoted Assistant late 1994, when she 
felt that she enough authority so. See Wetzl deposition, 66. Ms. Anderson appar
ently never worked the project all.) 
2s1Prepared written statement Boyden Gray, 

Those records would include the background investigations and paperwork which are stored the Security Office. Therefore the 
records for all holdover employees must recreated ordering 
the background investigations from the FBI. 
Marceca's task was recreate these files, and would spend some time each week working the Update Project. The process determine which files order simple. The Secret Service has lists all current passholders which provides OPS. The Secret Service lists can printed out different formats, one which current passholders office. Previous administrations would 
down the lists office-by-office determine who the holdovers were each office. The staff would start with those offices which routinely would have the largest amount holdovers, such the General Services Administration and White House contractors. The White House Office would normally saved for last would have the greatest turnover with the least amount holdovers. (The White House Office includes those offices with mostly political appointees such the Chief Staff and Communications.) 2as 
After determining who the holdovers were, the office would order 
those FBI background investigations. Before leaving the White House, Nancy Gemmell had begun the very first stages the Update Project: 
Mr. SCHIFF. Can you describe what the Update Project that you were working until August 13th was? 
Ms. GEMMELL. Basically, again, sir, was just simply setting the very first stages it, and basically, that means that you were making dummy files; other words, file jackets that would used down the road. therefore you were typing file labels," you were typing subject files. example, you were processing the General Services Administration employees, you would type subject file for that group also. 
Mr. SCHIFF. Did you have way dividing the Secret Service files-that is, GSA group White House group there something like that? 
Ms. GEMMELL. recall the list, sir, the list employees was category; other words, was office.289 the time Marceca started OPS Nancy Gemmell had already retired. Ms. Gemmell testified that she did not know whether Marceca used the list she had left behind, nor did she know who would assuming the responsibility for the Update Project.290 Marceca's understanding the Secret Service lists 
Mr. Marceca stated that part the Update Project was refer list and open files individuals who had access the White House.291 explained that his mission was open file each individual the list and then request previous background investigation from the FBr.2s2 When asked whether Nancy 
2B98ecurity FBI Files 
heari June 19, 1996, pp. 90-91. 
0 Security June 19, 1996, 90. 
2e1Marceca 61. 
2S2Jd., 62, 

Gemmell had ever instructed him determine the accuracy the status the names the list, Marceca answered: 

project was establish-was establish file that 
perform check find out these folks were still staff not staff The list that was provided 
was list understanding that everybody that list 
had access.293 
Mr. Marceca's answer puzzling. the first sentence, states that was determine who remained the White House staff; then states that everyone the list had access. Mr. Marceca claims have worked from the same list throughout the Update Project 294 and had discovered that certain individuals that list were longer granted access the White House complex.295 Mr. Marceca's statements 
contradictory. unclear what Marceca actually knew 
the Secret Service lists. know from his own handwritten notes that, the course processing the individual files, would place all files White House Office staff orange folders, all Vice-Presidential Office staff pink folders, all volunteer and intern files red folders and all support
staff (GSA) blue folders.296 The master Secret Service list includes combination active 
and inactive passholders. The 
names the list, however, are clearly differentiated 
"A:' "I," meaning active
active. According the Secret Service, the only list which Marceca could have used request all 476 the names would the master list.297 Mr. Marceca testified that was under the impression that the "A:' and designation the Secret Service lists stood for "access" and "intern." 29s The list Marceca used also contains the date birth each passholder.299 one were accept Marceca's testimony regarding his belief that the letters stood for "access" and "intern," then follows that Marceca also believed that was ordering background files holdover interns who were years old, and who had interned during Reagan and Bush administrations. 
Contrary his already incredible testimony, the request forms Marceca sent the FBI these "interns,'' the case Billy Dale, identified them not interns, but staff members. Marceca's explanation the Update Project hearing before the committee, Marceca again clarified the procedures employed doing the Update Project. stated the hearing that worked from "set computer lists" which were kept the vault OPS.30o added that attempted through the names the list the order which they
293 Id., 66. (Later the Marceca asked whether there came when 
that there were who were not properly those sts. Marceca answered, "Not knowledge, (to] the time left;, no." Marceca deposition, 73.) 
294Id., 98. 
2s6Id., 100.
2sa Marceca document (Unnumbered.) Handwritten notes dated August 1993. 
2e1See infra Section for further clarification the Sec Service lists. 
290 Marceca deposition, June 18, 1996p. 67. 
2security FBI Files hearing, June 26, 1996, 41. 
a00Security FBI Filei; hearing, June 26, 1996, 39. Mr. Marceca's hear testimony 
cont his test mony which stated that used only one list for the Update 
Project. ceca 61. 

peared.301 For each name the list would prepare file folder and type the request preprinted form addressed the FBI Liaison requesting "copy previous report." 302 those forms space for the purpose the request. that space, Marceca typed "ACCESS CS)." 303 That denoted that the individual named the form was requesting access the White House. The "S" was internal OPS designation for White House staff.304 
After receiving the previous report from the FBI, Marceca stated that would review determine the suitability the person for position the inton administration, and check the date for the standard year reinvestigation.305 the process determining the date reinvestigation, Marceca claimed would discover that many individuals were longer employed the White House.3os Once Marceca began receiving number files for individuals longer working the White House and not seeking access the White House, created "dead bin" where would put all those files.307 
Mr. Marceca also testified the hearing about the "set" lists which worked from while performed the Update Project. described the list being green and white computer paper, approximately inches wide which was folded over and had connecting pages.308 The list worked off was inch thick with the names the individuals the 

During the hearing, Marceca recalled that the list was divided into subgroups according office, which contrary his deposition testimony.310 
Mr. Marceca told the committee that was told Livingstone, and possibly others the office, work off the list had been using.311 Mr. Livingstone and Lisa Wetzl have both stated that 
office that they would have request updated Secret Service list complete the project.a12 
Althougli Marceca stated his deposition that never knew that there might any problems with the list was using, later stated the committee hearing that realized there were problems, causing him change his method updating the files: 
so4 Id., 41. 
305Id., 39. This the same task which, previous administrations, only the counsel, dep
uty counsel and the director the Security Office were authori2ed conduct. 
so5 Id., 40. 
307 Id. The "dead bin" was bin located the vault which was empty the time Marceca 
began his detail. 3DBid., 40. 

Mr. FLANAGAN. You understood [the list] was current, and turns out wasn't. Was fair say was updated list? 
Mr. MARCECA. No, sir. fair say that believed the list was current when had that list. Later developed that there were people that had left the White House, when started that project they had reason believe that list was outdated that those people did not have access the White House. 
Mr. MAR.CECA. believe worked that list until discovered, and was not sudden discovery, but somewhere after couple months-well, being pointed out was always the same list. When discovered that there were problems with that list, then changed approach updating.313 
There evidence suggest that Marceca changed his the Update Project. fact, when asked why the list, Marceca testified that was far the list.314 
Mr. Marceca explained his two goals list. First, wislied determine that the the White House, and second was ensure that "didn't prevent 
them from coming into the White House case emer
His actions, however, contra ict his stated goals. Mr. 
did not check whether individual the list was currently employed the White House before ordering his file, otherwise would not have received the files over 400 individuals not currently employed the White House. not clear what emergency referred when explaining his second goal. did not have the ability prevent current passholder from entering the White House compound conducting the Update Project. The 
Marceca described two 
the FBI back first explained that 
and then check the "update list" determine the name the SF-86 were also the list. 
Answer. The very first thing had was [take the SF-86] into the vault, pull out this list that was the vault, and check see the name was the list. Which means, that was the list, then they were former White House staffers. their name was the list, would put check beside their name they were not the list, would just continue on. This the update list the safe.316 
313Id., pp. 284-286. (In his deposition testimony Marceca directly contradicts this statement, when asked whether there came time when discovered that there were people who were not properly those lists. Marceca answered, "Not knowledge, [to] the time left, no." Marceca deposition, 73.) 
a14 Id., P 194. 
315 Id., pp. 193-94.
aiasecurity FBI Files hearing, June 19, 1996, pp. 83-84.