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OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-10-14

OIS Cases FileGate-Exhibits-10-14

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circumspect life and was not aware any illegal drug alcohol problems. said that the appointee will work the White House security matters. said that the short period time that the appointee has worked for him has been completely satisfied with his performance, conduct and productivity. recommended the appointee for continued access his current capacity.468 
During hearings before the committee June 26, 1996, witnesses, including Nussbaum, testified under oath that they did not know who was responsible for the hiring Livingstone. Several members the committee questioned the veracity the witnesses. The exasperation the committee evidenced the remarks Congressman Christopher Shays Connecticut. the witnesses could not answer the question who hired Livingstone, Shays declared, ''You know what, anybody can tell you-there's not person this room who doesn't know who hired them for whatever job. It's disingenuous for you guys take long [to answer the question]."469 Those reviewing the Livingstone file apparently were aware the controversy surrounding the question who hired Livingstone, because Cignoli informed Kelley immediately the contents the memorandum, and then Kelley immediately notified Shapiro. 470  July 15, 1996, Mr. Shapiro obtained copy the from Livingstone's file once learned that its contents damaging the White House.471 showed the FBI Counsel Larry Parkinson. 472 discussed the contents the memorandum with Margaret Owens and John Collingwood, both the Office Public and Congressional Affairs. that same day, also spoke with Director Freeh about the controversial document. Mr. Shapiro 
read the sentence, that Livingstone ''had come recommended Hillary Clinton," Denn Corrigan, Staff the Deputy Attorney General the Department Justice, and informed Corrigan that would call the White House with this information.473 
Immediately after speaking with Corrigan, Shapiro telephoned the White House.474 Mr. Shapiro called for Quinn and learned that was away from his office. Mr. Shapiro spoke with Quinn's deputy, Kathleen Wallman,475 Ms. Wallman notified Special Counsel Jane Sherburne. other words, almost month after the Attorney 
General referred the matter the Independent Counsel, relayed information uncovered investigation the FBI Special Agent Dennis Sculimbrene, memorandum interviews conducted between March 1993 and March 1993. The memorandum includes descriptions interviews Lori Stallings, Supervisory Personnel Assistant the White House; Bernard Nussbaum, Counsel the President; and William 
Holden Kennedy, ill, Associate Counsel the President. Mr. Kennedysought assurances from Sculimbrene that any recommendation Kennedy made Livingstone was made "on the short time that has known Kennedy also mentioned Sculimbrene that sought the position head White House Military Office. 
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